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Apple deflects criticism, stuns with Q2 results
Technology giant Apple reported an impressive $10.2 billion net profit in the second fiscal quarter of 2014, defying skepticism the company would struggle in the absence of new products. BRICS sales led the growth.

24.04.2014 07:15

‘Giving out pies in Maidan not enough’: Putin urges West to really help Ukraine
Europe should switch from promises to real action to help Ukraine out of the economic chaos, says Russia’s President Putin.

11.04.2014 15:20

Russia can’t support Ukrainian economy forever - Putin
Russia can’t continue to prop up Ukraine’s faltering economy, and this responsibility should fall on the US and EU, which have recognized the authorities in Kiev but not yet given one dollar to support the economy, President Putin has said.

09.04.2014 08:14

Ex- SAC Capital manager found guilty in largest US insider trading case
Mathew Martoma, a former SAC Capital hedge fund manager, has been found guilty of insider trading by a federal jury. He bought early information about drugs tests which helped his firm avoid $275 million in losses, and netted Martoma a $9 million bonus.

07.02.2014 07:09

Chinese discount: Uralkali drops potash prices by 24%
The world’s largest producer of potash fertilizer, a farming essential, will lower prices for some Chinese customers to $305 per metric ton. Uralkali says it signals a recovery in the market hit by last year's split of the world’s biggest potash cartel.

21.01.2014 09:43

Rich Chinese cool it on luxury as Beijing battles lavish lifestyles
Luxury spending by wealthy Chinese is down 15 percent on last year, while spending on gift-giving is in a dramatic 25 percent decline, as Beijing’s anti-corruption campaign raises fears over exchanging expensive gifts, says a 2014 Hurun Report.

16.01.2014 15:46

​Apple to pay $32.5 mln for out-of-parent-control purchases
Apple has agreed to provide $32.5 million in compensation to clients whose children made in–application purchases without parental consent. The tech giant is now reconsidering its billing practices.

16.01.2014 07:28

UK worsens global hunger crisis by 'blocking reforms on food speculation'
The UK is being accused of attempts to block EU reform to prevent food speculation. It took EU negotiators three years to agree on a regulation against speculation by banks and hedge funds which drives up food prices, aggravating the global hunger crisis.

16.01.2014 06:19

Iran’s energy mover: WTI and Brent drop on nuclear 'thaw'
The prospect that sanctions will be lifted on Iranian oil have sent Brent crude to $107 and WTI below $92 per barrel. If Tehran can continue to convince the US and Europe it isn’t building a nuclear bomb, prices could fall further.

13.01.2014 08:04

Boxing Day to begin on Christmas as online sales kick off early
Almost one-third of people in the UK said they would begin shopping online on Christmas Day, sparking an early start to Britain's annual Boxing Day spending spree, according to Barclaycard research.

25.12.2013 12:57

Russia files first WTO dispute over EU energy policy
Moscow has filed its first case with the World Trade Organization against the European Union, saying it was unfairly charging Russian companies hundreds of millions of dollars for allegedly reducing energy prices in global markets.

23.12.2013 13:22

Bitcoin bubbles but will it burst?
After more than quadrupling in one month, many question whether bubble trouble is looming for bitcoin.

29.11.2013 07:59

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