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​Latest book trend talks about Russia’s ‘threat to the world’
People living in the West do not need their governments to remind them who their enemy is. Not when they have an obliging intelligentsia to do it for them.

21.08.2014 11:40

Ice Bucket: Vin Diesel challenges...Putin
US actor Vin Diesel has publicly nominated Putin for the worldwide charity “Ice Bucket Challenge” alongside Michelle Obama and actress Angelina Jolie. If the Russian president accepts, it would see him dumping a large bucket of ice over his head.

19.08.2014 11:12

Putin to attend talks with Ukraine president & EU reps August 26 in Minsk
Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart, Petro Poroshenko, will meet on August 26 in the Belarusian capital, Minsk, the Kremlin said.

19.08.2014 13:35

Food embargo against West to benefit Russia’s economy- Putin
Russia’s food ban against many Western products will help Russia strengthen its domestic food market, President Putin said Thursday.

14.08.2014 12:44

Putin: Russians need to engage, but have no confrontation with wider world
Russians must consolidate and develop their country, neither sliding into isolationism nor sacrificing their dignity for the sake of pleasing anyone, President Vladimir Putin declared.

14.08.2014 10:19

Putin’s electoral rating doubles in 2014
Some 82 percent of Russians with firm political preferences say they would vote for Vladimir Putin if a presidential poll were to be held on the nearest weekend, according to the latest research by independent pollster the Levada Center.

13.08.2014 07:18

Putin to host meeting with Egypt’s Sisi in Moscow
Presidents Vladimir Putin and Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi will meet in Moscow to discuss cooperation between Russia and Egypt, as well as the urgent issues such as the Gaza crisis and the situation in Iraq and Libya.

11.08.2014 11:09

Sochi may host Nagorno-Karabakh peace talks – Kremlin
The presidents of Russia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia may hold three-party talks in Sochi on Sunday to curb the recent outbreak of violence in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh enclave in the South Caucasus, Moscow said.

09.08.2014 19:12

Putin bans agricultural imports from sanctioning countries for 1 year
A one-year ban has been imposed on certain agricultural produce, foods and raw materials from countries that have sanctioned Russia. An order on economic measures to protect the country's security has been signed by President Putin.

06.08.2014 14:57

​It’s Putin’s fault… really?
If one relies on Western mainstream media and those who claim to represent the Western world, it is easy to come to the conclusion that Russian President Vladimir Putin is the most evil political figure in the world.

06.08.2014 09:46

‘Titanium force’: New luxury Putin iPhone to cost over $3,300
The digital age of patriotism got another look with Italian luxury brand launching a new titanium iPhone bearing the image of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin. It comes after limited edition golden ‘Putinphones’ sold out in one day.

04.08.2014 22:45

​‘No compromise’: Big business won’t pressure Putin over sanctions
The big Russian businesses hurt by Western sanctions against Russia won’t even think about putting pressure on President Putin, because the interests of the state are at stake in the conflict, says a reputed presidential ‘inner circle’ figure.

04.08.2014 09:57

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