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Venezuelan president resolved to return oil to $100 a barrel
Venezuela is determined to fight for a return to a ‘fair’ $100 oil price, President Nicolas Maduro announced following OPEC’s decision to keep current output levels.

28.11.2014 05:34

OPEC decision will keep oil prices low & hit Russia, Iran, US – experts
Russian officials and experts warned that oil prices will remain below $80 per barrel for some time, after OPEC’s decision not to cut output. It will hurt the economies of Russia, Iran, and Venezuela – and deal a blow to shale oil production in the US.

28.11.2014 00:50

‘Big hint at OPEC- Saudi oil minister says prices will stabilize’
The fact the Saudi oil minister thinks oil prices will stabilize themselves shows that Saudi Arabia is not willing to intervene alongside the rest of the OPEC members to cut production, Jasper Lawler, analyst at CMC Markets, told RT.

27.11.2014 12:22

​Higher oil prices could drag OPEC’s ‘best customers’ into recession, expert warns
If OPEC members decide to boost oil prices by cutting production, this may severely hit some of the cartel’s key customers in China and other Asian countries, Ed Hirs, Managing Director of Hillhouse Resources an oil investment firm told RT.

27.11.2014 08:09

Oil industry battle: ‘New fracking technologies VS traditional extraction methods’
OPEC is not a monolithic organization and it fails to agree on common policy, so it’s unlikely that the upcoming Vienna meeting will become a deciding factor on oil prices, Adrian Salbuchi, International consultant, told RT.

26.11.2014 08:11

Saudi Arabia to keep politics out of OPEC, will let market stabilize price
Saudi Arabia’s oil minister said he believes the oil market will stabilize itself and raised the question why OPEC is expected to play a unilateral role in the global energy market, and not the US.

26.11.2014 15:44

Russia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Venezuela decide not to cut oil production
Delegations from Russia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Venezuela have met for the first time in such a format for talks in Vienna to discuss rapidly dropping oil prices. The group agreed to monitor prices for a year

25.11.2014 16:11

​Russia loses $140bn with sanctions and falling oil prices – Finance Minister
Russia is losing around $40 billion a year due to Western sanctions, but they are not as critical to the economy as lower oil prices, which add $90-100 billion in losses, says Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.

24.11.2014 09:12

​Market manipulation of oil prices backfires on those that start it - Putin
The modern world is interdependent and there is no guarantee that sanctions, a sharp fall in oil prices, or the depreciation of the ruble won’t backfire on those who provoked them, says Russian President Vladimir Putin.

24.11.2014 08:04

‘OPEC can easily decide to do nothing about oil prices’
There are three possible outcomes to the OPEC meeting: either they leave the situation as it is, or stick to a 30 million barrel per day ceiling, or cut oil production, Stuart Elliott, Senior Managing Editor of Europe & Africa Oil News, told RT.

20.11.2014 13:10

​Economic contraction, oil price fall won’t be as severe as 2008-2009 – Finance Minister
The current economic situation in Russia can’t be compared to the time before the global economic crisis in 2008, when Russia’s GDP contracted 7.8 percent, says Russia’s Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.

19.11.2014 12:58

‘Dirty, rotten, stinking hovel run by Muppets’: Couple fined £100 over ‘bad’ hotel review
After an unsatisfactory stay at a hotel, a British couple took to the internet to vent their frustrations. Result: in addition to the £36 they paid for the room, they were also slapped with a £100 for violating the inn’s policy on leaving a ‘bad review’.

19.11.2014 08:58