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Regional development

​Sanctions create favorable conditions for Russian industry – trade minister
The sanctions have multiple advantages for Russia, as they motivate companies to turn to domestically produced goods and boost the economy, Russian Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov told RT.

23.06.2015 10:32

China and Australia sign ‘historic’ free trade agreement
After a decade of negotiations China and Australia have sealed a free trade agreement which is expected to deliver a $20 billion boost to mutual trade by 2035. Currently trade between the two stands at almost $160 billion annually.

17.06.2015 07:25

Hong Kong-sized plot of Russian land leased to Chinese agrofirm
Chinese corporation Zoje Resources Investment has leased a large plot of land in Russia’s Transbaikal region for agricultural exploitation. The Chinese corporation is expected to invest estimated $450 million into the project over the next 49 years.

16.06.2015 05:19

China begins freight train service to Moscow
China has started a rail freight service linking the western Xinjiang region also known as a "core area" of the Silk Road economic belt with Moscow. It is expected to deliver $8.1 billion worth of cargo annually.

11.06.2015 09:44

Russia ‘never viewed Europe as a mistress’ – Putin
Russia has never sought a no-obligation kind of relationship with Europe, and has always called for a serious partnership, President Vladimir Putin said in an interview that touched on EU sanctions, energy disputes and severed business ties with Ukraine.

06.06.2015 06:15

Russia may lift food ban if West drops sanctions – Russian deputy PM
The terms of Russia’s food embargo depend on actions of Western partners, according to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich. Moscow may lift the ban introduced last year as a counter-measure if West lifts its anti-Russia sanctions, he said.

02.06.2015 10:13

Inflation in Ukraine to hit 46% in 2015 - IMF
The IMF’s mission in Ukraine has said the country’s GDP is expected to shrink 9 percent this year, with annual inflation jumping to 46 percent. Unresolved conflict in the country’s east took a big toll on the economy in the first quarter of 2015, it said.

01.06.2015 13:01

​Russian-Chinese partnership is not a threat to other countries – former FM
The economic cooperation of China and Russia is not aimed at infringing upon the interests of any other country in the Asia-Pacific region, said Igor Ivanov, ex-foreign minister and President of the Russian Council on International Affairs.

29.05.2015 17:59

​Russia got rid of ‘Dutch disease’, low crude price not tragedy–finance minister
Low oil prices aren't a tragedy for Russia’s economy, the country has managed to end to its total dependence on oil known as a ‘Dutch disease’, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said.

29.05.2015 10:43

Serbia to join US-backed gas project, seeks diversification from Russia - PM
Serbia will join US-backed Trans-Adriatic Pipeline following Washington’s calls to reduce dependency on Russian gas, the country’s Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic told the Associated Press.

28.05.2015 10:32

OPEC says global oil glut to persist till 2017 - media
Crude supply from non-OPEC producers will continue growing for another two years, according to an OPEC draft report seen by Reuters. Increased production, mainly shale in North America, is a ‘turning point’ in the restructuring of global markets, it said.

28.05.2015 08:10

BRICS bank to complement Washington-based development institutions – Presidential aide
The BRICS New Development Bank is not an alternative to the IMF and the World Bank but rather a complement, said Presidential aide Sergey Glazyev. It will address the challenges that Western institutions currently ignore.

22.05.2015 13:40