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Solar eclipse to plunge Britain into darkness
Britain’s most complete solar eclipse in 16 years will block out as much as 90 percent of sunlight across parts of the UK and Europe next month.

25.02.2015 14:11

Physicists manage to slow down light inside vacuum
Scientists have slowed down light inside a vacuum for the first time. By changing the shape of the individual particles in a light beam, they have now proved that light speed in free space is not a constant.

24.01.2015 08:38

Stunning skies of bright greens: Aurora borealis illuminates Russia's north (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
Northern Lights of rare intensity were observed in several regions of Russia's north at the start of the year. Clear frosty air with cloudless skies and no snow storms let both locals and tourists capture the stunning natural light show.

06.01.2015 13:21

Erasing memories and landing on a comet: How science rocked in 2014
2014's accomplishments have uncovered new facts from Earth's early days, as well as opened new horizons - in tiny cells and vast space exploration, affecting the planet's and its inhabitants' future. How did it all go?

21.12.2014 21:23

Plane with hybrid-electric engine takes to skies in test flight (VIDEO)
While for decades aeronautics researchers have been working on ways to make flying safer, they're now also trying to make air travel cleaner. A test flight of a hybrid-electric aircraft has been successfully completed in Britain.

29.12.2014 16:02

The true colors of Yellowstone’s Thermal Springs unveiled by scientists
Researchers have created a simple mathematical model that reveals the stunning colors of the hot springs at Yellowstone National Park by visually recreating what they looked like years ago before decades of tourists ruined them with rubbish.

21.12.2014 20:34

Fuel from thin air? Graphene breakthrough may lead to green car revolution
​Scientists believe they can use the same material found in pencil lead to revolutionize the green car industry. They discovered that graphene may serve as a fuel cell membrane and even allow the harvesting of hydrogen from air.

27.11.2014 20:15

‘New era for off-world manufacturing’: NASA prints first 3D object in space
In a historic move, the International Space Station’s (ISS) NASA-installed 3D printer has manufactured its first object – a replacement part for itself.

26.11.2014 20:31

2 new subatomic particles found by CERN scientists
CERN’s Large Hadron Collider scientists have discovered two new subatomic particles each made from three quarks bound together by the strong force. They were predicted to exist by the Standard Model of particle physics.

19.11.2014 18:35

'Crazy science': Russians use liquid nitrogen to reinvent #IceBucketChallenge
People around the globe oohed and aahed after freezing themselves with buckets of ice water, but for the sake of 'crazy Russian science' some went further, pouring almost 300 degrees Fahrenheit colder liquid over their heads.

18.11.2014 18:56

556 asteroids size of washing machine hit Earth over past 20 years - NASA report
Asteroids of about a meter and larger in size invade our planet's atmosphere every other week, a study released by NASA shows. According to data gathered over the past 20 years, at least 556 such asteroids collided with Earth over this period.

17.11.2014 18:09

Black hole at Milky Way center may be emitting mysterious neutrinos, NASA says
The massive black hole at the heart of our milky galaxy may be churning out peculiar particles called neutrinos, NASA satellites have revealed. If verified, it would be the first time neutrinos have been traced to the darkest regions of spacetime.

15.11.2014 08:46