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Chance to bridge European divide missed at Eastern Partnership summit – Moscow
Some European countries have once again failed to mend the deepening split on the continent, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said, commenting on the Riga summit results. Instead, a furthering of east-west divisions prevailed, Moscow believes.

22.05.2015 20:15

Western media bashing of Putin’s circle boomerangs – pres admin head to RT
Recent accusations of corruption flung by Western media at those close to Vladimir Putin are desperate attempts to get at the Russian President, the head of the presidential administration Sergey Ivanov told RT.

22.05.2015 19:02

‘Short-changed’: Families struggle to afford food, clothing after child benefits slashed – report
Families across the UK are being forced to cut spending on essential items such as food, clothing and heating as a result of government cuts to child benefits, a new report has found.

22.05.2015 14:29

‘Republicans spent too much money’ - Jeb Bush’s harshest criticism yet of his brother
Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush has been careful not to criticize his father and brother, the previous two Republican presidents. Yet Bush offered this week a mild critique of his brother’s fiscal policy as comparisons to his family will likely increase.

22.05.2015 16:31

Social liberalism matches social conservatism among Americans – survey
As many Americans identify as liberal on social ideology as they do conservative for the first time since Gallup began polling for the question in 1999. Since then, social conservatives have lost an 18-point advantage.

22.05.2015 14:39

‘We are Many’: anti-Iraq War documentary showered with plaudits
A new documentary by a British filmmaker recounting the day millions of people marched against the 2003 Iraq War has been praised by critics for depicting the widespread opposition to the US-led invasion.

22.05.2015 12:59

‘Dictator is coming!’ Hungarian PM heckled by European Commission chief (VIDEO)
The head of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, seems to have invented a new way to address a European leader, using the word "dictator” to the Hungarian prime minister during arrivals at the Friday EU summit in Riga.

22.05.2015 13:49

​PFI scandal: NHS trust with 43-yr contract providing poor care – health regulator
Healthcare provision at the largest National Health Service (NHS) trust in England is “inadequate” across all areas, including safety, staff training and leadership, an independent health regulator warns.

22.05.2015 08:27

The Fuller Picture – The invisible war: Civil disobedience and the internet
As the US Senate debates the Patriot Act this week, we are at a crossroads for civil liberties and protest freedoms around the world.

22.05.2015 11:59

Kiev’s limitations on human rights in Donbass ‘not a carte blanche’
Ukraine’s derogation from certain human rights obligations in east Ukraine does not give it carte blanche; all restrictions must be proportionate or necessary, and monitored by international bodies, Rachel Denber of Human Rights Watch, told RT.

22.05.2015 09:58

Russia ready for dialogue, despite Western media attacks – Putin’s spokesman
Vladimir Putin’s spokesman has described attacks by US and UK media on Russia and its president as “loosely made up lies,” but said that Moscow was prepared to work with the West despite this “pinching and nibbling.”

22.05.2015 12:30

How Europe changed its tune- 60 years of Eurovision
On Saturday night in the Wiener Stadthalle in Vienna the grand final of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest takes place. Twenty-seven countries, not all of European, will compete for the prize, won last year by the Austrian ‘bearded lady’ Conchita Wurst.

22.05.2015 10:22