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UN envoy slams Israel’s ‘unacceptable’ police handling of ‘Holy Fire’ ritual in Jerusalem
Israeli police reportedly blocked a top UN diplomat, alongside other diplomats and Palestinians, entrance to a pre-Easter Holy Fire ceremony at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, which Israeli authorities called a ‘micro-incident.’

20.04.2014 09:59

‘Christ is risen’: Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter worldwide (PHOTOS)
Millions of Orthodox Christians worldwide are celebrating Easter this Sunday, marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Russia's largest service was held by Patriarch Kirill at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

19.04.2014 23:08

Patriarch urges peace for Ukraine in Orthodox Easter address
The hearts of the followers of the Orthodox Church are aching for the suffering of the people in crisis-hit Ukraine, Patriarch Kirill, head of the Russian Orthodox Church, said in his Easter address.

19.04.2014 14:43

Miraculous Holy Fire lit in Jerusalem, to be delivered worldwide
Thousands of Christians have gathered in Jerusalem to light torches and candles from a holy flame that 'miraculously' emerged from the tomb of Jesus in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre on the eve of Orthodox Easter.

19.04.2014 12:45

​Leaked inspectors report: UK schools discriminate against non-Muslims
Schools in the UK city of Birmingham are discriminating against non-Muslim students, practice forced sex segregation and invite extremists to promote Islamic values among the children, says an official report leaked to The Telegraph.

19.04.2014 05:52

British teenager killed in Syrian battle
A British teenager and nephew of a former Guantanamo Bay inmate has been killed in Syria. His father, who found out about his son’s death via Facebook, revealed Friday that two of his other sons have also gone to fight in the conflict.

18.04.2014 18:57

​Victim’s mother reprieves Iranian Killer with noose around his neck
A young Iranian man convicted of murder has been reprieved at the last second by the mother of his victim.

17.04.2014 17:01

More international involvement in CAR won’t stop bloodshed
Fresh forces, particularly EU and UN troops, are to be sent to stop the ongoing sectarian violence in the Central African Republic, although the problems they are being sent to solve are too deep-rooted to hope for any significant improvements.

17.04.2014 13:50

‘Rights of believers are violated’: Orthodox priest flees Ukraine in fear
The rights of believers are violated in Ukraine as the coup-imposed authorities don’t want the Russian Orthodox Church in the country, archpriest Andrey Novikov, who left Ukraine to escape persecution by Kiev, told RT.

14.04.2014 18:56

71 people killed, 124 wounded in Nigeria bus station blasts - police
Seventy-one people have been killed and a further 124 injured in two blasts that tore through a bus station on the outskirts of Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, police officials said.

14.04.2014 11:57

British Syria-radicalized jihadists biggest threat to UK national security
Radicalized UK citizens returning from Syria are the biggest threat to national security, official reports claim. With increasing access to equipment and training, there are growing fears Brits are encouraged to carry out attacks on home soil.

11.04.2014 05:05

‘Jesus’ wife’ papyrus not a modern forgery, scientific tests say
Scientists now say that an antiquated piece of papyrus containing an excerpt concerning the alleged wife of Jesus Christ is not in fact a forgery.

10.04.2014 20:03

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