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​Qatar an ‘important ally,' UK defence sec claims amid terror backing allegations
British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon praised Qatar as one of the UK’s “most important allies” during a meeting with his Qatari counterpart on Monday, amid allegations that the Gulf state supports terrorism.

23.02.2015 17:07

​Gulf States accuse Yemen Houthis of staging coup
The Sunni Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), made up of oil-rich Persian Gulf countries, has blasted the Shiite Houthi rebels for “staging a coup” in Yemen after they announced on Friday they were dissolving parliament and forming a new government.

07.02.2015 21:13

Perpetual ISIS ‘revolution’? Terror group ‘to expand to neighboring states’
The Islamic State is not willing to remain within its current ‘borders’ in Syria and Iraq and will inevitable spread to neighboring countries such as Turkey and Jordan, Middle East expert, Firat Demir, told RT.

05.02.2015 11:46

Qatar wins £2.6bn bid to buy London’s Canary Wharf
Qatar reportedly won a bid to buy London's Canary Wharf for £2.6 billion ($4 billion) on Wednesday after its majority owner, Songbird Estates, recommended smaller shareholders accept the 350p per share offer.

28.01.2015 11:54

Top Islamic group urges UN ban on ‘contempt’ of religions
A leading Islamic organization has called on the United Nations to make “contempt of religions” illegal. The group also urges followers to continue peaceful protests against images of Prophet Mohammed and says the West should do more to protect Muslims.

21.01.2015 16:53

UK Muslim Brotherhood report muzzled 'to keep good relations with Qatar'
The findings of a state investigation into the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in Britain will be partially withheld because ministers fear criticizing the group could irritate UK ally Qatar, media report.

29.12.2014 09:28

Qatar’s World Cup migrant workers ‘died at rate of 1 every 2 days’ in 2014 – report
New data reveals that Nepalese construction workers building the 2022 World Cup facilities in Qatar have been dying at a rate of one every two days in 2014 due to bad working conditions, the Guardian reports.

24.12.2014 04:51

Qatar hires ‘$8 fake fans’ to fill empty stadiums
Migrant workers in Qatar get one dollar an hour for sitting in the stadiums and pretending to have fun, to applaud and to do the wave, AP reports. Sometimes they even were asked to dress like Qataris in white robes and head-scarves.

17.12.2014 19:35

Hush Money: West turns blind eye on Qatar’s terrorism funding
Qatar gives Western countries money they desperately need, and in return it gets a blind eye to its actions in the Middle East, even sponsoring ISIS and other jihadists, Danni Makki, researcher specializing on Middle East security, told RT.

12.12.2014 11:43

See no evil, hear no evil? UK building firm linked to Qatari human rights violations
One of Britain’s largest construction firms has been linked to severely sub-standard working conditions for migrants in Qatar. Over 1,000 foreign workers perished in the Gulf state between 2012 and 2013, a government report shows.

09.12.2014 14:00

Qatari royals to build £200mn London mega-mansion
The Qatari royal family is planning to convert three of London’s most prestigious addresses into a single mega-mansion valued at over £200 million.

09.12.2014 11:38

Human trafficking? American couple in Qatar faces execution over adopted child’s death
An American-Asian couple faces a death penalty sentence after a Qatari court alleged they were engaged in human trafficking when their adopted daughter died.

29.10.2014 23:37