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Baku opens European Games with fabulous ‘$100mn’ ceremony (FULL VIDEO)
The stunning opening ceremony of the inaugural European Games took place in Azerbaijan’s capital Baku at a cost of about $100mn, according to the country’s sports minister. The two-hour show even featured Lady Gaga singing the John Lennon song “Imagine.”

13.06.2015 17:46

Javelin dentistry: Former Olympic champ removes daughter’s tooth with spear
Former Olympic gold medalist Bryan Clay came up with a novel way to remove his daughter’s loose tooth. He tied it with a piece of dental floss, before attaching it to his javelin. As the javelin flew away, so did the tooth…

07.05.2015 09:04

Fukushima2020? Disaster-stricken area hopes to host Tokyo Olympic events
Fukushima hopes to host some of the events for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo to show the world that the worst days of the 2011 tsunami and nuclear disaster are behind it.

16.12.2014 18:01

Sports is not political tool in international relations – Russia
Russia’s Foreign Ministry has spoken out against attempts by other countries to influence the activities of international sporting bodies, like the IOC or FIFA, as well as boycotting international events for political reasons.

29.09.2014 14:12

Japanese leader proposes first-ever 'Robot Olympics'
Nations of the world will be sending their most talented athletes to Tokyo in 2020 for the Olympic Games – but if Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe gets his way, they might also be pitting robots against each other.

23.07.2014 02:47

A bridge too far: Are the Olympics becoming too costly to host?
The Polish city of Krakow has become the latest city to pull out of the race to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. With two of the remaining four city’s also having doubts, is one of the world’s most iconic sporting events losing its appeal?

28.05.2014 14:19

London 2016? Olympic chiefs ‘look to plan B’ as Brazil’s preparations slammed
Olympic officials have secretly asked London if it could host the 2016 Summer Olympics in an emergency amid concern that Rio is so far behind on its preparations it may not be ready in time, British media claim.

10.05.2014 14:16

​Sochi Olympics made $22 mn profit
The Sochi Games became the first profitable Olympic Games in a decade, surpassing spending by $22 million, says Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak.

16.04.2014 12:33

Sochi Paralympics Day 3: Canada’s McKeever grabs eighth career gold
Sevens sets of medals were at stake on day three of the Paralympics, which kicked off with alpine and cross country skiing. Russia has consolidated its position as medal table leader, and Canada’s Mckeever has struck gold for the eighth time.

10.03.2014 10:08

German bobsleigh pilot punished for lending equipment to Russian Olympics champ
Germany’s bobsleigh federation has banned former world champ Manuel Machata from racing for a year and fined him 5,000 euro for lending his equipment to Russian athlete Aleksandr Zubkov, who won two gold medals at the 2014 Sochi Games.

06.03.2014 12:24

Paralympics to show athletes with disabilities able to do anything – Putin
The upcoming Paralympic Games in Sochi will demonstrate that there are no limits to people who have the will to overcome their disabilities - a good lesson for host Russia, which still has a way to go to make such people fully accepted by the community.

05.03.2014 05:07

Sochi was 'the right choice', tourism and investment to follow Olympic buzz
​Choosing to host the Olympics in Sochi was a ‘good choice’, and revenue will continue to flow into the city after the Games and attract more tourists and investors, says Deloitte, Heineken, and Swissotel.

24.02.2014 10:24