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​Terrorist attack on EU’s HQ averted by Belgian crackdown – reports
Belgian police arrested several people planning a terrorist attack on European Commission Headquarters in Brussels, media reports say. It comes amid fierce efforts by local authorities to crack down on extremism.

21.09.2014 03:42

Mysterious unidentified spying cell towers found across Washington, DC
Washington, DC is littered with surveillance devices designed to trick surrounding mobile phones into logging onto signal-lifting networks, thereby allowing for tracking or call-monitoring purposes.

19.09.2014 14:08

Liberal Democrat MP resigns over sexual harassment claims
Liberal Democrat MP Mike Hancock has resigned from the party, ahead of an internal disciplinary hearing. The disgraced MP had already been suspended for making improper sexual advances towards a vulnerable constituent.

19.09.2014 12:29

Conflicting reports over release of Russian tycoon Yevtushenkov
There are conflicting reports over the release of Russian tycoon Vladimir Yevtushenkov from house arrest. Press secretary of "AFK Sistema" co-owned by him confirmed the release, while Yevtushenkov himself and Russia's Investigative Committee deny it.

19.09.2014 13:39

No peeking!: New Android device encryption tells police to keep out
Technology giant Google has developed a new version of its Android operating system, featuring data encryption that is said to automatically foil investigation by law enforcement.

18.09.2014 23:34

Drone nearly collides with NYPD helicopter, man arrested
A Brooklyn man has been arrested and charged with reckless endangerment for flying his GoPro-equipped drone too close to a New York Police Department helicopter.

18.09.2014 21:54

Louisiana police killed man, misled mother for 6 months over his death
It took a Louisiana mother six months to learn that police had killed her son during a scuffle. She believed he had died due to brain damage from chronic cocaine use. Now the FBI is investigating his death.

19.09.2014 01:12

Baltimore cop sued for millions after police brutality video surfaces
A Baltimore Police officer is facing $5 million dollar brutality lawsuit after a video surfaced showing him repeatedly punching a man.

18.09.2014 03:44

Americans think Chicago is most dangerous US city, even as crime drops
Chicago is the most dangerous of the ten most populous cities in the United States – or so most Americans think, according to a new poll. Yet data shows that the crime rate in the Windy City has actually plummeted over the past three years.

18.09.2014 01:10

Police release footage of sovereign citizen’s assault on Georgia courthouse (VIDEOS)
Officials have released surveillance camera footage an incident from Georgia last year that ended with a self-described ‘sovereign citizen’ dying in a gun battle with the police.

17.09.2014 20:38

Mike Brown jury gets extension, charges for Ferguson officer may be delayed until January
A St. Louis judge has granted an extension to the grand jury that has been tasked with deciding whether to charge a Ferguson police officer in the fatal shooting of teenager Michael Brown. The jury now has until January 7 to decide on an indictment.

17.09.2014 01:12

Real-life ‘Breaking Bad’: Chemistry teacher brings date-rape drug recipes to school
A Houston-area chemistry teacher had recipes for date-rape drugs in her possession when she was arrested at school Friday. Police have found a cache of drugs and a loaded shotgun in her home.

16.09.2014 19:21

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