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Five Guantanamo detainees released, sent to Europe
The Pentagon announced that five detainees were released from the prison complex in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. They were scheduled for release five years ago, but troubles in their home countries caused delays while host countries were sought in Europe.

20.11.2014 23:19

4 Pakistani men receive death sentences in high-profile ‘honor killing’ of pregnant woman
Four male relatives of a pregnant woman beaten to death outside a High Court in Pakistan in a so-called "honor” killing have been sentenced to death. The case, which made headlines worldwide, comes amid hundreds of similar ones going virtually unnoticed.

20.11.2014 06:00

Over 50 killed in Pakistan bus, truck collision
At least 50 people, some 14 women and eight children among them, were killed and 18 people were injured on Tuesday when a passenger bus collided with a truck laden with goods in southern Pakistan, officials said.

11.11.2014 05:42

Navy SEALs publicly clash over who killed bin Laden
Two former US Navy SEALs that took part in the raid at Osama bin Laden’s compound three years ago have told opposing versions of who ultimately killed the Al-Qaeda founder. The dispute over events is now materializing as both seek the spotlight.

07.11.2014 15:31

Navy Seal who shot Bin Laden reveals himself despite Pentagon fury
Against the wishes of the Pentagon, the US Navy SEAL who shot dead Al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden at his compound in Pakistan on May 2, 2011, has revealed his identity.

06.11.2014 15:02

Pakistani cop hacks detainee to death with ax for 'blasphemy’
A Pakistani policeman has killed a man in a frenzied ax attack over allegedly blasphemous comments about companions of the Prophet Mohammad. The officer is now under arrest.

06.11.2014 14:27

Christian couple beaten, burned in stove for desecrating Koran in Pakistan
Forty-four people have been arrested in Pakistan after an angry mob beat a Christian couple and burned their bodies in a brick-making stove for alleged blasphemy. Some reports suggest the victims were still alive when thrown into the kiln.

05.11.2014 14:05

The TAPI project or the future of Afghanistan
The term the "New Great Game", as a shorthand for the energy rivalry sweeping across Central Asia in the post-Soviet era has been in use for many years. In this respect, the Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan–India gas pipeline (TAPI) appears pivotal.

05.11.2014 12:39

Millions of Shias worldwide celebrate Ashura, events marred by violence (GRAPHIC IMAGES)
A string of bombings and shootings marred the Ashura celebrations across the Muslim world – the main Shia holiday during which believers impassionedly gash their bodies with swords to show their grief for the suffering of Imam Hussein.

04.11.2014 13:37

Taliban suicide attack kills 45 on Pakistan-India border
A suicide bombing near the India-Pakistan border has killed at least 45 people, Pakistani police say. Women and children are amongst the dead following the blast, which took place near the Pakistani city of Lahore. The injury count is currently around 70.

02.11.2014 14:49

Top commander of feared Haqqani network killed in US drone strike
A US drone strike in the South Waziristan region of Pakistan on Thursday killed at least seven militants, including Abdullah Haqqani, a top commander for the Haqqani Network, an Islamist insurgent group allied with the Afghan Taliban.

31.10.2014 14:09

Former CIA chief’s new book may have violated secrecy agreement
Former Central Intelligence Agency Director Leon Panetta may have violated his secrecy agreement with the department over his recently published memoir, a new report claims.

22.10.2014 22:31