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Pakistani Facebook blasphemy case sparks mob riot, 3 killed
Two children and their grandmother, who belonged to a religious sect, have been killed in Pakistan by an Islamist mob, after a sect member was accused of posting blasphemous material on Facebook. Four others are in a critical condition.

28.07.2014 10:50

The meeting that tested future relations between India and Pakistan
There can be only two ways to look at the meeting between Indian journalist Ved Pratap Vaidik and Pakistan-based India-focused terror mastermind, Hafiz Saeed.

23.07.2014 11:58

Deadliest US drone strike since 2013 reported in Pakistan
At least 50 people are dead after airstrikes hit northwestern Pakistan on Wednesday, and at least 15 of those were the result of a suspected American drone strike.

16.07.2014 23:16

Death sentence for Pakistani who ‘insulted God’
A court in Pakistan has sentenced a man to death for blasphemy, under strict laws against insulting Islam, despite lawyers for the defendant protesting that he was insane when he wrote the heretical slogans.

15.07.2014 15:32

Israel hits 200 Gaza sites, 8 children reported dead, Hamas fires rockets
At least eight children have been killed in the last 24 hours as Operation Protective Edge launched by Israeli forces entered its second day. The IDF claims it has hit at least 200 targets in Gaza since Tuesday.

09.07.2014 10:13

​Hammer-wielding Pakistani takes out ex-wife’s eyes for ‘loose morals’
In a fit of rage, Rasheed Ahmad gouged out his former wife’s eyes with a hammer, Pakistani police have reported. The man is said to have wanted “teach her a lesson for having loose morals.”

01.07.2014 19:03

Pakistani couple's throats slit over marriage without parents’ consent
A young couple in Pakistan were tied up and had their throats slit by the girl’s parents after they married for love, police said on Saturday.

28.06.2014 14:16

Pakistani woman gang-raped and hanged from tree (GRAPHIC PHOTO)
Parents looking for 20-year old Mazummil Bibi found her hanged from a tree in eastern Pakistan. Police discovered the girl was gang raped before being killed; three men were arrested over the crime, her former boyfriend among them.

21.06.2014 18:31

Airstrikes kill up to 100 militants in northwest Pakistan – officials
Up to 100 Taliban and Al-Qaeda-linked militants were killed in airstrikes in the northwestern tribal regions of Pakistan, AP quoted state officials as saying.

15.06.2014 01:30

​Can trade be the game changer in Indo-Pak relations?
The SAARC aspiration for greater economic cooperation has been suffering serious jolts due to the bilateral rivalry between two of its largest nations – India and Pakistan.

11.06.2014 11:47

​Pakistan shoots its messenger
The suspension of the broadcasting license of Pakistan’s most popular private television channel, Geo News, for a 15-day period is a blow to the Fourth Estate and a barometer on the civil-military power imbalance, the bane of Pakistani history.

10.06.2014 10:23

Gunmen attack Karachi Airport security training facility in second assault
Pakistani officials say a checkpoint at Karachi Airport was under attack by two gunmen on motorcycle after another large assault earlier this week. The facility is now closed, all flights have been canceled.

10.06.2014 08:04

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