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North America

'Ring of Fire' fears renewed following earthquakes in California, Chile and Panama
A rash of earthquakes within the last week along a section of the Earth infamous for seismic activity is causing concern that more tremors will soon occur near the ominously named “Ring of Fire.”

03.04.2014 14:13

Canada threatens US with retaliation over meat-labeling mandate
A newly unveiled agriculture bill in the United States is drawing heavy fire from Canada, which is threatening retaliatory action if the law’s country-of-origin labeling mandate earns enough support to go into effect.

28.01.2014 17:22

Canadians buying potassium iodide in bulk over fears of Fukushima radiation
Health officials in the coastal Canadian province of British Columbia are cautioning residents not to try and qualm fears of radioactive contamination by ingesting mass quantities of potassium iodide.

23.01.2014 17:38

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford caught drunkenly swearing in new YouTube video
Colleagues of Toronto, Ontario Mayor Rob Ford say they are shocked and appalled after new video footage of the embattled official emerged online this week.

22.01.2014 15:22

Toronto City Council votes to strip mayor of some powers
Toronto’s City Council voted 39-3 on Friday to strip Mayor Rob Ford of some of his powers. Ford has so far managed to avoid resigning over admissions of drinking and drug use, as well as his erratic behavior.

15.11.2013 20:07

Latin American drone use on the rise and unregulated - report
At least 14 Latin American and Caribbean countries have used or purchased drones, an Argentine human rights lawyer said Friday. With the exception of Brazil, none of the countries have laws regulating the domestic use of drones.

05.11.2013 00:51

Worldwide protests planned on eve of Bradley Manning trial
Rallies are planned this weekend in dozens of cities across the globe in support of Private first class Bradley Manning as the former Army intelligence analyst prepares to stand trial for the largest intelligence leak in United States history.

31.05.2013 15:59

The FBI is allowed to operate in Canada
The foiling of what is alleged to be an attempted terrorist attack targeting a passenger train traveling from Toronto to New York is raising questions about the authority of United States officials to operate abroad.

25.04.2013 14:49

Window into Big Bang: World’s largest ground-based telescope can see the birth of stars (PHOTOS)
Detailed visions of star and planet formation, hidden from the eyes of modern optics, will be soon shown by the ground breaking ALMA radio telescope unveiled on Wednesday. Scientists say it will be a game changer in studying the origins of our universe.

13.03.2013 13:23

US firms parked $166 bln overseas last year
Sixty big US companies reportedly stashed $166 bln in offshore accounts in 2012. The analysis of the financial reports of major American firms revealed 40% of the companies’ annual profit was shielded from US taxes in 2012.

11.03.2013 15:29

China claims Asia is home to more billionaires than N. America
A survey by a China-based wealth magazine claims Asia has more billionaires than any other continent. However, according to the Forbes magazine, arguably the world’s most trustworthy source on the issue, the Chinese seem to have miscalculated.

28.02.2013 15:42

‘Used as human shields’: Survivors of Algeria hostage crisis recall brutality and terror
In the wake of Algeria's In Amenas crisis, the hostage death toll rose to almost 60. The survivors have revealed tales of shocking brutality – captives were used as human shields, forced to wear explosive jackets and witness to horrific executions.

21.01.2013 17:25

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