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New Zealand

Malware masterplan: NSA targeted Google & Samsung app stores to harvest data
The NSA and its spying partners wanted to hack into smartphones via Google and Samsung App stores and infect them with spyware. The revelations came from a top secret document released by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

21.05.2015 15:02

Kiwi bird vs. Union Jack: New Zealand suggests new national flag
Hundreds of suggestions for a flag to replace New Zealand’s current national symbol featuring the Union Jack have been submitted to the country's government, with the flightless bird Kiwi being head of the pack.

16.05.2015 18:55

Colossal waves in California blamed on New Zealand storm
A recent storm near New Zealand is being blamed for major waves thousands of miles away off the coast of California this week.

04.05.2015 16:36

5.6 magnitude quake strikes New Zealand
A 5.6 magnitude earthquake has struck 30km north west of Wanaka, on the South Island of New Zealand. Hundreds of people felt tremors, registered by the local geological hazard information service as “severe.”

04.05.2015 02:54

Millions for Kim Dotcom? Court lets MegaUpload founder pay mounting legal bills
Kim Dotcom, the founder of file-sharing site MegaUpload, whose assets have been frozen over a legal dispute, is getting something of his own back: a New Zealand court is releasing some of his millions to cover the lawyers’ bills - and living expenses.

03.05.2015 07:21

Turkey, Western leaders remember centenary of Gallipoli landings (PHOTOS)
Turkish officials and world leaders marked the World War I Allied Gallipoli campaign, a bloody battle won by the Ottoman Empire. Armenia has accused Ankara of deliberately bringing the remembrance forward to overshadow Armenian genocide commemorations.

24.04.2015 23:30

6.3 earthquake strikes New Zealand
A strong magnitude 6.3 earthquake has hit 40 kilometers off the New Zealand town of Kaikoura, GeoNet reported. Witnesses described feeling tremors all across central regions of the country.

24.04.2015 03:53

UK, France call for Israeli-Palestinian UN deal, resolution being drafted
Britain and France are urging the UN Security Council to restart the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, while New Zealand has begun drafting a resolution on the issue. This was prompted by the US saying it may “reassess” its position on the stalled talks.

21.04.2015 23:31

Beijing ‘extremely concerned’ over leaked New Zealand spying reports
China’s foreign ministry has urged New Zealand and US spying agencies to stop hacking into Chinese diplomatic buildings in Auckland. This follows reports exposing the practice and citing secret NSA files, which were leaked by Edward Snowden.

20.04.2015 20:35

Mega downer: Kim Dotcom loses $67mn of assets to US govt
Megaupload streaming service mogul Kim Dotcom has just been slapped with a civil penalty from the US government. The lawsuit will cost him $67 million worth of assets, including cars, property and luxury goods.

29.03.2015 12:09

Snowden ‘changed nothing’ says Norway’s top spy, ‘business as usual’
Norway’s top spy has said that revelations by whistleblower Edward Snowden have led to ‘very few changes’ to the way spy agencies operate, despite some legal changes in the US under Obama’s administration to make the NSA’s activities more accountable.

17.03.2015 15:51

Cyclone Pam hits New Zealand after devastating Vanuatu
New Zealand is bracing for Cyclone Pam, with flooding and power outages already underway. Some areas declared a state of emergency and locals are being evacuated. Strong winds are reported, as devastation in Vanuatu is fresh on everyone’s minds.

16.03.2015 02:51