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Natural resources

Fracking moratorium, strict liability standards bills pass in Maryland
Both chambers of the Maryland legislature passed bills that would rein in hydraulic fracturing in the state. The House of Delegates passed a three-year moratorium on fracking, while the Senate approved strict liability standards for oil and gas drillers.

25.03.2015 15:54

Ex-Environment Agency boss ‘hugely skeptical’ about UK shale oil
The former Environment Agency chief Lord Smith says he is “hugely skeptical” about the future of fracking in the UK. He claims it’s unclear whether the process could be used to extract shale oil in the south of England.

25.03.2015 15:07

Private army in Kiev: Why oil stand-off in Ukraine shows oligarchs won Maidan revolution
Whatever the outcome of the stand-off between President Petro Poroshenko and his subordinate Igor Kolomoysky may be, their conflict over Ukrainian oil giant Ukrnafta reveals realities about post-Maidan Ukraine which mainstream media manages to circumvent.

23.03.2015 22:49

Feces to fortune: US sewage may contain billions in precious metals
Scientists are perusing poop at America’s wastewater treatment facilities for gold, silver, copper and other useful metals. The sewage from one million people could net $13 million in metals each year, all while making fertilizer more efficient.

23.03.2015 20:35

Oligarch governor raids oil company HQ in Kiev
The governor of the Dnepropetrovsk region and one of Ukraine’s richest oligarchs, Igor Kolomoysky, has raided the office of oil transportation company Ukrtransnafta in Kiev with the help of several dozen armed “lawyers” in order to regain control over it.

19.03.2015 21:55

‘OPEC story is not over’
Despite OPEC losing its influence, which might not be recoverable, people are still highly dependent on traditional fossil fuel which means the organization will still be important in the future, economist Max Fraad Wolff told RT.

12.03.2015 10:40

Russia signs milestone deal to explore the Pacific
Russia has obtained exclusive rights to explore 3,000 square kilometers of the Pacific seabed for cobalt. The area is 5,000 kilometers down and is estimated to contain 30-35 million tons of the mineral, the deputy Russian national resources minister said.

12.03.2015 07:33

​Pollution no more? Electric cars could cut oil imports by 40% – study
A mass uptake of electric car usage could reduce motorists’ fuel costs by £13 billion and drive down the UK’s oil imports by 40 percent by 2030, a new study has suggested.

10.03.2015 11:49

90,000 sign petition to protest sale of 1mn liters of water for less than $2 in Canada
A province in Canada is to start charging industries for using its water. The problem is the fee is a paltry US$1.79 per million liters. This has prompted over 90,000 to sign a petition, angry that Canada is giving away its natural resource.

09.03.2015 11:04

​China-Russia partnership mature & stable, not targeting ‘third parties’ – FM Wang Yi
The strategic ties between China and Russia are mutually beneficial and based on trust and a tradition of supporting one another, said Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, emphasizing that the cooperation is mature and not targeted at third parties.

09.03.2015 00:14

President Obama vetoes Keystone pipeline bill
As promised, US President Barack Obama has vetoed a bill from Congress which will halt construction of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline.

24.02.2015 20:40

Chevron ditches last European fracking project in Romania
US energy giant Chevron is terminating its operations in Romania due to poor exploration results and prolonged protests by environmentalists.The withdrawal from this fracking project will mark the end of the company’s shale gas exploration in Europe.

22.02.2015 21:57