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'It’s all ours': Israeli deputy FM slams Western interference, saying Holy Land is Jewish
Israel’s new deputy foreign minister has lashed out at the international community’s attempts to create a two-state solution with Palestine. Tzipi Hotovely told Israeli diplomatic representatives aboard that the Holy Land belongs to the Jews.

22.05.2015 08:52

Three years of confronting Western propaganda
After my two days marathon discussion with Noam Chomsky, (at MIT in 2012), a bestselling book was born. Later this year a film will hit the cinemas.

21.05.2015 12:57

‘Destruction of Palmyra would be a great loss, whole humanity will suffer’
International action is needed to fight ISIS in Syria and to prevent Palmyra, the birthplace of human civilization from destruction, Edmund Ghareeb, Middle East researcher and lecturer, told RT.

21.05.2015 10:59

Iraq Diary, Day 2: The role of Iraqi journalists and Christian militia fighting ISIS
On day two of my trip to Iraq we meet Hashd Shaabi, the name of a group of mainly Shia militia organizations participating in the attacks on ISIS, before meeting with a brigade of Christian militiamen in Baghdad.

19.05.2015 16:11

​Malcolm X’s message of liberation resonates today
Today, with police violence and discrimination against African Americans proliferating, the world celebrates the legacy of one of the greatest black leaders to have ever lived, Malcolm X, who was born on May 19, 1925.

19.05.2015 12:31

Veteran activist Alekseyeva returns to presidential rights council
Lyudmila Alekseyeva, the head of Russia’s oldest rights NGO, the Moscow Helsinki Group, will return to the Presidential Council for Human Rights to establish better communication between the rights community and the authorities.

19.05.2015 11:13

‘No bowing down’: Thousands of pro-govt protesters rally for Macedonian PM
Tens of thousands of demonstrators came together to show their support for Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski on Monday. The rally follows mass anti-government protests, whose opponents claim are being funded and instigated from abroad.

19.05.2015 03:24

'Macedonia unrest - another episode of West-Russia geopolitical battle'
The anti-governmental protests taking place in Macedonia is a sustained regime change attempt driven and financed by Western countries, Srdja Trifkovic, foreign affairs editor at Chronicles magazine, told RT.

18.05.2015 08:39

Duma rejects in-house Nemtsov assassination probe proposal
The Russian lower house has refused to launch an investigation into the killing of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, citing procedural reasons.

18.05.2015 08:25

Thousands rally in Macedonia amid unfolding political crisis (DRONE VIDEO)
Crowds of anti-government protesters have taken to the streets in the Balkan state of Macedonia, as unrest unfolds in the country over a wiretapping scandal, involving the country’s current leader, Nikola Gruevski.

17.05.2015 13:21

Fresh arrests in Turkish military over smuggling weapons to Syria
Eight Turkish soldiers have been arrested on charges of smuggling weapons into Syria. These are the latest incidents in a massive scandal, which follows numerous allegations leveled at Ankara for supplying jihadists fighting in Syria with weapons.

17.05.2015 12:21

US money destroys civil consciousness, claims United Russia MP
The boost in US spending on Russian NGOs can be described as “aggressive humanitarian intervention,” the head of the State Duma Security Committee has said.

14.05.2015 12:30