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​Air Force rushes to repair A-10 after ‘catastrophic’ engine failure in ISIS territory
An A-10 aircraft operated by the United States military suffered from a “catastrophic” engine failure during a routine refueling mission and was diverted to a base in Iraq to be repaired, the Pentagon says.

24.04.2015 14:44

Dutch forensic expert fired for exposing photos of MH17 victims
​A senior Dutch forensic expert involved into the investigation of the MH17 plane crash has been dismissed, with further sanctions against him considered after he showed images of plane crash victims to his students.

24.04.2015 06:18

​US to deliver F-35 jets to Israel to maintain military edge
US Vice President Joe Biden said that Israel will be getting a shipment of the United States’ new F-35 fighter jet so that its military can retain its “qualitative edge” in the Middle East.

24.04.2015 03:27

​Japan raises age limit for commercial pilots to 67 amid drastic shortage
Japan has lifted the age limit for commercial pilots to 67, in response to a drastic shortage of aircraft commanders in Asia. The move will result in Japan having the oldest pilots in the world.

23.04.2015 12:53

FBI warns airlines to lookout for in-flight hackers
Airline crews are being asked to keep their eyes open for suspicious activity after recent reports suggested that hackers might be able to take control of an aircraft by compromising inflight entertainment systems.

22.04.2015 13:49

​Caffeine come-down: Serbian presidential plane plunges due to spilled coffee
The Serbian president’s aircraft, en route to the Vatican, was forced to return to Belgrade because the co-pilot spilled coffee on the instrument panel, it has been revealed.

21.04.2015 15:31

To fight ‘insider threats,’ TSA increases background checks for all airport workers
The Transportation Security Administration is beefing up security measures for all employees at airports around the United States, including airline workers, by increasing pre-flight screenings and mandating bi-annual background checks.

20.04.2015 22:24

Rafale deal: The diplomatic deftness of India’s Modi
India's Rafale deal is not just purchasing fighter jets. It’s also about facing the challenge of national security, and balancing defense relationships as well as bilateral ties. A diplomatic deftness PM Narendra Modi seems to have lived up to.

20.04.2015 15:15

US computer expert ‘grounded’ after playful plane security tweets
When a computer security expert from Denver tweeted some amusing remarks about hacking the onboard systems of his United Airlines flight, he didn’t know FBI agents would be waiting at his destination. Later, he was refused boarding to another flight.

20.04.2015 05:35

Remote control airliners? German air traffic authority seeks emergency systems on commercial flights
In light of the Germanwings flight crash last month, the German aviation authority has urged the industry to create a technology that will allow air traffic controllers to override a pilot’s commands and take over the aircraft in emergency situations.

16.04.2015 01:54

Marine chopper lands at San Diego beach
Beachgoers in a northern suburb of San Diego received a surprise visit by a US Marine helicopter, which made an emergency landing on Wednesday morning.

15.04.2015 20:59

Russian planes evacuate over 300 people from war-torn Yemen
Two Russian planes have evacuated over 300 people, including Russians and foreign citizens from Yemen, as thousands of foreign nationals are struggling to leave the conflict-ridden country.

12.04.2015 15:49