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​‘Netanyahu does not want peace between Israel and Palestine’
There is not going to be peace as long as Benjamin Netanyahu is the Prime Minister of Israel; it was Netanyahu who broke off talks in April, Dr. Charles Cogan, former CIA officer, told RT.

21.07.2014 12:11

Israel’s Netanyahu warns Obama on working with Iran in Iraq
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, still stung by the interim agreement reached by the US and Iran that places restrictions on Tehran’s nuclear program in return for easing sanctions, has offered his strategy to Obama on ISIS and Iran: “Weaken both.”

23.06.2014 07:17

Israel raids West Bank, 150 Palestinians arrested in search for missing teens
Israel has arrested scores of Palestinians, including the parliamentary speaker, in its hunt for the abductors of three teenagers. PM Benjamin Netanyahu demanded cooperation from the Palestinian Authority in returning the captives.

16.06.2014 09:42

Israel imprisons at least 80 Palestinians after 3 Israeli teens go missing
After three Israeli students went missing, Israel launched a massive manhunt and door-to door-searches in the occupied West Bank, grabbing dozens of Palestinians. PM Netanyahu accused Hamas of “kidnapping” the teens, though no evidence has been disclosed.

15.06.2014 11:23

Netanyahu urges world not to recognize Palestinian unity govt
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has firmly warned against the recognition of any Palestinian unity government, stating that a Fatah-Hamas government would only strengthen terrorism.

01.06.2014 14:22

Holy See looks into the Holy Land problems
The Pope’s tour of the Holy Land left no doubt that the 266th Pontiff is one of the most politically engaged heads of the Catholic Church in living memory.

27.05.2014 09:42

Kerry backtracks on Israel ‘apartheid’ remark, wishes he ‘chose a different word’
US Secretary of State John Kerry has backtracked on suggestions that Israel could become an “apartheid state,” saying that he wishes he had formulated his sentences differently. It follows a wave of criticism sparked by a leaked recording of his words.

29.04.2014 13:13

Israel suspends peace talks in response to Palestinian unity deal
Israel’s security cabinet has suspended peace talks with the Palestinians in response to the unity deal between the PLO, headed by President Mahmoud Abbas, and Hamas.

24.04.2014 14:53

‘Israel needs divided and weakened Palestinians’
The Israeli government is very disturbed by Palestinian unity and seeking to use the peace process to divide them again so as to continue the land grabs, James Petras, Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Binghamton University, told RT.

24.04.2014 08:40

‘Palestinian unity govt plays into Israeli hands’
The unity government with Hamas known for its hostile stance on Israel is a chance for Israelis to say that the Palestinians, not them, are to blame on the stalemate in the peace process, Israeli human rights advocate Uri Zaki told RT.

24.04.2014 08:36

Israel lashes out at Kerry again, this time for ‘surrendering’ to Iran
A top Israeli official has criticized John Kerry for “surrendering” to Iran after the US Secretary of State said that the US would consider allowing Iran to have enough nuclear materials to build a weapon in six months.

14.04.2014 16:19

​Israeli settlers attack police & IDF post, PM urges ‘due force’ on rioters
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel would act with “zero tolerance” to bring to justice radical activists who, following demolition of illegally built structures in a Jewish settlement in the West Bank, attacked and devastated an army outpost.

09.04.2014 04:45

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