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‘New demands on Iran – deliberate stumbling blocks’
Additional demands on Iran at the nuclear talks put forward by France are basically impossible to fulfill; it’s unlikely that they were made without the full knowledge and approval of the US, says political commentator Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich.

29.06.2015 12:51

‘With Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling... the America I knew is gone’
​The nine members the US Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is now a legal right across the entire country, a decision that Pastor Scott Lively says will bring disaster to American society.

27.06.2015 12:18

Clean bill of health: Obamacare upheld by Supreme Court
The Supreme Court upheld the nationwide availability of tax subsidies crucial to the White House’s healthcare program, handing a major victory to President Obama. Six judges affirmed the verdict of a lower court in King v. Burwell, with three dissenting.

25.06.2015 14:12

Obama tells Hollande US was not spying on French president
US President Barack Obama has assured his French counterpart Francois Hollande that Washington was not tapping his communications, the White House says.

24.06.2015 18:19

Squeaking through: Senate clears way to approve Obama’s ‘fast-track’ powers
President Barack Obama managed to drum up enough support among his fellow Democrats to clear a procedural hurdle for a vote on special trade powers, as the Senate voted 60-37 to end the debate on Trade Promotion Authority (TPA).

23.06.2015 13:17

‘Black & weak’?! Israeli minister’s wife all apologies for bad Obama joke
The spouse of the Israeli Interior Minister has apologized for an “inappropriate joke” about US President Barack Obama. “Do u know what Obama Coffee is? Black and weak,” Judy Shalom Nir-Mozes posted on Twitter, addressing her 74,400 followers.

22.06.2015 01:28

Clinton breaks with Obama, opposes 'fast-track' trade authority as bill heads to Senate
Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has come out against "fast-track" approval powers sought by the White House that would allow only the Executive Branch to negotiate trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

19.06.2015 16:34

‘Powerful people in the West and in Kiev do not want a Ukrainian settlement’ – Prof. Stephen Cohen
Arguing that there is a peace and war party in almost every capital, Professor Stephen Cohen, scholar of Russian studies at Princeton and New York Universities, told RT he believes the war party in Washington is against the Minsk agreement.

19.06.2015 13:30

White terrorism? US avoids race debate in latest shooting massacre
Had a black person or a Muslim carried out the Charleston shooting, the media narrative would have been completely different and much of the blame has to do with US public policy, says Solomon Comissiong, host and founder of Your World News Radio Show.

19.06.2015 02:22

Obama’s fast-track authority stuck in House slow lane
President Obama will have to wait up to six more weeks before getting fast-track authority to negotiate trade deals, such as TPP. The House put off a vote on the bill required to pass the authority, giving Obama time to drum up support within his party.

16.06.2015 19:52

‘Russia and US far too powerful, cooperation has to be possible’
Neither Russia, nor the US are determined to have a conflict, but there are ‘hotheads and fanatics’ which would like to see tension on both sides, and that has to be avoided, Jeffrey Sommers from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee told RT’s In the Now.

16.06.2015 10:44

​Obamas hosted, paid for private Prince concert at White House
President Barack Obama and his family held a “private party” at the White House over the weekend reportedly featuring 500 guests and musicians like Prince and Stevie Wonder, but the lack of previous disclosure has sparked questions about transparency.

16.06.2015 00:38