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Iran sends warships to monitor Yemen's coast
Two Iranian vessels have arrived in the Gulf of Aden, off the coast of Yemen, where Saudi Arabia is on a bombing campaign against anti-government Houthi rebels.

08.04.2015 13:38

Kremlin rejects copyright defenders’ initiative for ‘internet tax’ - report
Russian Presidential Administration will oppose the motion suggesting to introduce a universal copyright fee levied on all internet users, a Russian business daily reports.

17.02.2015 08:53

​Britain could save over £1bn if it left the EU – report
Britain could save over £1 billion by leaving the European Union, according to a report from the think tank Civitas.

13.02.2015 16:40

​Far-right march to ‘protect families’ from new mosque condemned by anti-fascists
The far-right English Defence League (EDL) are planning to march against the building of a mosque in the English city of Dudley, prompting calls for a counter demonstration by campaigners and anti-fascists.

06.02.2015 16:59

​Royal Navy warship embarks on mission to combat piracy
One of the Royal Navy's most advanced warships embarked on a five-month counter-piracy operation on Friday.

02.01.2015 12:28

​Anonymous hold protest at BBC London HQ
Several dozens of masked "Anonymous" members gathered outside the BBC headquarters in London to slam the broadcaster for its "biased" reporting, and the harboring of alleged pedophile Jimmy Savile.

23.12.2014 16:11

Project Goliath: Sony leaks reveal alleged MPAA plot against Google
Emails found by the Verge in Sony’s hacked data show that the company and other Hollywood execs were planning to attack Google, gathering a $500,000 fund for legal action against the corporation.

13.12.2014 09:28

Google ‘halted anti-piracy co-op’ after MPAA snarked at its anti-torrent crusade
MPAA’s “snarky” press release about Google’s cooperation with the group’s anti-piracy campaign enraged the tech giant and put the whole process on hold, according to leaked emails.

13.12.2014 01:37

Worst corporate hack? Leaked Sony docs reveal Sony salaries, employee details
After falling victim to a devastating cyber-attack last week, the entertainment giant has braved a hack revealing the salaries of 17 of its highest paid executives, the private information of over 6,000 employees, and at least one unreleased script.

03.12.2014 19:57

'Fury', unreleased Sony movies leaked online in suspected N. Korea hack
At least five new films produced by Sony Pictures have leaked online, resulting in around 2 million downloads from file-sharing sites. Sony is investigating allegations that North Korean hackers are responsible for the leaks, according to reports.

01.12.2014 16:48

Arizona deputies shook down Latinos for cash: complaints
Already the target of a Justice Department investigation for racially profiling Latinos at traffic stops, new allegations are surfacing that Arizona’s Maricopa County deputies shook down dozens – maybe hundreds – of Hispanic residents for cash.

27.10.2014 20:11

Iceland court orders Vodafone to block Pirate Bay
Iceland has ordered two of its major internet providers, including Vodafone, to block access to the Pirate Bay torrent website. This is the first copyright-related ban in the country known for its strong opposition to censorship.

17.10.2014 03:09