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Paul Scott

'You can Google it': Security experts raise alarm over online drone-hacking instructions
Manuals on hacking military drones have been available online for quite some time, apparently. Research spotting weaknesses is alarmingly commonplace, an Israeli defense specialist warns, citing its possible use in the 2011 downing of a CIA drone by Iran.

30.04.2015 06:26

Australia holds off deporting migrant with autistic child after public outcry
The Australian government refused to reissue a work visa to a nurse from the Philippines because her 9-year-old son suffers from autism. After her petition online gathered over 100,000 signatures, the mother was issued a three- month visa.

29.04.2015 16:18

Hundreds feared dead as boat carrying over 900 migrants capsizes off Libya
A rescue operation is underway after a boat carrying up to 950 migrants, including hundreds of women and children, capsized in Libyan waters, 120 miles south off Lampedusa. Numerous casualties are feared as only a few dozen people have been saved so far.

19.04.2015 07:43

'No one went to jail but me': CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou speaks out
Former CIA analyst John Kiriakou blew the whistle on the agency’s use of waterboarding and was subsequently locked up. Fresh out of prison and on the heels of the CIA torture report, he feels vindicated – and says he wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

10.02.2015 06:35

Ukraine crisis: Putin, Poroshenko, Hollande, Merkel voice plans for Minsk meeting
A 'Normandy Four' meeting may be held in the Belarus capital as early as Wednesday, the German government said, following a phone call between Vladimir Putin, Petro Poroshenko, Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande.

08.02.2015 08:38

Lavrov: US escalated Ukraine crisis at every stage, blamed Russia
Sergey Lavrov has lashed out at the US for their double standards over Ukraine and taking steps that “only promoted further aggravation” of the conflict. He added Russia is ready to guarantee agreements between Kiev and the self-proclaimed republics.

07.02.2015 11:14

Constant shelling in Donetsk as peace talks in Minsk end in blame game
Shelling of the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk is continuing practically non-stop with shells landing in civilian areas after mediators’ talks failed Saturday. Militia and Kiev forces are fighting for the strategically key area of Debaltsevo.

01.02.2015 13:12

Potential conscripts evade draft, flee country amid escalation in E. Ukraine
The most recent military draft in Ukraine has been described as “problematic” by Kiev's army spokesman. The recruitment effort, coming amid ever more intense fighting in the country’s east, sees a lack of enthusiasm on the part of potential soldiers.

31.01.2015 06:41

#UseMeInstead: Clergy face off with Florida cops over use of mugshots in target practice
Following the controversial news that Florida police were using mugshots of black men for target practice, Lutheran clergy responded on social media by offering officers pictures of themselves as a replacement.

26.01.2015 23:00

EU farmers complain €125mn compensation is just drop in the ocean
The €125 million in emergency EU support to its food producers may not be enough to cover the damage, as some estimates have it more than a hundred times higher.

20.08.2014 10:33

Brazil hands over World Cup to Russia at Rio’s Maracana Stadium
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff symbolically handed over the World Cup to her Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Sunday, as Russia is set to host the 2018 tournament. The two were joined by FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

13.07.2014 22:10

Putin: RT Spanish to be broadcast in Argentina 24/7
RT Spanish will start broadcasting 24/7 in Argentina, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a stop in Buenos Aires as part of his Latin American tour. RT has become the first foreign channel that will broadcast alongside Argentinian state channels.

12.07.2014 19:00