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Dogs really do love us: Study finds first evidence of inter-species hormone exchange
Dog lovers everywhere, rejoice! They really do love us on a chemical level. Dogs were found to make use of the “lovers’ hormone,” Oxytocin, to sneak their way into our hearts. That’s the first time the mechanism was observed between species.

17.04.2015 08:02

Gravity CEO brings million-dollar salary back to Earth to fund $70k minimum wage for staff
A CEO in Washington wants his employees to be happy. And he’s putting his money where his mouth is, slashing his pay by $930,000 so he can give his workers a new minimum wage of $70,000 a year ‒ well above Seattle’s $15 an hour requirement.

15.04.2015 17:59

Cablegate revenge? Wikileaks slams Clinton for swiping its Twitter logo design
Wikileaks has blamed the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign for stealing its Twitter logo design, which depicts a horizontal red arrow pointing to the right.

13.04.2015 11:51

‘I respect you, but I don’t trust you’ – Maduro to Obama
The Venezuelan and US presidents, whose strained relations cast a shadow over the Summit of the Americas in Panama, held a private meeting for the first time in an attempt to alleviate tensions over US-imposed sanctions.

12.04.2015 05:36

Sanaa-tized? Rights groups sue State Dept for refusing to evacuate 1,000s of Americans from Yemen
The US government has been sued over abandoning its citizens in Yemen, where up to 4,000 Americans are feared stranded. Pentagon officials claim an evacuation would be too dangerous for military personnel to carry out.

10.04.2015 08:41

Motivation to quit: Russian shift from gruesome tobacco warnings proposed
Russian social activists have launched an initiative to replace gruesome graphic images on cigarette packs with positive messages motivating smokers to quit. A positive spin on tobacco product warning labels will be more effective, they believe.

08.04.2015 21:37

Basket cases: 29 arrests as frustrated basketball fans riot in Lexington
Kentucky Wildcats’ fans went wild after a 64-71 loss to the Wisconsin Badgers, which dented Kentucky’s hitherto perfect season of 38 straight wins. Wildcats’ aficionados ran riot on the streets, setting things on fire and shrieking abuse at police.

05.04.2015 06:04

Anti-Islamic marches to be held across Australia slammed as ‘racist’, counter protests planned
Anti-Islamic ‘Reclaim Australia’ marches are planned for 16 major cities on Saturday. Opponents have lashed out at the event in social media, calling it ‘Nazi’, while activists claim they are guarding traditional Christian values.

03.04.2015 05:31

Nightmare: Masked IDF troops interrogate, traumatise Palestinian kids (VIDEO)
Videos have emerged exposing masked IDF soldiers raiding Palestinian homes in the dead of night to interrogate children suspected of throwing stones at the Israeli military. Hundreds of underage are prosecuted each year in the occupied territories.

27.03.2015 05:49

Pilot panic: Germanwings crews refuse to fly
After the Germanwings’ A320 crash in the French Alps some crews of the low-cost carrier have refused to fly, citing “personal reasons.” The airline’s spokesman insists the problem has nothing to do with the technical condition of its planes.

25.03.2015 08:40

Christian Taliban? Ukraine nationalist craves jihad against Russia, reports Intercept
A Ukrainian ultranationalist of Polish descent wants to turn the armed conflict in the east of the country into a crusade against Russia. The Chechen war veteran wants to amalgamate Orthodox Christianity with Islamic jihadism against Russia.

20.03.2015 05:48

Name shame: 240 Saudis reportedly part with original monikers each month
A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, Shakespeare said. Women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia disagree, with up to 240 citizens, mostly ‘the fairer sex’, changing their first names every month, local media report.

19.03.2015 12:49