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Natural resources

Hague court had no authority in Yukos case, ruling politicized – Moscow
The Hague’s arbitration court was not legally empowered to view the case of Yukos Oil Company v. Russia, and the court’s “one-sided” ruling disregards previous Strasbourg court decisions on the issue, the Russian Finance Ministry said in a statement.

28.07.2014 17:01

9 EU countries ready to block economic sanctions against Russia
France, Germany, and Italy are among EU members who don’t want to follow the US lead and impose trade sanctions on Russia. US sanctions are seen as a push to promote its own multibillion free-trade pact with Europe.

15.07.2014 11:50

Russia and Latin America: Partners for years to come
The current visit of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to Latin America will become a milestone in Russian-Latin American relations.

14.07.2014 09:34

Paraguay and the Trans-Pacific plot to split South America
Tiny and impoverished Paraguay has found itself in the middle of a great geopolitical game for influence over the South American continent.

03.07.2014 10:01

​‘Boom’-erang at point of no return? Australian economic boom ending
A common misconception about lemmings is that they commit collective suicide during migration. Fuelled by a 1958 Disney film called White Wilderness, stage-trickery gave the impression that the rodents jumped to their deaths off cliffs.

02.07.2014 11:03

Russia launches largest oil drilling platform in the country's Far East
Russia's Rosneft and America's ExxonMobil have launched a unique drilling platform in the Okhotsk Sea in Russia's Far East. The world's most powerful rig can drill within the radius of at least 7 kilometers.

27.06.2014 12:17

​Waging war against Russia, one pipeline at a time
While the human politics of the crisis in Ukraine garner all the headlines, it is the gas politics that in many ways lies at the heart of the conflict.

27.06.2014 08:42

'A compromise solution has to found for the South Stream gas pipeline’
The EU increasingly realizes that its southern members would be insecure in case of transit interference in Ukraine, so it needs a compromise on South Stream, Katja Yafimava, Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, told RT.

25.06.2014 12:23

US set to allow crude oil exports after four decade ban
The US Commerce Department has given the go-ahead to several companies to export crude oil, a big policy change essentially ending a ban in place for the last four decades. At question is whether the end of the ban will mean higher prices at the pump.

25.06.2014 01:00

‘EU is completely politically and economically irrational dealing with Russia’
Energy policy in Europe is a complete and utter ludicrous mess, while its politicians are ultimately incontinent and incompetent when it comes to economic and energy policies, global financial markets expert Patrick Young told RT.

24.06.2014 11:35

Renewable energy initiatives up 10x in last decade
Support for renewable energy is growing worldwide and at the beginning of 2014, the governments of 144 countries have set renewable energy targets, almost a ten-fold increase since 2005 when only 15 countries had policies in place.

20.06.2014 07:26

Coca-Cola forced to close India bottling factory over excessive water use, pollution
Years of protests have forced Indian officials to finally close a Coca-Cola bottling factory in the northern province of Uttar Pradesh for extracting groundwater above legal limits and polluting the environment with toxic effluents.

19.06.2014 07:38

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