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Iran nuclear deal enters the danger zone
In the end, a nuclear deal with Iran was aborted in Vienna. Is that a hopeful sign? Or should everyone start praying – and running for cover?

25.11.2014 09:48

Obama’s executive action signals America’s demise
America is a multicultural nation of immigrants. We are also a nation founded on law. President Obama’s move to grant amnesty to millions of illegals – without congressional approval - repudiates every tradition we hold dear.

24.11.2014 15:10

US Defense Sec. Hagel resigns over apparent disagreements with White House
United States Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is stepping down from his post atop the Pentagon, the Obama-appointee said Monday from the White House.

24.11.2014 14:20

New Afghan govt mulls lifting ban on night raids – with US participation
As US-led NATO forces get the green light for conducting military operations beyond the 2014 deadline, Kabul has reportedly lifted the ban on controversial night raids in the ongoing battle against Taliban insurgents.

24.11.2014 08:16

‘AIDS, Ebola, Obama – Thanks Africa’ roadside sign causes a stir in Nebraska
​A homemade sign proclaiming “AIDS, Ebola, Obama – Thanks Africa” caused a commotion in the town of Minden, Nebraska this week after a local man drew the ire of area residents when he erected it on his own property.

21.11.2014 15:20

Woman with 9mm handgun arrested near White House
A woman with a 9mm handgun has been detained by Secret Service agents near the White House in the latest incident involving presidential security.

21.11.2014 08:18

Obama extends deportation reprieve to 5 million undocumented immigrants
President Barack Obama announced an executive order on immigration reform Thursday, which he will sign on Friday. The actions will affect up to 5 million undocumented immigrants in the US, many of whom are the parents or spouses of legal residents.

20.11.2014 21:22

All major TV networks snub Obama's immigration address
The White House is upset that the nation's major broadcast television networks will not air President Barack Obama’s primetime announcement Thursday evening of executive actions on immigration policy.

20.11.2014 18:02

Pentagon paid ransom for kidnapped soldier to Afghan con man
Prior to the successful prisoner swap that freed US Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from Taliban control in May, the Pentagon was swindled out of a ransom payment in an attempt to win back the kidnapped American soldier, US officials said.

20.11.2014 16:58

‘US intergovernmental conflict: Military vs diplomacy’
The contradictory statements coming from US President Obama, John Kerry, and top military officials show that the US government is in bad shape and there is no cabinet solidarity, Patrick James, Director of USC's Center for International Studies, told RT.

20.11.2014 10:28

Secret Service wants ‘more confident’ agents, higher White House fence
Following a series of high-profile security failures the US Secret Service will be focusing its energy on training, boosting morale and hiring new agents, as well as erecting a higher fence around the White House, head of the agency Joseph Clancy said.

20.11.2014 03:46

Obama to announce immigration action on Thursday defying GOP
US President Barack Obama will announce an executive order on immigration reform Thursday, according to the White House.

19.11.2014 15:05