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Regional development

Fighting austerity: N Ireland braces for strike against budget cuts, largest in years
A public sector strike in Northern Ireland against impending budget cuts and redundancies will be one of the largest in years, trade unions claim.

11.03.2015 14:55

​‘100 riot police’ clash with housing justice activists in South London, 6 arrested
Six people were arrested on Tuesday night in a London council estate, following a standoff between riot police and activists protesting against the ‘social cleansing’ of London's poor.

18.02.2015 12:50

Catalonia to open up to 50 ‘embassies’ around the world in ‘a few years’
The Catalonian government has announced its desire to open 50 delegations abroad to represent the political, commercial and cultural interests of the region, which has been demanding independence from Spain.

03.02.2015 14:00

London mayor gives go-ahead for ‘cycle superhighways’
London Mayor Boris Johnson has approved the construction of two ambitious cycle routes spanning the capital. The lanes will become Europe's longest substantially-segregated urban cycle ways.

29.01.2015 12:04

UK government accused of sponsoring human rights abuses in Ethiopia
A development project funded by the UK government and run by the World Bank could be facilitating a violent resettlement program in Ethiopia that has been dogged by allegations of forced displacement, physical assaults and rape, a leaked report suggests.

21.01.2015 09:20

Homestead Act for Russian Far East – Putin supports free land handout
The Russian president has approved the idea to offer large land plots for free to anyone who resettles to the Russian Far East to start a farm or other business.

19.01.2015 12:57

‘Nicaragua Canal - potential threat to the US and Western powers’
The Nicaragua Canal can become an alternative route through Central America for China and Russia, as well as an alternative route for potential military use right in America’s backyard, international consultant and author Adrian Salbuchi told RT.

26.12.2014 08:53

Putin gives nod to Armenia joining Eurasian Economic Union
Russian President Vladimir Putin has put his signature to a law that makes Armenia a full member of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) from January 2, 2015.

23.12.2014 10:42

Nicaragua starts work on $50bn canal between two oceans
The Nicaraguan alternative to the Panama Canal will be a waterway connecting the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans and is to be the most ambitious construction project in Latin America.

23.12.2014 07:53

Qatari royals to build £200mn London mega-mansion
The Qatari royal family is planning to convert three of London’s most prestigious addresses into a single mega-mansion valued at over £200 million.

09.12.2014 11:38

Teetotal Muslims ‘to blame’ for pub closures – Tory peer
A former brewery boss and Tory peer has blamed the closure of “many” British pubs on the rise of non-drinking Muslims communities. Lord Hodgson also said cut-price alcohol in supermarkets was a problem for the industry.

05.12.2014 11:55

New Scottish nationalist paper hits newsstands
A brand new daily paper claiming to “fly a vibrant flag for Scottish independence” has launched in Scotland. The National has been pioneered in the wake of September’s independence referendum which saw 45 percent vote in favor of separation.

24.11.2014 14:10