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At least 42 dead in Pakistan road accident
A bus going to Karachi has crashed into a tractor trolley in Pakistan, with at least 42 people killed and 17 wounded, according to police. Women and children were among the dead.

20.04.2014 07:17

CIA using US air force to carry out drone strikes in Pakistan
US Air Force pilots are carrying out targeted drone strikes in Pakistan at the behest of the CIA, says a new documentary. The revelation has once again brought into question the legality of the largest targeted killing program in history.

15.04.2014 09:47

‘Not bug splats’: Artists use poster-child in Pakistan drone protest
A poster of a young child has appeared in north-west Pakistan to raise awareness of the numerous drone attacks the region suffered. Artists who created the image hope military commanders will think twice about shooting after seeing the portrait.

07.04.2014 12:21

​India refuses to rock Sri Lanka’s boat on human rights issues, but for how long?
India has managed to negotiate a dangerous curve in its relations with Sri Lanka, a crucial Indian backyard where China and Pakistan have steadily enlarged their strategic footprints in recent years.

07.04.2014 09:12

US operates global drone war from German base – ex-pilot
A testimony by a former US Air Force drone pilot has revealed that the US is using its Ramstein Air Base in Germany to wage highly controversial drone warfare in Africa, Yemen, and Pakistan.

06.04.2014 01:23

Constitutional collateral damage: Lawsuit over American drone deaths tossed out by US judge
Serious issues regarding constitutional law rose to the surface on Friday as a US federal judge dismissed a court case against the US government by families of three Americans killed in US drone strikes in Yemen.

05.04.2014 09:36

Child’s play: Pakistani 9-month-old baby accused of attempted murder
Mohammad Musa might not be old enough to have taken his first step or sounded his first word, but that has not stopped a Pakistani court from charging the 9-month-old boy with attempted murder.

05.04.2014 11:14

Pakistani ex-President Musharraf charged with high treason
A Pakistani court has charged former President Pervez Musharraf with treason for implementing emergency rule and suspending the constitution in 2007. Musharraf has already been found guilty of the murder of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

31.03.2014 06:13

​UN hammers US human rights record on spying, torture, drones and death penalty
A UN report hammers the United States’ human rights record, denouncing vast surveillance, ongoing unaccountability for torture, deadly drone strikes, one of the world’s highest death penalty counts, and mass incarceration, among other black marks.

28.03.2014 01:29

​China, Crimea and Pashtunistan
At the center of the simultaneous tumult faced by both Afghanistan and Pakistan stands the ultimate taboo: Pashtunistan. How does the dream of a common Pashtun land connect to the secession of Crimea from Ukraine? And what does China think about all this?

21.03.2014 07:31

US boycotts UN human rights conference with drone resolution looming
Pakistani leaders hope to convince the United Nations Human Rights Council to pass a resolution that would force US drone strikes to adhere to international law – a request that inspired the US to boycott the talks altogether, according to a new report.

20.03.2014 02:03

Missing Malaysian Airlines plane could have flown into Taliban-controlled Pakistan
Malaysia is reportedly investigating a theory that flight MH370 could have slipped under Pakistani radars and landed a Taliban base close to the Afghan border. The pilots’ possible role in the plane’s disappearance is also being examined.

17.03.2014 04:50

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