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​Trident nukes could move to Gibraltar under SNP pressure, says academic
The patriotism of Gibraltarians could see Britain’s nuclear arsenal moved to the disputed territory south of Spain if a victorious Scottish National Party (SNP) force the weapons out of Scotland, according to a top academic.

27.04.2015 08:41

Yemen rejects peace talks with ex-president amid continuing bombing and fighting
The Foreign Minister of Yemen has rejected peace talks called for by the country’s former President Ali Abdullah Saleh. This comes as a Saudi-led coalition continues to carry out a military operation against Shia Houthi rebels and Saleh loyalists.

26.04.2015 17:03

There's something in the water: Another ‘Russian submarine’ excites Western media
Once again Western media has rushed to judgment over a "Russian submarine", this time in an incident off the coast of Ireland. But maybe they should have done their homework on this one. Britain and the US have worse track records in the Irish Sea.

24.04.2015 09:16

Russia to deploy military drones to monitor Arctic
Russian drones will start monitoring the situation in the Arctic as well as on a part of the Northern Sea Route starting May 1, authorities announced. The vehicles can be used in navigation as well as in search and rescue missions.

23.04.2015 11:29

200 body bags on Brighton beach highlight scale of Mediterranean migrant crisis
Human rights activists laid out hundreds of body bags on Brighton beach on Wednesday in a symbolic act of protest against Britain’s “shameful response” to the Mediterranean’s rapidly escalating migrant crisis.

22.04.2015 14:47

Operation 'Decisive Storm' in Yemen ends, new phase underway - Saudi-led forces
The Saudi-led military coalition has completed operation 'Decisive Storm' against Shiite Houthi rebels in Yemen, a statement by Saudi military command cited by local media, says.

21.04.2015 17:59

1st mass-produced floating nuclear plant to power Russian Arctic in 2016
​Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin says the first floating nuclear power plant built for use in the Arctic will be ready by October 2016.

21.04.2015 14:49

Hundreds feared dead as boat carrying over 900 migrants capsizes off Libya
A rescue operation is underway after a boat carrying up to 950 migrants, including hundreds of women and children, capsized in Libyan waters, 120 miles south off Lampedusa. Numerous casualties are feared as only a few dozen people have been saved so far.

19.04.2015 07:43

Atomic WWII test ship rediscovered on floor of Pacific Ocean
After more than half a century at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, a World War II-era aircraft carrier potentially containing one hundred barrels of nuclear waste has been rediscovered by scientists.

17.04.2015 19:26

​Navy chief predicts drones will replace F-35
As the United States military continues to find new uses for unmanned systems, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said this week that he expects drones to soon begin to replace the Pentagon’s fleet of traditional aircraft.

17.04.2015 19:26

Army-2015: Russian military announces largest arms expo
The Russian army is preparing its largest ever expo this June, showcasing around 5,000 pieces of cutting edge military hardware – tanks, warships, planes and space technologies – on a 5,000-hectare display area outside Moscow.

17.04.2015 16:32

​China warns Japanese air, sea surveillance patrols increasing safety hazards
Beijing issued a statement saying Japanese spy vehicles posed a threat to Chinese ships and planes. The comments come just days after Tokyo said it has been increasingly forced to scramble fighter jets in response to Russian and Chinese incursions.

17.04.2015 11:03