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North Caucasus

Russia introduces separate ministry for North Caucasus affairs
Vladimir Putin has replaced the presidential envoy in the North Caucasus district and ordered a dedicated ministry for North Caucasus affairs be set up, headed by the former governor of the Krasnoyarsk Region.

12.05.2014 13:49

Russian media websites hit by ‘massive’ DDoS attack ‘linked to Ukraine’
Websites of several Russian state TV channels have been hit by a large cyberattack suspected to partly come from Kiev. Anonymous Caucasus claimed it was responsible for hacking Channel One TV’s site, saying it had “nothing” to do with Ukraine.

13.03.2014 14:33

Two explosions hit capital of Russia's southern republic of Dagestan
Twin blasts hit Makhachkala, the capital of the southern Russian republic of Dagestan, according to local police. Sixteen people were injured, among them four police officers.

17.01.2014 16:37

Waging war on Russia: Looking into Volgograd terror blasts
The heinous terrorist attacks in Volgograd in recent days are merely the latest chapter in a terrorist war aimed at destabilizing Russia politically and economically, while tearing at the very fabric of Russian society.

03.01.2014 12:07

​'Olympics, int'l events are attractive targets for terrorists'
In the wake of Volgograd suicide bombings which killed over 30 people, the Caucasus region has been thrown back into the spotlight. But the attacks actually reflect a widening of the terror campaign, James Corbett, editor of The Corbett Report, told RT.

30.12.2013 17:01

Trick-or-treat: Children in Russia’s North Caucasus record militant-style threatening videos
Children in Russia’s Republic of Dagestan have found a new form of entertainment: making threatening videos and sending them to adults. Armed with toy weapons, the kids imitate the behavior of militants while demanding money, good grades at school.

15.11.2013 14:55

Uproar after LibDem leader suggests curfew, birth control to tackle terrorism in N. Caucasus
The leader of Russia’s nationalist LDPR party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, may face criminal charges for “inciting ethnic and religious hatred” following his proposal to implement birth control in the North Caucasus as an anti-terrorist measure.

26.10.2013 16:21

Militant’s wife behind Volgograd suicide blast
The 30-year-old female suicide bomber responsible for the deadly blast in Volgograd, central Russia, was a Dagestani national and allegedly the wife of a militant. She reportedly converted her husband to radical Islam to join the Dagestan rebels.

21.10.2013 21:12

Prominent Muslim cleric brutally murdered in North Caucasus
Police are investigating the murder of a prominent Muslim cleric in the Russian republic of North Ossetia. The local religious leader’s deputy was shot six times, including a ‘proof round’ to the head.

27.12.2012 14:50

Russian school bans 5 Muslim girls from classes for wearing hijab
A head teacher of a school in Russia’s North Caucasus region banned five Muslim girls from attending classes while wearing a hijab. Indignant parents filed suits at a local prosecutor’s office over the issue.

15.10.2012 10:59

Muslim Ghandist order or smuggler mafia? The life of the North Caucasus’ most secretive fellowship
“The Batal folk? They won’t talk to you. First of all, you’re a stranger. Secondly, you’re a woman,” my local friends warned, describing the fellowship as a “sect” that had subdued local businesses and regular seized private cars from owners at will.

03.10.2012 12:18