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New Zealand

Mega downer: Kim Dotcom loses $67mn of assets to US govt
Megaupload streaming service mogul Kim Dotcom has just been slapped with a civil penalty from the US government. The lawsuit will cost him $67 million worth of assets, including cars, property and luxury goods.

29.03.2015 12:09

Snowden ‘changed nothing’ says Norway’s top spy, ‘business as usual’
Norway’s top spy has said that revelations by whistleblower Edward Snowden have led to ‘very few changes’ to the way spy agencies operate, despite some legal changes in the US under Obama’s administration to make the NSA’s activities more accountable.

17.03.2015 15:51

Cyclone Pam hits New Zealand after devastating Vanuatu
New Zealand is bracing for Cyclone Pam, with flooding and power outages already underway. Some areas declared a state of emergency and locals are being evacuated. Strong winds are reported, as devastation in Vanuatu is fresh on everyone’s minds.

16.03.2015 02:51

Sneaky Kiwis: Snowden leak exposes NZ doing NSA's Pacific dirty-work
New Zealand’s security agency is spying on its closest neighbors in the Pacific by collecting phone calls, emails and internet data, and then sending that data to its ally, America’s NSA, leaked Snowden files claim.

05.03.2015 09:47

Over 190 pilot whales stranded on NZ beach, dozens die
One hundred and ninety-eight pilot whales have been stranded on a 6-kilometer beach in New Zealand, and their only hope is a rescue effort with the rising tide, local conservation officials reported.

13.02.2015 13:08

UK condemns Jordanian pilot’s murder, urges New Zealand to join fight against ISIS
The murder of a Jordanian pilot by the Islamic State will redouble efforts to “eradicate the evil” of the group, said British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond. His statement comes as the UK urged New Zealand to join the US-led coalition.

04.02.2015 09:11

How the super-rich deal with social inequality?
As social inequality is increasing, the rich look to protect their wealth and many invest in supporting candidates who’d lighten their regulatory and tax burden, Robert Johnson President of Institute of New Economic Thinking told RT.

28.01.2015 14:26

Dotcom wants ‘to kill Skype’ with MegaChat, his encrypted video calling service
Kim Dotcom has launched a public beta version of his latest project, with which he aims to wipe out Skype. The video calling service called MegaChat is to be encrypted to ensure secure communications for all its users.

22.01.2015 14:33

Auckland zookeepers euthanize celebrity TV gibbon
Despite his huge popularity in New Zealand, TV celebrity Iwani – a siamang gibbon – was euthanized because zookeepers thought he was “unhappy and agitated.”

22.01.2015 03:55

​Kim Dotcom: I feel like ‘pariah’ in New Zealand
Kim Dotcom, whose Internet party dramatically failed during the New Zealand election campaign, says he has become a pariah, and has renewed his offer to go to the US to face trial.

05.01.2015 14:58

Geo-jihad: New Zealand militant accidentally tweets his Syria location
A jihadist from New Zealand who has joined the Islamic State in Syria, has accidentally given up his exact location by sending out tweets, according to a Canadian intelligence group.The extremist has deleted the tweets.

31.12.2014 11:33

US loses bid to re-jail Kim Dotcom
​Attorneys for the United States government have lost their attempt to revoke internet mogul Kim Dotcom’s bail as he awaits an extradition trial in New Zealand, scheduled for next June.

01.12.2014 18:38