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Putin on Kiev op: 'Tanks, jets against own people?! Are they out of their minds?!'


Mega oil field discovered in southern Russia
A new oil field with roughly 300 million tons of oil and 90 billion cubic meters of gas has been discovered in the Astrakhan region of Russia.

16.04.2014 14:41

Arctic Resources: The fight for the coldest place on Earth heats up
The discovery of large hydrocarbon deposits in the Arctic has sparked international competition over resources in frozen waters. Regional powers are quickly filing claims for the sea shelf, with Russia preparing to bring in the biggest bid to the UN.

15.04.2014 04:59

'Business as usual’ in Russia – BP
Speaking at BP’s annual shareholder meeting, CEO Bob Dudley said the company can “act as a bridge” between Russia and Europe, adding that it was “business as usual” between the oil giant and Russia.

11.04.2014 10:46

Navy creates ship fuel from seawater
Researchers working for the United States Navy say they are around a decade away from mastering a procedure that will make high-powered fuel for the military’s fleet of ships out of run-of-the-mill seawater.

08.04.2014 14:26

US to become oil independent by 2037 – EIA
US may stop importing oil by 2037 as abundant domestic crude supplies, including North Dakota’s Bakken field and Texas’s Eagle Ford formation, may push production to the level of consumption, according to the US government.

08.04.2014 10:46

Europe not moving away from Russian energy
Europe has no plans to move away from Russian gas, with major energy projects like South Stream expected to remain in place, according to Reiner Hartmann, Chairman of the Association of European Businesses.

08.04.2014 07:41

​Gazprom Neft CEO says ditch dollar, look east if sanctions escalate
The oil arm of Gazprom says 95 percent of foreign partners are ready to do business in the euro. The company’s CEO said it could divert exports to Asian markets should the West intensify sanctions.

07.04.2014 06:53

​Libyan rebels agree to end eastern oil ports blockade within days
Rebel forces in eastern Libya have agreed with the government to soon end its months-long blockade of oil export ports, according to a senior leader of the group.

01.04.2014 21:29

Heated issue: Russia to construct gas pipeline to Crimea
Russian gas exporter Gazprom will build a pipeline to supply gas to energy-strapped Crimea, according to the Russian Ministry of Energy.

01.04.2014 07:28

​Berezovsky death: Police say suicide, family say murder, coroner records ‘open verdict’
The coroner has pronounced an ‘open verdict’ on the death of fallen tycoon Boris Berezovsky, after a two day hearing during which “contradictory” evidence was heard.

27.03.2014 23:19

‘Depressed’ ex-oligarch Berezovsky became ‘shell of a man’ in months before suicide
The bodyguard of Russian tycoon-in-exile Boris Berezovsky told a coroner’s inquest of the harrowing months and hours that preceded his suicide a year ago.

26.03.2014 16:48

Deepwater Horizon oil spill cause fatal heart defects in tuna - study
The 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill have likely inflicted serious heart defects and possibly premature death in tuna and other large marine fish, according to a study initiated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

25.03.2014 08:19

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