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​Doubting Thomas: UK Archbishop unsure of God’s existence
Britain’s’ most senior clergyman has said that thinking about global injustices has made him question the existence of God.

18.09.2014 14:52

‘Toxic’ yellow cloud from rocket fuel plant spooks neighbors (VIDEO)
A chemical leak at a military fuel-oil depot in Russia’s Volga Region spewed a toxic-looking yellow cloud into the air that only just failed to reach a neighboring settlement.

17.09.2014 07:36

Australian police spend millions on spyware – WikiLeaks
Police in the Australian state of New South Wales have spent over $2 million on powerful spy programs to monitor the smartphones and notebooks of Australian citizens, according to the latest revelations from WikiLeaks.

15.09.2014 04:48

Wolfsangel in E. Ukraine: Foreign Policy talks to deputy leader of ‘pro-govt’ Azov Battalion
Foreign Policy magazine – Russia’s fierce critic – met with the leader of Azov Battalion, an irregular force assisting Kiev to cleanse eastern Ukraine of “terrorists.” The group boasts fierce tactics, “values far from European,” and Nazi-like attributes.

07.09.2014 05:07

​Crisis in Ukraine is ‘all EU’s fault’ – France’s Marine Le Pen
Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s far-right National Front party, says the EU is to blame for the crisis in Ukraine as it forced the situation where Kiev had to choose between East and West.

06.09.2014 11:07

Guantanamo Bay: An untold history of torture and resistance
Few realize how expensive it is to keep Guantanamo Bay prison operational. The Joint Task Force (JTF) detention center, which opened in 2002, costs US taxpayers $140 million a year, breaking down to about $800,000 per detainee.

06.09.2014 10:27

​Ceasefire: President Poroshenko trick to regroup troops – Spanish volunteer to RT
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has announced ceasefires before and was always the first to violate them, Spanish volunteer Ramiro Gomez, who fought in eastern Ukraine against the troops of the coup-imposed Kiev government, told RT.

06.09.2014 05:37

Apple bites back: Securing iCloud with alert messages
Apple intends to keep hackers away from client’s private data stored in iCloud’s database by using mail and push message security alerts, the company’s Chief Executive told WSJ. Apple denied the recent nude celebrity pics scandal was a security breach.

05.09.2014 06:10

Secret FBI project trained Alaskans in preparation for Soviet invasion
Declassified documents reveal that in the 1950s the FBI trained Alaskan residents to become agents behind enemy lines if the Soviets invaded. No women, Eskimo, Indians or Aleuts were included, with native peoples considered unreliable.

01.09.2014 05:17

Tag with a price: Adidas RFID tracking could be used to spy on clothes’ owners
Adidas has sewn RFID tags into national football team’s jerseys, raising concerns from human rights organizations, claiming that such clothes could be easily turned into tracking devices revealing a person’s location, Deutsche Welle reports.

29.08.2014 08:05

Alien-Nation: Nearly 5 million Brits ‘have no real friends’
Loneliness is rife in Britain according to new research, which shows that 4.7 million people in the country have no close friends, while less than a quarter feel a sense of belonging to the community and one in 10 have no interaction with neighbors.

12.08.2014 08:45

German labor minister calls for anti-stress law
The labor minister for Germany’s most populous state has called for an anti-stress law that would mean bosses could no longer contact their employees out of office hours, including by email.

05.08.2014 17:10

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