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Iran nuclear deal possible, bond with Israel 'unbreakable' - Obama
US President Barack Obama defended nuclear negotiations with Iran and maintained that a favorable settlement was still possible, all before a controversial address to Congress by Israel's leader that has strained relations between the US and Tel Aviv.

03.03.2015 00:52

​Nuclear safety incidents soar 54% at UK’s Clyde sub base & arms depot
The number of “nuclear safety events” at Britain’s submarine base and warhead depot at the Clyde has drastically soared according to official records that showed 105 incidents in 2013-2014, compared to just 68 in the previous period.

03.03.2015 00:05

Netanyahu’s US trip is ‘fistfight that will leave casualties behind’
Israeli PM Netanyahu’s visit to the US for a controversial speech to Congress may further damage relations with Washington, but will also bring him points at the upcoming elections, Alon Liel, former Israeli Foreign Ministry Director General told RT.

02.03.2015 14:11

Netanyahu to AIPAC: US-Israel relations are ‘stronger than ever’
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reassured attendees of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's annual policy conference that Israel and the US are "like a family," saying "our alliance is strong."

02.03.2015 15:26

Sleepy Hollow reborn: Kazakhstan villagers report new cases of mysterious disorder
New cases of the inexplicable disorder, dubbed “Sleepy Hollow,” have appeared in Kalachi, the village in Kazakhstan where every tenth villager, including children, has mysteriously fallen asleep in broad daylight, some unable to wake up for days on end.

02.03.2015 08:37

‘Fateful mission’: Israeli PM Netanyahu stokes tensions in bid to foil US-Iran nuclear deal
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has arrived in Washington to ramp up pressure against the emerging nuclear agreement between the US and Iran. Many Jews in both America and Israel are expressing outrage at the move.

02.03.2015 06:50

Netanyahu speech to Congress will push Tehran closer to bomb – Israeli ex-security commanders
More than 180 former leaders from Israel’s security apparatus urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to cancel his planned speech to Congress on Tuesday, fearing it may bring Iran closer to developing a nuclear weapon and damage US-Israeli relations.

01.03.2015 19:51

Russia ready to repel any nuke strike, retaliate – missile forces command chief
Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces are ready to react to any nuclear strike even if it is lightning fast, SMF Central Command chief said. A retaliatory strike would take place in all circumstances, “without hesitation,” he added.

01.03.2015 09:41

US hammers out ‘bottom lines’ for Iran nuclear deal
The Obama administration has laid out a rigorous outline for Tehran to follow before an agreement can be reached regarding Iran’s nuclear program, the details of which will be discussed in talks next week.

28.02.2015 09:27

Iran test-fires ‘new strategic weapon’ to battle ‘Great Satan’ US
Iran has concluded a massive naval and air defense war games by successfully test-firing a “new strategic weapon,” which the country says will play an important role in the future battle against the US.

27.02.2015 14:58

The truth about Russia’s new military doctrine
The new version of Russia’s military doctrine, approved by President Putin on December 26, 2014, has attracted increased attention in the Western media, especially, its provisions for the eventual use of nuclear weapons.

27.02.2015 12:10

Saudi Arabia to allow Israel use of its airspace to strike Iran – report
Saudi Arabia has reportedly agreed to let Israel use its airspace to attack Iran if necessary, in exchange for “some kind of progress” on the Palestinian issue, Israel’s Channel 2 TV station quoted an unnamed European official as saying.

26.02.2015 23:05