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Prime Time Russia

Up in smoke: Russian government approves harsh anti-tobacco ban for 2015
Russian smokers have two years to quit as the country`s government approves a harsh anti-smoking law for 2015. If passed the legislation would prohibit smoking in any public place including restaurants and cafes.

18.10.2012 20:09

Foreign cars to be hit by new vehicle disposal tax
Forced by accession to the WTO to cut the import tariffs on foreign cars, Russia is striking back in an attempt to protect its domestic auto industry by slapping buyers and manufacturers with more fees.

02.10.2012 17:56

Medvedev on Moscow 'wedding shooting': 'US cops would have opened fire'
Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, commenting on a shooting incident during a wedding party in the Russian capital, said firing gunshots in a fit of joy - whether in Moscow, Makhachkala, or New York - is unacceptable everywhere in the world.

02.10.2012 15:48

Internet providers given month to block sites inappropriate for kids
The Russian Internet enters a new era on November 1 - when a law restricting online content comes into force.

01.10.2012 17:22

Couple in Germany charged with spying on NATO for Russia
It seems the Cold War never ended. In yet another spy revelation like others embroiling Russia in recent years a man and a woman have been charged with espionage. This time they were discovered in Germany.

28.09.2012 18:56

New Year's holidays to stay long and public days off in May doubled
The Ministry of Labour and Social Security has announced there’ll be nine public holidays in May.

28.09.2012 17:42

Yandex launches online traffic jam forecasts
Yandex can now predict future and hopes its users will like the new function.

28.09.2012 17:42

FSB to track bus, rail and air travellers' movements inside Russia
The Transport and Interior ministries are joining forces to increase security in Russia.

27.09.2012 20:23

Supreme Court rules citizens cannot use force against cops breaking law
Russia's Supreme Court has ruled that no one has the right to use force against the police – even if the officers are abusing citizens or breaking the law themselves.

27.09.2012 20:23

Odessa Zoo adopts wallaby found wandering city streets
Ukraine is down south, hardly Down Under… but that didn’t stop a wallaby turning up in Odessa!

27.09.2012 17:48

Head of leading Russian social network deletes ‘Innocence of Muslims’ over ‘low quality’
The founder and head of the popular Russian social network Vkontakte has deleted the infamous film ’Innocence of Muslims’ from his company’s servers, saying the film was cheaply and poorly made.

27.09.2012 13:31

State Duma speaker to shun PACE session over ‘Russophobic attitude’
Sergey Naryshkin says he doubts the members of the forthcoming PACE session intend to listen to Russia’s suggestions and therefore he had decided not to go to Strasbourg.

27.09.2012 09:19