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'Bad Saudi Arabian human rights record may change if Iran increases influence'
With instability following the death of King Abdullah, Iran may take a lead in the relationship with Saudi Arabia which could put pressure on Riyadh to improve the internal situation in the Gulf state, Gerald Horne, author and historian, told RT.

23.01.2015 10:42

Saudi Arabia foreign policy: ‘Enacted not by Abdullah, but by oligarch consensus’
Wahhabi extremism is a direct outcome of the foreign policy that the oligarch consensus in Saudi Arabia has pursued for decades, thus there won’t be any substantive policy changes, geopolitical analyst Eric Draitser, told RT.

23.01.2015 09:38

​Oil price drop is ‘economic warfare against US enemies’
The current oil price decline can be explained by heavy selling in US future markets which is part of an all-out economic war between the US and countries like Russia, Iran and Venezuela, says financial journalist, Willem Middelkoop.

21.01.2015 14:39

​'Davos people – source of economic problems, not a solution'
The Davos meeting is not looking for world crisis solutions but plotting more controls, ‘banksterism’ and power elite benefits, says economic journalist Lew Rockwell. They are going to tax and rip off their own people to even greater extent, he added.

20.01.2015 11:11

‘OPEC split into two camps’
OPEC countries have so far failed to reach an agreement on cutting oil production and currently the group is divided into two camps: those in favor of reducing production and those who want to keep things as they are oil expert Rami Eljundi told RT.

16.01.2015 09:40

What game is the House of Saud playing?
The House of Saud now finds itself in times of extreme trouble. Their risky oil price war may eventually backfire. The succession of King Abdullah may turn into a bloodbath. And the American protector may be musing a change of heart.

16.01.2015 10:08

‘Global War I: Geopolitical battle where oil is key’
The oil price crash is the first battle of Global War I between the geopolitical interests of the West versus Russia and its allies, says international consultant Adrian Salbuchi. In the future we might see the same happening over water or food, he adds.

15.01.2015 04:50

​Russian politicians and bankers think oil will reach $60-$80 in 2015
An average oil price in 2015 will probably be in the range of $60 to $80 a barrel, say leading Russian politicians and bankers talking at the Gaidar Economic Forum in Moscow.

14.01.2015 09:35

​‘If OPEC members keep defending their share, all of them will lose’
The oil price will continue to decline and all OPEC countries will lose, unless they stop defending their individual shares in the global market and agree on cutting production, World Bank oil and energy consultant Mamdouh Salameh told RT.

14.01.2015 04:47

‘Placing EU in euro currency straitjacket made life impossible’
Austerity measures in Greece don’t work anymore, as the single currency put all EU countries in a straitjacket, and Greek olive oil is priced in relation to the prices of an export powerhouse, Patrick Young, expert in global financial markets, told RT.

13.01.2015 12:38

Oil plummet: Crude dives below $45 for first time since 2009
Brent crude and WTI have continued their headlong plunge in early trading Tuesday, hitting record six-year lows.

13.01.2015 07:37

​Major oil traders book tankers for stockpiling crude at sea – report
A continuous fall in global oil prices has prompted major oil traders to start hiring supertankers as they can benefit from stockpiling crude oil at sea.

09.01.2015 12:06