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‘Wow, pulled back wrong side throttle’: Taiwanese pilot accidentally turned off engine
The pilot of TransAsia flight GE235 inadvertently switched off his plane’s only working engine, making a crash inevitable, Taiwan’s Aviation Safety Council confirmed in its latest report. Forty-three people died in the Taipei tragedy in February.

02.07.2015 20:41

Justice Dept. investigating possible price fixing at airlines
Major US airlines are being investigated by the Justice Department for “possible unlawful coordination” in ticket pricing. The probe comes as airlines are benefiting from low jet fuel prices, and more people flying than ever before.

02.07.2015 00:32

Paris-bound Aeromexico plane diverts to Ireland due to fire alert
An Aeromexico Boeing Dreamliner flying from Mexico City to Paris has reportedly declared an emergency due to a fire in the cargo hold, and is being diverted to Shannon Airport in southwest Ireland.

29.06.2015 13:40

Record-breaking Solar Impulse 2 starts riskiest leg of longest ever solo flight
The Solar Impulse 2 solar-powered plane is starting its second bid to fly solo across the Pacific Ocean, and is set to land in Hawaii in about five days. The plane’s pilot has “passed the point of no return,” the mission’s website says.

29.06.2015 08:07

3 dead after small plane crashes into house in Massachusetts (PHOTOS)
A small plane carrying 3 people on board has crashed into a house in Plainville, Massachusetts, setting it on fire and forcing owners flee the blaze, local fire and aviation officials confirmed.

28.06.2015 22:22

Iraqi general killed in Arizona F-16 crash
The F-16 that crashed near the US-Mexican border belonged to the Iraqi air force, and was flown by Brigadier General Rafid Mohammed Hasan, training with the Arizona Air National Guard. There is no word what caused the crash.

26.06.2015 17:45

Britain a magnet for cyber-attacks, intl espionage, says MoD chief
Britain’s military must grapple with “hundreds if not thousands” of attempted cyber-attacks each day and is a magnet for international espionage, a Ministry of Defence (MoD) chief says.

26.06.2015 11:10

Oslo flight grounded in Warsaw over bomb threat
A Ryanair plane was evacuated, with explosives experts called in to conduct a sweep over a bomb threat, which appears to have been a hoax.

June 25, 2015 12:45

Russian air carrier gets tiger stripes, unveils new Boeing livery (VIDEO)
Transaero Airlines is jumping onboard in a bid to save Siberian tigers. The Russian airline has unveiled the ‘Siberian Tiger’ livery on its Boeing 747-400, designed to raise awareness of the endangered animals’ plight at home and abroad.

25.06.2015 06:25

Air National Guard F-16 crashes near Douglas, Arizona, sparks 'massive fire'
An F-16 jet from the Air National Guard has crashed near the town of Douglas, Arizona, the Air Force reported.

25.06.2015 05:50

Radar glitch grounds all New Zealand flights for nearly 2 hours
All commercial flights across New Zealand have been grounded due to a radar fault which affected the country’s entire airspace. It took the national Air Traffic Control agency almost two hours to fix the problem and clear flights for take-off.

23.06.2015 03:43

Pilot crash lands, runs away after deadly mid-air collision (VIDEO)
Two people have died in a mid-air plane collision above northeastern Alberta, Canada. The pilot of one of the aircraft managed to crash land and escapes his plane on foot.

22.06.2015 19:01