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‘Hollow threats?’ New Ukraine sanctions on Russia doubted by Putin’s press secretary
Dmitry Peskov has commented on the State Rada’s resolution seeking new sanctions on Russian officials saying that the Ukrainian bill is just an empty bluff lacking legal details.

27.04.2015 12:05

Russian Jews face ‘grave dangers’ if Putin is ousted, warns senior rabbi
Russian Jews would be in serious danger if Russian President Vladimir Putin was ever ousted from power, a senior Russian rabbi has stated. He added, the current government guarantees the safety of Jewish people better than many Western powers do.

26.04.2015 20:11

Putin accuses US of backing North Caucasus militants
​In a new documentary focusing on Vladimir Putin’s 15 years in power, the Russian president says communications intercepted in the early 2000s show direct contacts between North Caucasus separatists and the US secret services.

26.04.2015 16:59

Putin has no plans to dismiss govt - report
President Vladimir Putin answered in the negative when asked if he planned to dismiss the government in the near future, according to Russian TV anchor Vladimir Solovyov.

23.04.2015 08:31

Argentine president: RT answers world’s demand for all-inclusive news coverage
The inclusion of RT’s Spanish channel into the Argentinian state TV network illustrates the global demand for different points of view, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Argentina’s president, said on her visit to the Russian capital.

22.04.2015 18:55

US can ‘penetrate’ S-300 air defenses in Iran if necessary – Obama
However good Russia’s S-300 air defense system is, when supplied to Iran the US will be capable of dealing with it, President Barack Obama said in an interview to MSNBC. He mentioned the Pentagon’s incredible budget compared to Iran’s as proof.

22.04.2015 05:48

Putin’s pooch: President persuades retired colonel to buy dog for wife
Russian mass media report that a retired military officer from Rostov has bought his wife a Welsh corgi after the woman raised the issue in the last Q&A session with President Putin.

20.04.2015 14:00

Putin’s 15 years in politics: 'President' doc to feature never-seen-before footage
An upcoming documentary - ‘President’ - dedicated to Vladimir Putin’s 15 years in power promises unique videos, revelations on the backstage workings of Russian politics, and a human touch to politics.

20.04.2015 08:17

Russia will work with any elected US president – Putin
Whoever wins the US presidential election in 2016, Russia will work with them, President Vladimir Putin assured. He added that despite the differences the two countries have, they also share many common interests.

18.04.2015 10:46

Putin not the devil, says CNN co-founder
Vladimir Putin is defending Russian interests, and is not the devil the US media make him out to be, the CNN’s founding CEO wrote. Arguing using historical facts and personal experience, Reese Schonfeld expressed a belief that Russia is not the enemy.

17.04.2015 18:08

​Putin makes it clear that Moscow will continue to stand up to America
Much commentary about Russia is hyperbolic and infused with emotive exaggeration. By contrast, Vladimir Putin’s 13th annual Q&A was an extremely calm and assured affair.

17.04.2015 00:35

2 Ukraine journalists killed in Kiev, Poroshenko suspects ‘provocation’
Opposition journalist and writer Oles Buzina was assassinated near his house in Kiev. The police believe it could have been a contract killing. It follows hot on the heels of the vicious murder of another Ukrainian journalist, Sergey Sukhobok.

16.04.2015 12:46