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​‘Mideast unrest causes oil spike, but it’s only temporary’
The risk of political instability in Saudi Arabia always goes along with a spike in the oil price as it has been the largest producer of crude oil in the world, Amir Handjani, lead director at RAK Petroleum, told RT.

27.03.2015 14:07

‘Ruble unstable for artificial reasons’
The US has created a belief that money would leave Russia, but money doesn’t flow out of countries that have extremely low debt and strong export earnings, Paul Craig Roberts, former US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, told RT.

23.03.2015 11:01

‘New gold fix may invite more players into market’
Following the replacement of the archaic practice of gold fixing with a more transparent system, skeptics who were put off entering the gold market are now changing their minds, John Butler, CIO at Amphora Capital told RT.

20.03.2015 14:57

‘ECB injects billions into doomed to failure eurozone’
Instead of investing money into the real economy and helping those suffering in Southern Europe, the ECB is pouring money into financial markets to be used for further speculation, Ernst Wolff, economic journalist and author, told RT.

18.03.2015 11:56

The Middle East oil/nuclear puzzle
US Secretary of State John Kerry may be starting to enjoy the brinkmanship, as he says it’s “unclear” whether the US and Iran would reach a political framework nuclear deal before the end of this month.

17.03.2015 14:45

‘Economic issues- paramount importance for Israeli voters’
Neither Iranian, nor the Palestinian issues are foremost for Israeli voters, Owen Alterman, Israel-US relations expert told RT. Whoever the next Prime Minister is the cost of the living or housing prices will remain the most important problems, he added.

17.03.2015 09:55

IEA sees oil demand growing in 2015
Global demand for crude oil will grow by 1 million barrels per day in 2015, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has said, adding that the prospects for a recovery in the oil price remain uncertain.

13.03.2015 11:58

‘OPEC story is not over’
Despite OPEC losing its influence, which might not be recoverable, people are still highly dependent on traditional fossil fuel which means the organization will still be important in the future, economist Max Fraad Wolff told RT.

12.03.2015 10:40

​OPEC will keep oil production unchanged at June meeting – Kuwait
The OPEC cartel is expected to keep production at 30 million barrels a day at its next meeting on June 5, as global supply and demand remain unchanged, said Kuwait’s OPEC governor Nawal Al-Fuzaia.

11.03.2015 07:24

​Green power: UK hits 12-year low in attracting renewable investment
Britain’s appeal to green energy investors has fallen to its lowest level in 12 years because of the government’s “lack of clarity” over its renewable energy policy. That’s according to a new index, in which the UK has slipped down to eighth place.

02.03.2015 09:27

Crude price shock sends Canadian oil service companies into whirlwind
The crude oil price collapse has forced some Canadian oil service companies to cut their workforces, budgets, and salaries, as their energy-producing customers have been struggling with their own budget cuts and market uncertainty.

27.02.2015 01:59

Forget all our other troubles – the Russians are coming!
The gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow. Train and bus fares continue to rise. Twice as many people are living in poverty than 30 years ago. And our National Health Service is being privatized before our very eyes.

24.02.2015 12:41