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White dwarf has Napoleon Complex, destroys passing planet
Perhaps the former planet dared give a white dwarf the raspberry. Perhaps the white dwarf was auditioning for the new Star Wars film by doing its best Death Star impression. Either way, the white dwarf obliterated a whole planet that ventured nearby.

17.04.2015 22:26

‘Go to Mars’ and drop the asteroid mission, NASA advisors say
The NASA Advisory Council is advising the space agency that its Solar Electric Propulsion project will be best demonstrated collecting geological samples from one of Mars’ moons instead of landing on an asteroid.

11.04.2015 00:20

​Interstellar reality? Spider-like droids to build giant space structures
A NASA-funded program called SpiderFab is developing a revolutionary system which aims to use spider-like droids to build large objects in orbit or beyond. The technology may help humanity to build a new home in space.

07.04.2015 05:45

Use of antibiotics in cattle feed leads to airborne antibiotic-resistant bacteria – study
DNA from antibiotic-resistant bacteria is spreading from cattle feedlots across the US through the air, a new study has found. The report indicates that so-called superbugs threatening humans could be traced to the use of antibiotics in cattle feed.

30.03.2015 20:30

Eyes on the road! Rush-hour solar eclipse warnings issued
A rare rush-hour solar eclipse will throw Briton into darkness this week as the moon’s orbit will roam across the face of the sun. Experts have issued warnings about the “serious risks” of staring directly at the spectacle.

16.03.2015 13:48

Dry ice on Mars may help colonize red planet, research says
A new way of generating energy could potentially power human colonies on Mars, a new study claims. This is thanks to nothing more than dry ice, which is abundant on the red planet, according to recent research.

08.03.2015 13:29

Upcoming ‘Supermoon’ eclipse will dazzle Britain, but hit Europe’s power grids hard
This spring should reward plenty of star-gazers, especially in Britain, which will experience its deepest solar eclipse in 15 years, as well as a Supermoon, all at the same time – an event that will sink the island into twilight for two whole hours.

08.03.2015 09:57

Solar eclipse to plunge Britain into darkness
Britain’s most complete solar eclipse in 16 years will block out as much as 90 percent of sunlight across parts of the UK and Europe next month.

25.02.2015 14:11

Physicists manage to slow down light inside vacuum
Scientists have slowed down light inside a vacuum for the first time. By changing the shape of the individual particles in a light beam, they have now proved that light speed in free space is not a constant.

24.01.2015 08:38

Stunning skies of bright greens: Aurora borealis illuminates Russia's north (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
Northern Lights of rare intensity were observed in several regions of Russia's north at the start of the year. Clear frosty air with cloudless skies and no snow storms let both locals and tourists capture the stunning natural light show.

06.01.2015 13:21

Erasing memories and landing on a comet: How science rocked in 2014
2014's accomplishments have uncovered new facts from Earth's early days, as well as opened new horizons - in tiny cells and vast space exploration, affecting the planet's and its inhabitants' future. How did it all go?

21.12.2014 21:23

Plane with hybrid-electric engine takes to skies in test flight (VIDEO)
While for decades aeronautics researchers have been working on ways to make flying safer, they're now also trying to make air travel cleaner. A test flight of a hybrid-electric aircraft has been successfully completed in Britain.

29.12.2014 16:02