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GOP stall tactics hold up Obama's AG pick & 150 other nominees
Loretta Lynch, President Barack Obama’s pick to be the next attorney general, has had her confirmation held up for almost six months. While she may be confirmed in the coming days, nearly 150 other nominees wait in limbo for the US Senate to act.

20.04.2015 17:41

Obama downplays Russia S-300 supply to Iran, ‘jaws drop’ in Israel
US President Barack Obama has admitted he was “surprised” that Moscow held back resumption of S-300 supplies to Iran for so long. Some Israeli officials are reportedly saying the prospect of derailing the Iran nuclear talks is now zero.

18.04.2015 07:15

‘Any reader of Orwell would be perfectly familiar’ with US maneuvers – Chomsky to RT
Major American media organizations diligently parrot what US officials want the public to know about global affairs, historian Noam Chomsky told RT. To US leaders, any news outlet that “does not repeat the US propaganda system is intolerable,” he said.

17.04.2015 18:05

Obama and Kim Jong-un strike a chord for peace in viral commercial
Despite the North Korean leader’s apparent preference for maintaining his communist country’s pariah-state status, he appeared in a viral video in Hongdae, South Korea, performing a lively duet with US President Barack Obama.

17.04.2015 11:17

Nuclear deal or no nuclear deal? That is the question
As neocons are working to destroy Iran's tentative nuclear deal, US President Obama will have to either reinvent America's policy or give in to Israel's lobby and Saudi Arabia's paranoiac fear of Shia Islam.

17.04.2015 12:07

Obama signs largest healthcare bill since Obamacare into law
President Barack Obama has signed into law the largest healthcare bill since the Affordable Care Act was passed five years ago. It fixes the way Medicare doctors are reimbursed, fills in a funding gap and extends a popular children’s insurance program.

17.04.2015 01:19

Russia, China, Iran: In sync
Over past decades, the pre-fabricated myth of an elusive “Iranian bomb” was never the real issue between the US and Iran; the issue was how to subdue – or “isolate” - a powerful, independent nation that refused to toe the exceptionalist line.

16.04.2015 12:38

Ukraine: Which way to Europe and for Europe?
The Ukraine crisis served as a trigger for a broader crisis in the West-Russia relationship. Today, a year and a half after it started, what are the stakes and the bets?

14.04.2015 16:46

‘US states’ sanctions on Iran unlikely to sink the nuclear deal’
If individual American states keep their own sanction against Iran it will certainly make things more complicated but is unlikely to become the determining fact in the fate of the nuclear deal with Tehran, Jim Jatras, a former US diplomat, told RT.

14.04.2015 12:51

‘I respect you, but I don’t trust you’ – Maduro to Obama
The Venezuelan and US presidents, whose strained relations cast a shadow over the Summit of the Americas in Panama, held a private meeting for the first time in an attempt to alleviate tensions over US-imposed sanctions.

12.04.2015 05:36

​Hillary would make ‘excellent president’ - Obama
US President Barack Obama said that Hillary Clinton would make an “excellent president,” making the comment just a day before Clinton is expected to announce her candidacy.

12.04.2015 06:57

Obama & Castro shake hands during historic encounter (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
US President Barack Obama shook hands with his Cuban counterpart, Raul Castro, at the Summit of the Americas in Panama. The gesture has been seen as signaling a historic thaw between the two countries as they seek to reestablish diplomatic relations.

11.04.2015 03:08