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Paula Slier

'What if my son doesn’t come back at all': Crimean mothers wait for their sons drafted in Ukraine
Mothers of many Crimean soldiers, who were drafted into the Ukrainian army when their homeland was part of Ukraine, are having their worst nightmare – that their sons would be seen as enemies at home or even never come back.

26.03.2014 12:25

Ukraine’s new National Guard raises fears in country’s east
The new army of the coup-imposed government in Ukraine has begun training exercises outside Kiev. Although the National Guard’s roles are law enforcement and border protection, many in the country’s east fear the military unit will work against them.

19.03.2014 19:42

Paving the future: Ukraine’s Crimea goes to independence poll
A crucial referendum on either becoming an integral part of Russia or staying within Ukraine on conditions of wide autonomy has kicked off in the Republic of Crimea despite international condemnation and pressure from Kiev.

15.03.2014 12:41

‘Pushed to leave’: Packing moods among Ukraine’s Jewish minority amidst far-right rise
With the beating of the head of Hatzalah’s local branch in Kiev and an earlier attack on a synagogue, many from the Jewish minority tell RT they feel they will be forced to leave the country, where the far-right is capitalizing on the turmoil.

15.03.2014 12:38

Ukrainian sailor: ‘We left one country, but came back to another’
A young Ukrainian Navy sailor turned up in hot water when he decided to resign, refusing to serve the fleet after the change of government in Kiev. After his commanders rejected his resignation, he had no choice but to head back home to Crimea.

12.03.2014 05:08

Crimea creates own military by swearing in self-defense units
Volunteers from self-defense units are taking an oath of allegiance to the people of Crimea as the autonomous republic puts together its own military in order to respond to possible provocations from the coup-imposed government in Kiev.

10.03.2014 18:52

​Why referendum? Crimeans speak out on Ukraine
A referendum in Crimea will say in a week if the region wants more autonomy from Kiev, or if it sees itself a part of Russia. RT’s Paula Slier asked residents of Crimea’s capital whether they want to have the region’s status changed and, if so, why.

09.03.2014 05:58

‘Critical juncture’: Battles, attacks on convoys delay Syrian chemical weapons destruction
Syrian convoys transporting chemical weapons under the international agreement were attacked twice late last month, according to a UN report, causing a delay in chemical shipments out to sea.

01.03.2014 03:18

​Some Israeli killings of Palestinian civilians in West Bank may be war crimes – Amnesty
Israeli forces have killed dozens of Palestinian civilians, including children, over the last three years, and with almost complete impunity, according to the latest Amnesty International report.

27.02.2014 14:23

Crime and corruption rife in South Africa ahead of May elections
“People here seek a better life through crime,” a police officer in Alexandra township – a former center of anti-apartheid activism – told RT. As South Africa celebrates 20 years of democracy, corruption and poverty continue to trouble the country.

12.02.2014 10:54

EU, US suspend certain sanctions as Iran halts 20% uranium enrichment
Washington and Brussels have announced suspension of certain sanctions against Iran as it halts its 20 percent enrichment of uranium. This marks the landmark nuclear deal between Tehran and the six world powers coming into force.

20.01.2014 05:00

Iraqi PM urges Al-Qaeda to lay down arms after airstrike kills 25 insurgents
The Al-Qaeda militants, who seized the cities of Fallujah and Ramadi last week, may receive a pardon if they give up those cities without a fight, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Maliki said in a televised address.

08.01.2014 14:37

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