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‘EU quota system only solution to deal with migrant crisis’ - former Italian FM
As thousands of desperate migrants reach the shores of Sicily, the EU member states must accept their share of the influx, says Franco Frattini, former Foreign Minister, President of the Italian UN Association.

21.05.2015 15:30

​Ex-Royal Navy sailor to RT: Trident whistleblower’s security allegations true
As Royal Navy whistleblower William McNeilly remains in military custody for criticizing Trident nuclear safety procedures, an ex-Navy sailor who backs many of his allegations has spoken at length to RT.

20.05.2015 12:24

​Canadian Navy turns to eBay to fix troubled supply ships
Canadian Navy technicians had to look for repair parts on eBay to fix one of its outdated supply ships, enabling it to hold out till it’s replaced with a modern one, briefing documents obtained by local media reveal.

19.05.2015 14:09

Trident whistleblower to ‘turn himself in’ amid concerns over UK leaker’s fate
Treatment of whistleblowers by the UK government has been questioned after recent revelations by a British weapons engineer. The whistleblower went absent after going public with his report on lack of nuclear safety, but says he will surrender on Monday.

18.05.2015 20:37

EU agrees to Mediterranean naval mission to stop migration flow amid controversy
European Union foreign ministers have agreed to form a naval mission in the Mediterranean Sea targeting gangs smuggling refugees from Libya to Europe. The decision was made during a meeting in Brussels.

18.05.2015 19:54

EU’s war on migrants will boost ISIS – but perhaps that is the point
In the wake of the appalling death toll in the Mediterranean at the end of April – when up to 1,300 refugees were estimated to have drowned in one week – the EU was quick to jump on the tragedy as an opportunity to ramp up military involvement in Africa.

18.05.2015 15:17

​Migrant crisis: UK offers drones, warships to help tackle human traffickers in Libya
Britain is to offer military and intelligence support in the fight against people smugglers in Libya in an effort to halt the flow of migrants across the Mediterranean Sea.

18.05.2015 08:32

French Navy doesn’t need Mistrals, sinking is cheapest way out of contract – media
The French Navy does not need the Mistral ships that were built for Russia, and with no chance of selling them to a third party, it seems paying the penalty of sinking the vessels could be the cheapest way out of the contract France fails to abide by.

17.05.2015 20:03

‘Nuclear disaster waiting to happen’: Royal Navy probes Trident whistleblower's claims
The Royal Navy has launched an investigation into whistleblower William McNeilly, who exposed horrid security lapses in UK’s trident nuclear program which make it easier for intruders to access some secured areas than enter “most nightclubs.”

18.05.2015 00:14

US marine dies, 21 injured in Osprey crash-landing at Hawaii base
One US marine has been killed and all other 21 aboard an MV-22 Osprey have been injured after their aircraft experienced a “hard-landing mishap” at Bellows Air Force Base in Waimanalo, Hawaii, US Marine Corps confirmed.

17.05.2015 23:41

‘Not aimed at third country’: Russia & China start joint drills at Mediterranean
Nine Russian and Chinese warships kicked off joint military exercises dubbed, ‘Sea Cooperation - 2015’ in the Mediterranean on Sunday, the Russian Defense ministry said.

17.05.2015 13:56

Tanker engaged by Iranian vessels liable for $300mn in damages to oil rig – Tehran
A Singapore-flagged tanker which, owner claims, came under Iranian navy fire in the international waters off the UAE this week, is wanted over the unsettled $300mn debt in damages it caused to an oil rig in late March, according to Iranian official.

16.05.2015 02:44