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Iceland’s Pirate Party gets law passed abolishing ‘blasphemy’
The Pirate Party, which has just three MPs in the Icelandic parliament but is leading in opinion polls, has had its first bill signed into law, decriminalizing “blasphemy.” Churches opposed the move.

04.07.2015 10:42

‘Rent a Jew’: German group launches program to stave off anti-Semitism
A Munich-based group has launched a program offering “to rent a Jew” for socializing and “breaking down any prejudices.” The group said that few Germans know Jews personally and the program aims “to engage young people on the grassroots level.”

03.07.2015 13:59

Saudi Arabia steps up funding for Canadian Islamic schools – leaked docs
Saudi Arabia has been offering financial support to expand Canadian private Islamic schools with donations worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to secret cables recently released by WikiLeaks.

02.07.2015 23:17

​Mohammed cartoon exhibition in London to invite Geert Wilders as speaker, anti-Sharia group says
An anti-Sharia Law campaign group has announced plans to hold an exhibition in London featuring cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

02.07.2015 14:01

Little girl with rainbow flag vs Christian activist (VIDEO)
In a graphic illustration of the raging debate on gay marriage, a video has emerged from Columbus, Ohio, of a little girl with a rainbow flag standing up against a Christian preacher, who emotionally assures her that it is a sin, and Jesus will save her.

02.07.2015 06:37

​Germany's first interest-free Islamic bank opens in Frankfurt
Germany has opened its first Islamic bank representing a full range of banking services in accordance with the laws of Sharia. The Frankfurt-based bank, called KT Bank AG, is owned by Kuveyt Turk, the largest Islamic banking institution in Turkey.

01.07.2015 21:17

Trailblazing: Indiana’s first #CannabisChurch tests limits of religious freedom
The Indianapolis-based First Church of Cannabis held its first service on Wednesday. The sect is seeking to get a religious exemption for the use of marijuana in Indiana, where the drug is illegal for both recreational and medicinal use.

01.07.2015 16:52

​Anti-Semitic neo-Nazi rally banned in Jewish Golders Green, moved to central London
A neo-Nazi rally due to take place in a predominantly Jewish area of London on Saturday has been moved to a less inflammatory area after police intervened, it has emerged.

01.07.2015 16:23

United we stand: Unexpected solidarity in face of religious hate crimes
While recent terror attacks in Tunisia are a sobering reminder of the power of blowback – I am heartened to learn of some acts of violence that have had rather unexpected happy endings of late.

30.06.2015 16:13

British family of 12 may have fled to Syria – police
A British family of 12, including two grandparents, three sons, their wives and three grandchildren have disappeared amid fears they may have traveled to Syria.

01.07.2015 14:33

Taste of their own medicine: Syrian rebels execute ISIS terrorists, mimicking jihadists’ tactics
The Syrian opposition group, Jaysh al-Islam has executed 18 alleged Islamic State militants. A video emerged of the rebel organization imitating many of the jihadist group’s own execution recordings, including similar sound effects and visuals.

01.07.2015 12:06

ISIS threatens Hamas – but move could bring Israel & Palestine closer to fight common enemy
Islamic State has issued a stark warning to the Palestinian group Hamas that the Gaza Strip could be next on their list of territories they want to conquer. The jihadist organization has accused Hamas of not enforcing Islamic law stringently enough.

01.07.2015 10:32