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Scuffles, arrests as pro-Ferguson NYC activists disrupt Thanksgiving parade (VIDEO)
A group of activists has taken action against the Ferguson grand jury verdict in New York by disrupting an annual Thanksgiving parade in a planned #stoptheparade flash mob. At least seven people have been arrested, police say.

27.11.2014 18:52

Children in care numbers surge, sex abuse scandals blamed
The number of at-risk children in the UK care system has surged by 14 percent since 2008, the government’s spending watchdog has found, making it the highest number in 25 years.

27.11.2014 16:40

#Euromaidan 1st birthday: Nothing happens, twice
"Ever Tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail Again. Fail Better" - Samuel Beckett, Worstward Ho. No writer ever quantified failure as well as Samuel Beckett.

27.11.2014 16:46

French black justice minister under fire after slamming Ferguson police brutality
The French justice minister has been critical of US police violence after the Ferguson decision. She tweeted Bob Marley’s lyric “Kill them before they grow” referring to teenagers shot down by law enforcers.

27.11.2014 14:44

‘Racist legislation’: British Muslims hit out at new anti-terror laws
British Muslims have lashed out at the government’s new anti-terrorism policies, as the chief reviewer of the proposals suggested there was no way of implementing them in practice.

27.11.2014 13:27

​Petition to revoke Tony Blair’s Save the Children award hits 100,000+
A petition calling for former Prime Minister Tony Blair to have his Save the Children Global Legacy Award revoked has reached more than 100,000 signatures.

27.11.2014 12:06

UKIP mistakes famous cathedral for mosque
A UKIP branch has been left red-faced on social media after it mistook Westminster Catholic Cathedral – one of London’s most iconic buildings – for a mosque.

27.11.2014 10:38

400 Ferguson protesters arrested across US, unrest persists
At least 400 protesters have been arrested over the past three days across the US, as they rallied against the grand jury decision on the shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, and police violence in general.

27.11.2014 10:49

‘Black lives matter’: Clashes as thousands of Londoners protest police racism (VIDEO)
Thousands of people have taken to the streets of central London in a solidarity march, following a grand jury’s decision in the US city of Ferguson. Unarmed black teen Mike Brown was shot dead in August by a police officer, who was cleared of wrongdoing.

27.11.2014 06:21

2 journalists attacked in Ferguson riots, police refuse to help
Two journalists from a Russian news agency were attacked by a group of youths during unrest in Ferguson. Police then refused to help them get to their car. After later discovering their vehicle had been burnt, they struggled to file a police report.

26.11.2014 23:11

​Pepper spray, arrests as Ferguson protesters storm St. Louis City Hall (VIDEO)
A crowd of protesters stormed St. Louis City Hall on Wednesday, forcing the building into lockdown and adding to rising tensions in the wake of the Ferguson grand jury decision. Three people were arrested and pepper spray was deployed.

27.11.2014 02:27

Nationalist frenzy takes over pop star’s concert in Kiev (VIDEO)
A crowd of 100 nationalist youths attacked a music venue in Kiev ahead of a performance by popular Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak. The mask-wearing attackers threw rocks and eggs, and used tear gas against concertgoers. A Russian journalist was also attacked.

26.11.2014 23:07