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Paula Slier

'If we don’t, who will?' Kurdish fighters smuggled across border to join Kobani struggle
As the battle for Kobani continues to rage for a second month, Kurdish fighters have conceived a smuggling operation to get themselves into the city illegally from Turkey to confront the Islamic State militants swarming the Syrian border city.

28.10.2014 17:24

Between Kobani &Turkey: How unarmed Kurdish brigade guards restive border
Caught between ISIS-besieged Kobani and unwelcome in Turkey, an unarmed Kurdish brigade guards the Turkey-Syria border. The volunteers’ problems are not only with Islamic State militants – Turkish troops are also resolved to keep the brigade away.

24.10.2014 16:40

Injured Kurds smuggle themselves from Syria to Turkey for medical help
Turkey’s border remains closed for Syrian Kurds battling the Islamic State for Kobani. But if wounded in skirmishes and seeking medical help, Kurdish fighters told RT they are forced to smuggle themselves over the Turkish border to avoid arrest.

22.10.2014 13:45

Homemade APC: Iraqi blacksmith builds armored vehicle to fight ISIS (VIDEO)
A homemade Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) is not something you usually find in a backyard. RT visited an Iraqi blacksmith, who has been working 10 hours a day for 2 months, to help Kurdish fighters stop Islamic State militants.

19.10.2014 07:36

'Won’t even let us kill ourselves': Ordeal of enslaved Yazidi women
Hundreds of women and girls belonging to the Yazidi religious minority have been enslaved by Islamic State militants, who are selling them, forcing them to marry and convert to Islam, ruining not only their lives, but also the lives of their families.

16.10.2014 11:46

On the ISIS front line with RT's correspondents
RT's Paula Slier, Irina Glushko and Murad Gazdiev are on the front line on Syria's borders, witnessing the Peshmerga Kurds fight against Islamic State. We follow the live updates from our correspondents on the scene.

09.10.2014 12:02

1.8 million fleeing ISIS in deadly, life-threatening situation - UN
A total of 1.8 million people are in a “deadly, life-threatening situation” according to a UN report on Iraq. Their lives are in danger daily, while the influx of refugees is putting strain on locals – and schools have been delayed from opening.

09.10.2014 12:47

'We never sleep': RT stays overnight with Kurdish fighters on front line in Iraq
Kurdish forces, known as the Peshmerga fighters, are struggling to repel Islamic State militants from Syrian borders. Spending the night behind the sandbags, RT's Paula Slier witnessed gunfire and jihadists' vehicles moving less than 2 miles away.

08.10.2014 13:13

‘Sisters in arms’: Kurdish women fighters ready ‘to send ISIS to hell’ (VIDEO)
Female Kurdish fighters ignite fear into Islamic State militants, who believe that they’ll go straight to hell if they are killed by a woman. RT travelled to Iraqi-Syrian border to meet the YPG, the female battalion fighting IS.

07.10.2014 16:28

Inside Baharka refugee camp: RT talks to Iraqi survivors of ISIS attacks
Hundreds of families have been separated from one another, forced to leave their loved ones behind and move to refugee camps due to Islamic State attacks. RT visited a camp which is now home to 725 families, and spoke to survivors of the attacks.

05.10.2014 19:12

Bias and death threats on E.Ukraine frontline
RT correspondent Paula Slier was invited to speak at an OSCE conference about her experience while covering the Ukrainian crisis. But during a panel on freedom of journalism she faced strong anti-Russian-bias similar to what she encounters online.

26.09.2014 06:01

Sporadic shelling in E. Ukraine threatens ceasefire, parties trade blame (VIDEO)
Firefighting has been reported near Donetsk airport while shelling is being heard in the city of Mariupol. The city authorities blame rebels for the violence, who say Kiev troops have launched artillery strikes against their positions.

07.09.2014 09:03

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