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Sweden officially recognizes Palestinian state, Israel recalls ambassador
Sweden has recognized the occupied state of Palestine officially, according to its foreign ministry. The Scandinavian has become the first West-European EU state to recognize the territories. Israel has recalled its ambassador in Sweden.

30.10.2014 07:42

Police morale extremely low due to pay cuts, pension changes – survey
A police survey has shown that 94 percent of officers feel morale is “low” or “very low.” According to the online assessment, 91 percent of participants say their outlook has been negatively affected by pay cuts and pension changes.

29.10.2014 15:57

‘Show me the money.’ Time for Brussels to put up or shut up on Ukraine
Ukraine’s parliamentary election results are in. While the outcome restores some much needed democratic legitimacy - the fractured state’s future is far from certain.

29.10.2014 11:48

'Violent and terrible’: UK Muslim leaders condemn ISIS
Leaders of Portsmouth’s Muslim community have condemned the Islamic State (IS formerly ISIS/ISIL) as a “violent and terrible regime” in an attempt to stop more young people travelling to join the fight in Syria.

29.10.2014 10:48

Nigel Farage says blacking-up “just a bit of fun”
UKIP leader Nigel Farage has claimed he believes white people who “black-up” are not causing offence. Despite a prevalent view that the act is racist, he said it is the business of political correctness which has “gone too far.”

28.10.2014 16:39

Bloody Elle: Cameron refuses to wear feminist t-shirt, Twitter reacts
Prime Minister David Cameron faced fierce criticism on social media on Monday for his refusal to wear a t-shirt supporting feminism. While rival party leaders donned the shirts, captioned ‘This is What a Feminist Looks Like,’ Cameron declined.

27.10.2014 17:33

Mayor Russell Brand? Boris Johnson ‘thrilled’ to oppose comedian in election race
Boris Johnson has said he would be “thrilled” if Russell Brand were to run for Mayor of London. His comments come as rumors emerged that Brand was considering running in the 2016 mayoral election.

27.10.2014 16:22

Rousseff has ‘a very weak mandate’ after Brazil vote
Dilma Rousseff's second mandate will be challenging as Brazilian economy is bad and there is a lot of discontent among the population over corruption and uncertainty about the future, contributor to Bloomberg View Mac Margolis told RT.

27.10.2014 09:52

'Desperate' Tories under siege after MP migrant gaffe
A Conservative minister who claimed Britain’s towns were “under siege” from migrants has been criticized by Labour figures who say the language has revealed the “desperation” of Tories hoping to stop voters defecting to UKIP.

27.10.2014 11:01

Re-elected Dilma wins in a Brazil broken in two
President Dilma Rousseff of the ruling Worker's Party (PT) was re-elected this Sunday in a tight run-off against opposition candidate Aecio Neves of the Social Democracy Party of Brazil (PSDB).

27.10.2014 08:58

Uruguay heads to high-stake presidential run-off
Uruguay will have a second round of the presidential election after the ruling coalition’s candidate and former President Tabaré Vazquez fell short of securing the outright majority needed to avoid the run-off, according to exit polls.

27.10.2014 01:46

Hungarians revolt against internet tax (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Furious with the government plan to impose tax on Internet data traffic, thousands of Hungarians rallied in front of the Economy Ministry in Budapest to protect the freedom of the internet from the 'anti-democratic' measure.

26.10.2014 21:26

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