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Russia secures military deal to use Cyprus' ports despite EU concerns
Russian navy ships will keep having access to stop off at Cyprus' ports in Mediterranean as the two countries have agreed to prolong the pre-existing deal on military cooperation.

26.02.2015 16:34

Who is Jihadi John? CNN’s blooper hints he’s… Putin
As the world media raced to break the identity of the Islamic State killer nicknamed Jihadi John, some of them moved too fast. Like CNN, who unexpectedly paraded Vladimir Putin’s image in its Who-is-Jihadi-John report.

26.02.2015 15:50

Italian actress Ornella Muti faces 8 months jail or 30,000 euro fine for skipping play to dine with Putin
An Italian court has sentenced famous Italian actress Ornella Muti to eight months in prison or a fine of 30,000 euros for skipping a play and faking a medical certificate to have dinner with Russian President Vladimir Putin, local media reported.

25.02.2015 16:48

Putin: Gas supplies to Europe could suffer in 3-4 days if Kiev doesn't pay
Russia will cut off gas supplies to Ukraine if Kiev fails to pay in “three or four days,” President Vladimir Putin said, adding that this "will create a problem" for gas transit to Europe.

25.02.2015 14:01

Forget all our other troubles – the Russians are coming!
The gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow. Train and bus fares continue to rise. Twice as many people are living in poverty than 30 years ago. And our National Health Service is being privatized before our very eyes.

24.02.2015 12:41

Putin: France, Germany genuinely want to find compromise over E. Ukraine
The leaders of France and Germany genuinely want to find a compromise that would help end the conflict in eastern Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his latest interview.

23.02.2015 19:16

Polish discussions on Russia: Free speech for paranoiacs
Sunday was "Polish day" in Kiev: Poland’s President Bronislaw Komorowski and the head of the European Council Donald Tusk attended the ceremonies marking the first anniversary of Viktor Yanukovich's ousting from power in Ukraine.

23.02.2015 14:51

Putin: No external pressure on Russia will go unchallenged
Russia will always find an adequate response to any pressure coming from the outside, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a gala-show ahead of the upcoming Defender of the Fatherland Day, which honors those who served in the armed forces.

20.02.2015 20:37

UK media demonizing Russia as ‘guilty’ of daring to resist US Empire
The demonization of Vladimir Putin and Russia by the British political establishment and media has never been as intense as in the wake of the recent Ukraine peace talks in Minsk.

18.02.2015 14:04

‘Europeans shoot the messenger by attacking Hungary’s Orban for receiving Putin’
Viktor Orban may face criticism for hosting Putin despite an EU ban on bilateral summits, but many leaders realize the EU has shot itself in the foot with sanctions, says John Laughland, Director of studies, at the Institute of Democracy and Cooperation.

17.02.2015 17:21

Hungarian rhapsody: Will Putin’s visit to Viktor Orban give Russia a way into Europe?
Vladimir Putin has chosen Hungary for his first state visit to an EU state since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis a year ago. Energy issues are expected to top the agenda, yet the Russian leader usually has an ace up his sleeve.

16.02.2015 05:58

The wise men, please step forward
The guns in Ukraine have not cooled down yet but the Minsk 2 peace accord is already being predictably assailed in Washington by liberal and conservative hawks alike.

16.02.2015 14:16