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Ferguson braces for grand jury decision
A Ferguson grand jury is set to announce whether it will bring criminal charges against officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed unarmed black teenager Michael Brown. The city is preparing for potentially huge demonstrations in the wake of the decision.

24.11.2014 22:50

Building collapses in Kansas City after stolen SUV slams into it (VIDEO)
A woman led police on a high-speed chase through Kansas City, Missouri that ended when she lost control of a stolen SUV and crashed into a building, causing it to partially collapse on her and the antique vehicles housed inside.

24.11.2014 20:05

Utah police now responsible for more homicides than street gangs
Police officers have been responsible for more homicides in the state of Utah since 2010 than gangs or drug dealers, a new report has revealed.

24.11.2014 15:08

‘Epidemic of police violence in US’: Black person killed every 28 hours
The recent murder of a 12-year-old black boy confirms there’s an epidemic of police violence in the black community in the US where the police seem to function as judge, jury and executioner, Brian Becker, director of the Answer Coalition told RT.

24.11.2014 15:05

Arming for Ferguson post-verdict turmoil, woman fatally shoots self
With tensions rising in Ferguson, a woman accidentally shot herself with a gun she had bought to protect herself in the event of unrest following the upcoming verdict in the case of Michael Brown, the black teen killed by a white officer.

24.11.2014 10:50

#TangoDown: Anonymous close Cleveland City govt website over 12yo shooting death
The Hacktivist collective Anonymous have launched an attack on the official site for the City of Cleveland after 12-year-old Temir Rice was shot dead by local police for carrying a BB gun.

24.11.2014 09:05

​Western New York braces for flooding after record snowstorm (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
After a huge snowstorm struck the state of New York covering it with up to 2 meters of snow it took emergency services several days to clear the mess. Now authorities fear the melting snow could cause major flooding in the area.

24.11.2014 01:17

IP-Spy: UK police to get expanded powers to identify internet users
UK police hoping to track down suspected criminals online are about to get a boost, with Home Secretary Theresa May moving to give law enforcement additional powers to acquire details linked to IP addresses from internet service providers.

23.11.2014 09:05

French police unleash water cannon, tear gas against anti-brutality protesters (VIDEO)
Water cannons and tear gas have been used against protesters in Southern France. Public anger over police brutality is boiling over in France following the death of an environmental activist killed by a police stun grenade last month.

22.11.2014 21:50

12yo boy carrying toy gun shot dead by Cleveland police
A 12-year-old boy, who was shot in the stomach by the police while playing with a toy gun “resembling” a real pistol, has died in a Cleveland hospital.

23.11.2014 00:22

Protesters clash with Bahraini forces, call election ‘farce’ (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Security forces in Bahrain have engaged anti-regime protesters with tear gas as crowds of activists across the nation attempted to block the streets in protest against parliamentary elections which they see as farce and sham.

22.11.2014 22:47

Police pepper sprays protest in Germany as activists storm new EU central bank HQ (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
German police used pepper spray and clashed with anti-EU protesters, who stormed and vandalized the new European Central Bank building, which is under construction now in central Frankfurt.

22.11.2014 19:05