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‘Enshrine right to videotape police into law’ - MP
A leftist lawmaker has prepared an amendment reiterating the right of citizens and organizations to record police officers’ actions on video, in order to introduce more openness and transparency.

21.04.2014 09:37

4:20pm sharp: Thousands rally across Canada to legalize cannabis
Thousands of people have flooded the streets of Canadian cities in a protest calling for the legalization of marijuana. The rally has been inspired by government promises as well as the easing of cannabis policy in Uruguay and some US states.

21.04.2014 04:48

Britons’ privacy at ‘real risk’ from weakly-regulated street cams – watchdog
Britain’s ‘surveillance society’ increasingly functions in ways the public is unaware of. An abundance of CCTV – and roadside – cameras misleads the public as to the true nature and scope of government snooping, the surveillance watchdog says.

20.04.2014 11:57

Captain of S. Korean ferry arrested - report
The captain of the South Korean ferry that capsized on Wednesday has been arrested, Yonhap news agency reported. Rescuers continue to search for survivors, as 268 passengers remain unaccounted for.

18.04.2014 20:35

Hawaii police stripped of legal right to have sex with prostitutes
Hawaii legislators in both chambers agreed that police should no longer have legal permission to have sex with prostitutes in the course of their duties.

18.04.2014 12:07

IRS awarded contract to surveillance company that tracks license plates
A California-based surveillance vendor that sells access to license plate databases and the devices that indiscriminately collect that information has been reportedly cashing checks from the Internal Revenue Service and other federal offices.

18.04.2014 14:25

Teacher of school children lost in S. Korean ferry disaster commits suicide
The vice principal charged with the care of hundreds of high school children on the disastrous, South Korean ferry trip has committed suicide. Rescuers continue to search for survivors as hope dwindles for the 268 passengers who remain unaccounted for.

18.04.2014 11:04

Fake Twitter account of US mayor sparks police raid
A fake Twitter feed made to look like it belonged to Peoria’s mayor prompted a police raid. The account was flagged up by police for tweeting about sex, drugs and the exploits of ex-Toronto mayor Rob Ford who admitted to smoking crack last year.

18.04.2014 08:04

​Suspect arrested in Kansas City highway shooting spree
An arrest has been made in association with a series of seemingly random shootings in Kansas City, Missouri that have occurred on highways in the area.

17.04.2014 23:32

Civilians say they can’t ‘continue to pretend’ they have power over Albuquerque police
Half of the commission that conducts oversight of the Albuquerque, New Mexico Police Department has resigned in protest follow a scathing report from the United States Department of Justice.

17.04.2014 19:18

Russian journalist detained, questioned for 15 hours by Ukraine law enforcement
A journalist for Russia’s LifeNews has been released after being detained and questioned for 15 hours by Ukraine law enforcement. Police allegedly “kicked” the reporter and “other peaceful civilians” during an armed confrontation in Mariupol on Wednesday.

17.04.2014 18:34

Clashes during mass eviction in crisis-hit Rome
Riot police clashed with 350 squatter families as security forces evicted people from abandoned offices in Rome. This is the latest incident in the rising tide of violence over the mounting economic crisis.

17.04.2014 07:52

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