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New Snowden docs show how US cooperates with allies in drone killings
New Edward Snowden leaks shed light on the details of US drone strikes in places like Yemen and Pakistan and the tracking technologies that helped them. They focus on a strike targeting an Al-Qaeda surgeon that resulted in civilian casualties.

25.06.2015 17:38

​Snowden leaks suggest GCHQ complicity in Yemen drone strike – lawyers
GCHQ is under pressure again on Wednesday after lawyers claimed documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden may indicate complicity in US targeted killing missions.

24.06.2015 11:10

Disastrous heatwave kills almost 700 in Pakistan
A three-day heatwave in Pakistan has killed nearly 700 people, primarily in the southern province of Sindh. A state of emergency has been declared in hospitals, while army is being deployed to help stroke centers.

23.06.2015 17:44

Iraq tops ‘most dangerous’ place in world list
Iraq is the most dangerous place in the world for civilians to live, according to new figures from the UK based monitoring group Action on Armed Violence (AOAV). Syria, Gaza, Nigeria and Pakistan round out the top five.

22.06.2015 10:01

Global terrorism deaths nearly doubled in 2014 - US State Dept.
Terror acts rose by more than a third from 2013 to 2014, while deaths nearly doubled, says a new US State Department report. Boko Haram and the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) were largely responsible for an increase in terrorist attacks.

19.06.2015 14:56

Malala Yousafzai’s attackers secretly released by Pakistani court
Only two of the 10 men charged with attacking Nobel Prize winner Malalai Yousafzai are still in prison, despite reports they were all handed life sentences by a court in Pakistan, it has emerged.

05.06.2015 10:16

Wikileaks releases ‘largest’ trove of docs exposing secret TiSA trade deal
WikiLeaks has published 17 secret documents related to a controversial trade agreement currently being negotiated behind closed doors between the US, EU and over 20 WTO members. NGO Global Justice Now called the leak “a dark day for democracy.”

03.06.2015 21:00

Gitmo detainee alleges new forms of CIA sexual abuse, torture - report
A detainee currently held at the US military detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba told his lawyers he was subject to forms of "enhanced interrogation techniques" beyond what was disclosed in a US Senate report last year.

02.06.2015 17:57

India warns ISIS could get nukes from Pakistan
India is concerned that Islamic State militants (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) could get their hands on a nuclear weapon from its regional foe and fellow nuclear power Pakistan.

31.05.2015 15:25

Pakistani pigeon arrested for espionage in India (VIDEO)
While intelligence agencies across the globe are busy boosting their communication interception capabilities, Indian authorities have not forgotten the centuries-old methods adversaries might use, literally intercepting a spy pigeon from Pakistan.

30.05.2015 22:07

Nuclear Saudi Arabia: Rising ambitions of the House of Saud
Saudi Arabia's seemingly ever-expanding ambitions threaten now to draw the region and the world closer to the edge of a dangerous precipice as it seeks to buy out Pakistan's nuclear power.

29.05.2015 10:27

Nukes within a year? ISIS magazine boasts they can be bought in Pakistan
Should the need arise, Islamic State (formerly ISIS/ISIL) could buy a nuclear weapon in Pakistan within 12 months, the group's in-house magazine boasts in an article attributed to hostage journalist John Cantlie.

22.05.2015 16:30