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'Jihadi John' known to MI5 since 2008, but they let him escape – report
Mohammed Enwazi, the Islamic State terrorist known as “Jihadi John,” was identified by British intelligence but allowed to escape to Syria. It was also revealed that he had links to the failed 21/7 attacks in London, the Observer reports.

01.03.2015 10:33

Gitmo2Chicago: Activists demand probe of ‘secret interrogation facility’ (PHOTOS)
Activists in Chicago are demanding a thorough investigation into Homan Square, a local detention facility which is being compared to a CIA black site. Several dozen protested on Saturday after police denied the accusations.

01.03.2015 02:52

Opposition politician Nemtsov’s murder caught on CCTV camera (VIDEO)
The murder of Boris Nemtsov that took place on a bridge in central Moscow overnight on Friday was caught on an all-weather camera belonging to TVC television. The low-resolution video hints that the killer may have been waiting for Nemtsov at the bridge.

28.02.2015 20:58

Pegida UK falls flat: Newcastle counter-demo outnumbers anti-Islamists by 5-to-1
Fewer than 300 people turned up in Newcastle for the first-ever rally of anti-Islamist group Pegida in the UK, while at least 1,500 gathered to protest the demo, just hundreds of yards away.

28.02.2015 15:23

Opposition politician Boris Nemtsov killed in the center of Moscow
Famous Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov has been shot dead in the center of Moscow. The shots came from a vehicle. Reportedly, Nemtsov had previously received death threats on social media sites.

27.02.2015 21:43

Cracked cantaloupe shows bulletproof baseball cap will save your melon
Body armor is heavy, unwieldy and impractical for everyday use. And bulletproof vests, which can be worn under clothing, don’t protect the head from a kill shot. One company aims to solve those issues with an impenetrable, yet inconspicuous baseball cap.

27.02.2015 18:22

3 women risk torture in secret UAE detention over ‘I miss my brother’ tweet – Amnesty
Three women questioned and detained by UAE police in February are “at risk of torture or other ill-treatment,” Amnesty International says. The sisters tweeted in support of their brother, a prisoner of conscience.

27.02.2015 15:55

​Police back down on ‘pay-to-protest’ demand, but right to assembly still at risk – activists
UK authorities who insisted activists spend thousands of pounds on a private security firm to steward a peaceful climate change march in London have backed down following intense pressure. Campaigners insist they will not “pay to protest.”

27.02.2015 16:04

​‘I could be arrested any moment’ – Bahraini opposition activist Nabeel Rajab to RT
Nabeel Rajab says he fears arrest after receiving a new summons from the police. In an interview with RT, the prominent activist reveals his concerns about the opposition may be silenced in the Gulf Kingdom.

27.02.2015 16:13

MI6 complicity? Lee Rigby killer’s torture claims investigated, says Cameron
A new inquiry will be conducted into claims that MI6 were complicit in the alleged torture of Michael Adebolajo, one of the two men later convicted of murdering British soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich in May 2013.

27.02.2015 09:52

Social media deception: Venezuela exposes “La Salida” conspiracy
From February to June 2014, Venezuela experienced a period of violence and terrorism by individuals whose stated goal was to force “La Salida,” (the Exit) of the elected government.

27.02.2015 08:28

Seattle police putting officer camera footage on YouTube
Police in Seattle have launched a YouTube channel to share officer body camera footage with the public, while using software written by local developers to blur and redact the videos in a bid to protect privacy.

27.02.2015 00:19