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North Korea

Female peace activists to march from North to South Korea amid controversy
Feminist icon Gloria Steinem and two Nobel Peace Prize laureates have joined a group of 30 women activists planning to cross the demilitarized zone (DMZ) between North and South Koreas in a symbolic step for peace.

23.05.2015 00:29

Mini-me missiles? N Korea claims it has made miniaturized nuclear warheads
Pyongyang says it has developed miniaturized nuclear warheads making it possible to fit them into missiles. The report comes just weeks after North Korea claimed its first submarine-based missile test.

20.05.2015 06:59

​‘A lot of money rides on constant promotion of North Korean threat’
With so little reliable information on the backroom politics in N. Korea, Seoul government benefits from the media speculations about its neighbor, which helps it justify soaring defense budget, James Corbett, editor of the Corbett report, told RT.

14.05.2015 20:47

N. Korea says it tested submarine-launched ballistic missile
North Korea is making waves with the reported test launch of a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) – a game-changing “world-level strategic weapon,” according to leader Kim Jong-Un. If confirmed, the test would violate existing UN resolutions.

09.05.2015 07:43

​N.Korea pledges more space launches in defiance of ‘enemy forces’
North Korea will launch more satellites into orbit despite international objections, the country’s leader Kim Jong-un said during a visit to a newly-build space command and control center.

03.05.2015 13:00

Asia's arms race – look whose interest is being served
As mutual distrust drives the growing military buildup in the Asia-Pacific region, bigger powers like the US will use this regional competition to settle scores with its most formidable Asian irritants - North Korea and China.

29.04.2015 13:32

‘US military rhetoric is really aimed at Beijing’
The underlying context of the US-Japan security deal is not the always-convenient excuse North Korea, but China’s increasing military expenditure and army capability, James Corbett, editor of The Corbett Report, told RT.

28.04.2015 15:52

China card in Japan’s strive for remilitarization
Tokyo is using China “increasing its hegemonic motivation” as an excuse because the US will only accept Japan’s remilitarization if they think it can be used to contain China, Dr. Tim Beal, Asia specialist, researcher and author, told RT.

27.04.2015 10:51

​Trident nukes could move to Gibraltar under SNP pressure, says academic
The patriotism of Gibraltarians could see Britain’s nuclear arsenal moved to the disputed territory south of Spain if a victorious Scottish National Party (SNP) force the weapons out of Scotland, according to a top academic.

27.04.2015 08:41

N. Korea could have up to 20 nuclear warheads – Chinese sources
North Korea could already possess up to 20 nuclear warheads and have a capacity to double its arsenal by next year, according to Chinese nuclear experts, the Wall Street Journal reports. Previous US estimates had put the total between 10 and 16.

23.04.2015 04:30

North Korea tells US diplomat stabbed in face that a ‘bigger mishap’ is possible
North Korea is warning the American ambassador to South Korea that he could face a “bigger mishap” than being stabbed in the face – an act of violence that he suffered in March.

18.04.2015 02:32

Obama and Kim Jong-un strike a chord for peace in viral commercial
Despite the North Korean leader’s apparent preference for maintaining his communist country’s pariah-state status, he appeared in a viral video in Hongdae, South Korea, performing a lively duet with US President Barack Obama.

17.04.2015 11:17