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​We saved Jews 3 times, Netanyahu should revise history lessons – Iranian FM
Iran has no intention of destroying Israel and has actually saved the Jews three times across history, but the current Israeli regime is a threat to Tehran, Iranian foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, has said in an interview with American media.

05.03.2015 19:26

5 things Netanyahu forgot to tell the American people
This week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu broke with American protocol and delivered a speech before the US Congress without consulting the White House first.

04.03.2015 16:33

Netanyahu predictably tries to whip Congress into hysteria over Iran - just as over Iraq
Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli PM and a warmonger delivered his speech to the US Congress Tuesday arguing that the political and economic grip on Iran should be tightened and not loosened.

04.03.2015 12:25

Netanyahu’s Congress speech ‘emotional but demagogic’
The Israeli PM’s speech on Iran to the US Congress was emotional but demagogic, and probably some traditional allies of Israel have been repulsed by his war-like rhetoric, Norman Solomon, the Director of the Institute for Public Accuracy, told RT.

04.03.2015 10:30

Iran & ISIS compete for militant Islam crown in 'game of thrones' - Netanyahu to Congress
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu voiced his fierce opposition to Iran’s nuclear program in front of a joint session of Congress Tuesday, a speech in which he said the world’s greatest danger is the meeting of militant Islam with nuclear weapons.

03.03.2015 15:10

‘Netanyahu can cause trouble for US administration but he can’t nix deal with Iran’
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu can’t scrap a possible nuclear deal between the US and Iran, what he can do is pollute the atmosphere on Capitol Hill in getting any sort of a deal through, defense analyst Ivan Eland told RT.

03.03.2015 10:06

Netanyahu’s US trip is ‘fistfight that will leave casualties behind’
Israeli PM Netanyahu’s visit to the US for a controversial speech to Congress may further damage relations with Washington, but will also bring him points at the upcoming elections, Alon Liel, former Israeli Foreign Ministry Director General told RT.

02.03.2015 14:11

Netanyahu to AIPAC: US-Israel relations are ‘stronger than ever’
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reassured attendees of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's annual policy conference that Israel and the US are "like a family," saying "our alliance is strong."

02.03.2015 15:26

‘US-Israel divide: Unlike Israel, Washington feels no threat from Iran’
The US sees no homeland security threat from Iran and is not willing to undertake military action against Tehran, especially after the trauma of Iraq and Afghanistan, Prof. Zachi Shalom, from the Institute for National Security Studies, Israel, told RT.

25.02.2015 13:54

Netanyahu is a warmongering fanatic: Leaked spy cables on Iran prove the point
Leaked international intelligence service cables have provided telling insights into the reality of Iran's civilian nuclear program-an issue which has been continually hyped up and distorted by Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu.

25.02.2015 16:40

Netanyahu accuses Iran of ‘hiding’ nuclear program after new IAEA report
A new IAEA report has sparked a war of words ahead of key Geneva negotiations, with Israel claiming it proves that Iran is “preparing for the production of nuclear weapons,” and Tehran insisting that it shows its “transparency.”

20.02.2015 20:24

‘Netanyahu meddling in Israel Prize: rightists’ revenge to intellectual leftists’
The scandal over Israel Prize is the ruling right-wingers’ attempt to conquer one of the remaining outposts, the intellectual one, lead mainly by leftists, Gideon Levy, a columnist at Haaretz newspaper told RT.

17.02.2015 12:40