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​The votes are in: How 'yes' vote will change Scotland's economy
The votes are in and being tallied. Will Scotland become the new Scandinavia or a failed state if it achieves independence? Here is a look at what happens to Scotland’s economy if it votes 'Yes' to become an independent country.

18.09.2014 12:01

Independent Scotland ‘could take years’ to join EU - Spanish PM
Scotland’s hopes of joining the European Union as an independent state were cast into doubt when Spain’s prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, said it could take years for it to be integrated.

17.09.2014 12:14

Scottish independence referendum
Scottish voters have said ‘No’ to independence from UK.

17.09.2014 09:01

Russian billionaire Yevtushenkov under house arrest in money laundering case
The main stockholder in the Russian conglomerate AFK Sistema and the country’s 15th richest man according to Forbes, Vladimir Yevtushenkov, has been placed under house arrest on charges of money laundering.

16.09.2014 19:57

Power play: UK leaders pledge further devolution if Scots vote ‘No’
Westminster party leaders have signed a joint pledge promising “extensive new powers” for the Scottish parliament if voters reject independence in Thursday’s referendum.

16.09.2014 08:29

First Arctic project unaffected by sanctions – Gazprom Neft chief
Newly sanctioned Gazprom Neft plans to continue offshore oil extraction in its Prirazlomnoye Arctic field as planned, and will reach peak oil production by 2021, First Deputy CEO Vadim Yakovlev said.

15.09.2014 13:40

Ruble hits record low as West waits for Russia's response to sanctions, oil recedes
The Russian ruble fell to a new record low against the US dollar, passing the 38 units to the dollar benchmark, after the EU and US rolled out new sanctions paired with dropping oil prices. Investors are uneasy on what Russia’s response will be.

15.09.2014 08:33

Sanctions against Russia could spur $150 oil – Former BP chief
Western sanctions against Russia, coupled with ongoing political instability in Libya and the advance of ISIS militants in Iraq, could leave the global oil supply exposed and push up oil prices to $150 per barrel, former BP chief Tony Hayward has warned.

15.09.2014 08:06

Russia may restrict import of Western cars, clothes in new sanctions tit-for-tat
Imports of Western cars and clothes into Russia could be restricted as part of a second round of “retaliatory” measures prepared in response to the sanctions against Moscow, says presidential aide Andrey Belousov.

12.09.2014 08:22

EU publishes Russia sanctions list: Energy, finance, defense targeted
Arms producer Kalashnikov and oil giant Rosneft are among Russian companies hit by a new round of EU sanctions, which have come into effect Friday morning upon being published in the EU Official Journal.

12.09.2014 06:08

​US, EU to ban Exxon, BP and Shell from oil exploration in Russia – report
The EU and the US are going to ban energy giants like Exxon Mobil, BP and Shell from searching for crude oil in Russia's Arctic, deep seas and shale formations, three American officials anonymously told Bloomberg.

10.09.2014 19:53

​Russia ready to help Iran trade, but not buy oil - Energy Minister
Russia is not planning to purchase Iranian oil, but its traders are ready to sell it, Russian Energy Minister Aleksandr Novak said commenting on the Russia-Iran oil-for-goods deal.

10.09.2014 11:30

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