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‘This is apartheid!’ Israeli minister blasts bus segregation for Palestinians
Requests for separate buses for Palestinians in Israel are “unacceptable” and resemble “apartheid,” the country’s Justice Minister said, adding that this kind of discrimination is banned by Israeli law.

01.11.2014 04:17

Mother whose son ‘baked to death’ in prison is awarded $2.25 mn
The mother of a former Marine with mental health problems who died in over 100-degree heat at Rikers Island will receive $2.25 million from New York City. The family originally planned to sue for $25 million.

01.11.2014 00:26

Albuquerque police face sweeping reforms after excessive force allegations
The beleaguered Albuquerque Police Department in New Mexico has reached a deal with the Department of Justice to overhaul many of its practices. The reforms come amid protests fueled by the department fatally shooting nearly 30 people in four years.

31.10.2014 22:26

Facebook will ‘share’ Americans’ political views with Buzzfeed, ABC News
The world’s largest social network has closed a deal to provide aggregated data about Americans’ political views to website Buzzfeed and ABC News, for their coverage of all US elections up to and including the presidential vote in 2016

31.10.2014 20:23

Kerry calls Netanyahu to apologize for official's ‘chickenshit’ comment
US Secretary of State John Kerry phoned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday to apologize for the remarks of an anonymous senior government official who called the PM "chickeshit."

31.10.2014 20:16

Everything you need to know on Burkina Faso crisis: Timeline, basic facts
Burkina Faso’s president of 27 years, Blaise Compaoré, has resigned after nearly five days of unrest on the streets of the capital. So what is going on? Is it the African Spring? RT collects basic facts on the crisis in the West African country.

31.10.2014 12:18

Don’t watch RT!
As RT UK launches, attacks on the channel in the British media have stepped up…

31.10.2014 17:47

Cameron’s vow to tackle tax avoidance ‘disingenuous and hypocritical’
Multinational firms which exploit loopholes to avoid paying tax in the UK will be pushed to “damn well pay,” David Cameron said on Thursday. The PM’s statement was denounced as disingenuous by global tax expert and UK economist Richard Murphy.

31.10.2014 16:43

‘US’s real concern – Russia switching from commodity export to industrial development policy’
The US fears that Russia might depart from its trajectory of being a major commodity export economy two one that launches a national industrial development policy, Jeffrey Sommers from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee told RT’s In the Now show.

31.10.2014 15:08

Pro-democracy protests in HK: But what is democracy for them?
Hong Kong protesters - mainly students who lack ideology and political awareness - are playing to the hands of the West, which has lately been demonizing all governments resisting its quest for global dominance.

31.10.2014 15:00

Tony Blair: Ending immigration would be ‘disastrous’ for Britain
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has said the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) has a “rather nasty core of prejudice” and warned that ending immigration would be a “disaster” for the country.

31.10.2014 14:57

Soft cell: 40% of Brits don’t make calls on smartphones – report
More people than ever own smartphones, but nearly half say they rarely use the handheld gadget to make phone calls, a new study suggests.

31.10.2014 14:39

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