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Settlement rush: Record Israel construction tenders in occupied territories
Israel was accelerating construction of the new settlements on the occupied Palestinian territories throughout 2014, setting a 10-year record for the number of construction tenders issued. The overall increase in construction starts reached 40 percent.

24.02.2015 05:55

37yrs solitary for using Facebook: S. Carolina inmates face harsh penalties for social media
For South Carolina prison inmates, posting on Facebook is regarded as a severe crime on par with murder, according to a new report. Social media activity in the state’s prisons is punishable by solitary confinement and other draconian penalties.

13.02.2015 18:21

Thousands of British teen girls ‘coerced’ into sex, worst in Europe – report
Thousands of teenage girls in England and Wales are being coerced into sex, with around four in 10 saying they had experienced sexual abuse from teenage boys, a report has found. The figure is far higher than any other European nation.

11.02.2015 12:19

​UK immigration detention centers probed by Home Office after abuse revelations
British Home Secretary Theresa May is to launch a review into the treatment and welfare of detainees held in immigration removal centers, the Home Office announced on Monday.

09.02.2015 17:05

​Far-right march to ‘protect families’ from new mosque condemned by anti-fascists
The far-right English Defence League (EDL) are planning to march against the building of a mosque in the English city of Dudley, prompting calls for a counter demonstration by campaigners and anti-fascists.

06.02.2015 16:59

​Party of the rich? Almost 50% of Tory donors are hedge fund managers – research
The ruling Conservative Party is unlikely to shake off its image of being the ‘party of the rich’ as recent data shows nearly half of its donors come from wealthy hedge funds.

05.02.2015 13:06

UAE pilots off anti-ISIS missions since December – US officials
US officials have been concealing the fact that the UAE stopped its pilots from performing strikes against the Islamic State after a Jordanian pilot was shot down over Syria in December and subsequently burnt alive in a horrific execution.

05.02.2015 05:49

‘Bad listener’ male politicians create polarization & conflict – study
America’s male mainstream politicians are drama queens too impatient to listen to their opponents and engage with the other side. That's according to new research from political scientists at the University of North Carolina and the University of Kansas.

30.01.2015 06:42

Friends are best predictors of our long-term health, lifespans – study
Friends are the most accurate readers of our potentially fatal habits. A study has found that our pals are more likely to predict when we'll die and if we'll get ill, since we're often blind to our own traits.

28.01.2015 20:07

Online army: Ukraine seeks to recruit bloggers for ‘truth-telling’ crusade
Kiev authorities plan to create a coordination center for Ukrainian bloggers to present a united front in social media, said Information Policy Minister, Yury Stets, adding that popular bloggers will become Ukraine’s “truth-telling” online army.

28.01.2015 09:09

Gaza war ‘unlawful’: Israeli rights group blames IDF for deliberately targeting residential areas
An Israeli human rights group has accused the IDF of war crimes during last year’s Gaza invasion by launching airstrikes that intentionally targeted residential areas, killing women and children, while claiming that Hamas was hiding behind civilians.

28.01.2015 06:33

Twitter may map hot spots for… coronary heart disease
An international team of researchers has found out that words used on social media may provide medics with a basis for predicting the rate of heart disease, as well as potentially indicating a community’s overall psychological well-being.

22.01.2015 12:45