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EDL calls for ‘going mental’ at Sheffield rally ‘against child sex abuse’
The far-right English Defense League held a protest in Sheffield against the city becoming a “pedophile’s paradise,” claiming that “racial and religious sensitivities” hamper police.

04.07.2015 20:55

‘OXI!’: Greek solidarity protesters interrupt Merkel’s speech (VIDEO)
A speech by German Chancellor Angela Merkel was interrupted by a group anti-austerity protestors, who chanted ‘No’ in Greek in support of a negative vote in Greece’s Sunday’s referendum on whether to accept the harsh bailout demands of its creditors.

04.07.2015 19:03

Pro-Greece rallies STORYMAP: How the world is expressing solidarity with anti-austerity campaign
The worldwide protests expressing solidarity with the Greek people ahead of Sunday’s referendum on a cash-for-reform deal with its Troika of creditors, have all been gathered in Ruptly’s interactive map.

04.07.2015 12:15

‘Never Again’: Counter-rally outnumbers neo-Nazi protest in London (PHOTOS)
Neo-Nazi supporters who took to the streets of central London for a rally against the so-called “Jewification” of the UK have been largely outnumbered by counter-demonstrators and police.

04.07.2015 13:07

Varoufakis accuses Greece’s creditors of ‘terrorism’ ahead of crucial referendum
Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has described the actions of Athens’ creditors as “terrorism,” but said agreement with them was inevitable in an interview published hours before a landmark referendum to accept or reject the bailout terms.

04.07.2015 11:29

From ‘historic vote’ for Greece's Syriza to #Greferendum: INTERACTIVE TIMELINE
Greece has come a long way since Alexis Tsipras’s Syriza won election on an anti-austerity platform. From the victory in January to rallies in support of a “No” vote in Sunday’s referendum, Ruptly’s interactive timeline covers the rollercoaster ride.

04.07.2015 11:50

Far-right stage huge march in Kiev, call for military action in E. Ukraine
Ultranationalist Right Sector activists and other Ukrainian radicals rallied in the center of Kiev on Friday. They called for a renewed military offensive to retake rebellious regions in the country’s East and the revocation of the Minsk Agreements.

03.07.2015 20:03

‘No more looting’: Thousands rally across EU to express solidarity with Greece
Thousands of people have flooded the streets of EU cities in mass demonstrations expressing solidarity with Greece ahead of this weekend’s referendum on a cash-for-reform deal with its Troika of creditors.

03.07.2015 18:43

UberPOP services suspended in France after violent protests, arrest of managers
Uber has decided to suspend its controversial low-cost uberPOP taxi service in France, citing “intimidation and assaults” against its drivers. The announcement comes following violent protests against the controversial application.

03.07.2015 12:22

Over 200 detained in Hague protests against police brutality
More than 200 people were detained overnight for breaking a curfew on public gatherings after protests against police brutality continued for a fourth night in The Hague, police said on Friday.

03.07.2015 13:57

Greek solidarity protests across Europe ahead of referendum
Thousands of protesters in European cities are rallying in solidarity with Greece ahead of the weekend referendum on a cash-for-reform deal with creditors.

03.07.2015 08:52

Baltimore to install recording cameras in all police vans after Freddie Gray death
In the wake of protests over Freddie Gray, whose death from injuries sustained in police custody in April provoked unrest in several US cities, Baltimore has pledged to install cameras in police vans for a “more complete record of what occurs there.”

02.07.2015 10:59