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Israel lashes out at Kerry again, this time for ‘surrendering’ to Iran
A top Israeli official has criticized John Kerry for “surrendering” to Iran after the US Secretary of State said that the US would consider allowing Iran to have enough nuclear materials to build a weapon in six months.

14.04.2014 16:19

​Israeli settlers attack police & IDF post, PM urges ‘due force’ on rioters
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel would act with “zero tolerance” to bring to justice radical activists who, following demolition of illegally built structures in a Jewish settlement in the West Bank, attacked and devastated an army outpost.

09.04.2014 04:45

Netanyahu warns Palestinian peace will not come at 'any price'
As Israeli and Palestinian negotiators meet with US officials to prevent the latest round of peace talks from collapsing, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned negotiations would not continue “at any price.”

06.04.2014 03:19

Kerry gives up on Israeli-Palestinian peace talks
Secretary of State John Kerry said Friday that the Obama administration will reassess its role in attempting to broker a peace deal between Israel and Palestine after the latest round of discussions proved to be all but fruitful.

04.04.2014 17:51

Israel’s Netanyahu lashes back at UN over ‘march of hypocrisy’
The Israeli PM harshly criticized the UN Human Rights Council for condemning Israel in five resolutions lately. Tel Aviv is under heavy pressure of the international community trying to prevent the collapse of the peace negotiations with the Palestinians.

31.03.2014 04:59

Israel budgets $3 bn for strike on Iran - report
Israel’s 2014 military budget includes at least 10 billion shekels devoted to preparations for war with Iran, Haaretz newspaper reports. Top Jerusalem officials recently said that Israel may strike Tehran’s nuclear sites even without US help.

19.03.2014 16:30

Arab League refuses recognizing Israel as 'Jewish state'
The Arab League has supported Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's refusal to recognize Israel as a ‘Jewish state,’ the latest setback in a two-state solution.

10.03.2014 06:21

'End to negotiations?' Netanyahu's speech sparks furious reaction from Palestinians
Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday implored Palestinian leader, Mahmud Abbas, to recognize Israel as a Jewish state and to "abandon the fantasy" of refugees returning to Israel, fueling anger from the Palestinians.

05.03.2014 10:09

Israeli PM brands boycotters ‘anti-Semites,’ bent on ‘destruction of Jewish state’
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has condemned the boycott movement against Israel as anti-Semitism in a modern guise. Blasting the initiative as an “outrage,” Netanyahu likened EU companies’ tactics to the Nazi policy of embargoing Jewish businesses.

19.02.2014 07:32

Israeli govt, businessmen to meet over global boycott threat
Amid faltering peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, Israeli politicians and business leaders are forced to consider a host of international boycotts that threaten to damage the economy of the Jewish state, local media reveal.

01.02.2014 12:06

​Israel approves 381 more settler homes in West Bank
In the latest blow to the Middle East peace process, Israel has approved plans to build another 381 settler homes in the West Bank. The move brings the total number of planned units announced since the start of the year to 2,530.

21.01.2014 20:40

Israel plans 1,400 new homes in occupied territories amid fragile peace talks
Israel has published tenders for 1,400 new homes in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, once again putting the US-brokered push for a peace deal between the Jewish state and the Palestinians under threat.

10.01.2014 16:45

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