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Pakistan to execute 500 convicted terrorists 'within weeks'
Some 500 terror-related convicts are due to be executed in the coming weeks, according to Pakistan’s officials. There are an estimated 3,000 convicted terrorists in the country, and all could put to death after the recent attack at a Peshawar school.

22.12.2014 09:14

Sound of seduction: Scientists reveal men do tingle when hearing fertile female voices
Research has proved that the reaction of a man’s skin to the sound of a woman speaking is tingling – alongside with a rising heart rate. US researchers have also established that the voice’s attractiveness depends on a woman’s monthly fertility cycle.

21.12.2014 13:22

​Dementia UK’s ‘3rd biggest killer’ study suggests
Dementia is the third most common cause of death in the UK as deaths from the mental illness have risen by more than 50 percent since 1990, a new study has shown.

18.12.2014 15:11

Head of UK torture probe requests CIA data on British role in rendition
Sir Malcolm Rifkind has requested data from the US to learn the extent of British intelligence’s involvement in the CIA’s torture program. The UK government’s contradictory statements on the issue have only fanned the flames of suspicion.

14.12.2014 06:31

Former CIA directors defend waterboarding, rectal rehydration
Days after the release of the Senate’s report on post-9/11 CIA torture, Robert James Woolsey, former head of the intelligence agency, said he would still opt for the torture method known as waterboarding if it meant saving “thousands of American lives.”

12.12.2014 18:00

‘Die-in’: Police chokehold victim Eric Garner's daughter leads Staten Island protest
Eric Garner's daughter staged a 'die-in' at the same spot where her father died. She marched with protesters in the New York City borough of Staten Island on Thursday, expressing her disgust with the court’s ruling not to punish her father’s killer.

12.12.2014 07:02

Our rapper in Havana: USAID hijacked Cuban hip-hop scene trying to undermine govt
Young Cuban hip-hop musicians have been sucked into a USAID secret operation aiming at regime change in Havana. Rappers from underground circles were unwittingly supposed to promote anti-government sentiments, but the operation was haplessly executed.

11.12.2014 06:23

Mexican activists crucify themselves, sew lips in protest (VIDEO)
Three protesters crucified themselves in front of the State Congress building in Mexico's Cintalapa on Friday, demanding the release of an activist charged with cattle rustling who was defending the rights of the indigenous population.

06.12.2014 09:55

Google Kids: Tech giant eyes children’s market for new product
Google is preparing to target an untapped audience of children under 13 years old. With promised safe surfing and creativity cultivation, the kiddie technology raises concerns about manipulation of immature minds and emergence of targeted advertising.

04.12.2014 06:48

Orwellian 'Ministry of Truth'? OSCE lashes out at Kiev’s new ministry amid journalists’ outcry
Kiev’s decision to create a Ministry of Information is a clear threat to media freedom in Ukraine, said OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatovic. The government’s plans have also sparked a wave of fury from journalists.

03.12.2014 20:42

British males drawn away from ‘macho’ professions, don’t ‘feel man enough’ – study
British men are increasingly drawn away from certain career paths because they do not feel “man enough” to pursue them, according to a new study.

03.12.2014 16:55

Sexual harassment ‘part of daily life’ for young girls – study
Girls as young as seven are experiencing sexual taunts from boys, according to Girlguiding UK. The charity says sexism and harassment are becoming a part of daily life for British girls.

02.12.2014 13:05