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Obama on CIA’s post-9/11 tactics: ‘We tortured some folks’
President Barack Obama made a rare acknowledgment during a Friday press briefing concerning the United States’ past use of enhanced interrogation tactics in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

01.08.2014 20:17

Putin tells Obama sanctions ‘counter-productive,’ both agree dialogue required
In a phone call with Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin has said that imposing sanctions on Russia is counterproductive and affects international stability. The two presidents agreed that the current situation is not in the interests of their countries.

01.08.2014 17:15

Majority of Americans dislike Obamacare
​Popularity of Obamacare has hit a new low among Americans, according to a new survey, now more than four years since the health-care reform law was passed.

01.08.2014 14:11

‘If there is actual evidence, US should show it or stop accusing Russia’
US officials are making groundless assertions about Moscow’s involvement in the downing of flight MH17, former CIA and US State Department official Larry Johnson told RT.

31.07.2014 10:22

Speaker Boehner gets Congress approval to sue President Obama
For the first time in American history, a chamber of Congress has authorized its leader to sue the President of the United States.

31.07.2014 01:33

Financial sanctions against Russia ‘are quite potent’
​The immediate impact on the Russian economy is not going to be crippling, but sanctions will work in the long run starving Russian banks and companies of funding over the next few years, Wolfgang Munchau, director Eurointelligence news blog, told RT.

30.07.2014 14:54

Moscow: US will feel ‘tangible losses’ from ‘destructive, myopic’ sanctions
The new round of American economic sanctions imposed against Russia over the Ukrainian crisis will only further worsen relations between Washington and Moscow, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

30.07.2014 12:40

​Crime (Israel) and Punishment (Russia)
So Obama, Merkel, Cameron, Hollande and Renzi – let’s call them the Fab Five - got on a video conference call to muster their courage and “increase pressure” asking for a cease-fire in Gaza. Later in the day, Bibi delivers his answer, in plain language.

29.07.2014 22:32

EU and US impose new round of sanctions on Russia over Ukraine
Both the European Union and the United States announced a new round of sanctions against Moscow on Tuesday, accusing the Kremlin of supporting anti-Kiev militias in eastern Ukraine and threatening to cripple the Russian economy.

29.07.2014 18:39

US mulling refugee status for Honduran children as Obama meets with C. American leaders
The Obama administration is considering a plan that would grant refugee status in the United States to Honduran children and young adults without having to travel the dangerous land journey through Mexico.

25.07.2014 15:57

President Darth Vader? Americans prefer Star Wars characters over Obama and 2016 hopefuls
“President Darth Vader” is probably never going to appear in any United States history books, but polling figures suggest that the Sith lord of Star Wars lore is more popular than any actual likely 2016 oval office candidates.

24.07.2014 15:54

#ThanksObama: L.A. commuters rip presidential motorcade on Twitter after it keeps woman in labor from hospital (VIDEO)
Los Angelenos are no strangers to snarling traffic, a daily, often faceless, nuisance. But President Barack Obama’s two-day fundraising trip to the city has given commuters - and one woman in labor - a specific target for their ire.

24.07.2014 15:38

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