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​Cameron and Iran’s Rouhani to discuss anti-ISIS strategy at historic meeting
British Prime Minister David Cameron is to hold historic talks on combating ISIS with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani – the first meeting of British and Iranian leaders since the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

23.09.2014 14:55

Algerian jihadists kidnap Frenchman following ISIS calls to attack Westerners
An Al-Qaeda splinter group has kidnapped a French citizen and announced it will execute him if Paris doesn’t stop its military action against the Islamic State in Iraq. France has confirmed the incident, but says it will not change the nation's position.

22.09.2014 23:05

'Worldly life is frightening:' Famous Siberian hermit prefers taiga to civilization
69-year-old Agafia Lykova was born in the wilderness of Russia’s Siberia and has never left the forest, where she has preserved her ancestors' faith and lifestyle. RT visited the country's most famous hermit in her taiga 'lodge.'

22.09.2014 16:10

Dead Afghan heroine in anti-burqa campaign: Far Right removes image following public outrage
​A far right political party has been condemned by a leading photographer and social media users after it manipulated a picture of Afghanistan’s’ first woman police officer to promote an anti-burqa campaign.

22.09.2014 15:38

​‘Anti-Muslim discrimination’: HSBC shuts down only account of UK Islamic charity
HSBC has officially closed the bank account of one of Britain’s oldest mosques, in an effort to minimize its risk. The mosque’s chairman said the banks’ action was discriminatory and Islamophobic. Meanwhile, they have opened an account with a new bank.

22.09.2014 08:21

Turkey allows ‘death squads’ into Syria to fight its former ally
Massive influx of Syrian-Kurd refugees to Turkey is “fallout” of Ankara’s policies as it facilitates “death squads” going into Syria to overthrow the sovereign government in Damascus, journalist and activist Sukant Chandan told RT.

22.09.2014 12:29

‘No Muslim organization supports ISIS, but US & UK do’
It was the West that armed and financed ISIS and it is “outrageous” to blame Muslims for supporting extremists and close their bank accounts when they’ve done nothing wrong, Massoud Shadjareh from the Islamic Human Rights Commission, told RT.

22.09.2014 10:58

​Terrorist attack on EU’s HQ averted by Belgian crackdown – reports
Belgian police arrested several people planning a terrorist attack on European Commission Headquarters in Brussels, media reports say. It comes amid fierce efforts by local authorities to crack down on extremism.

21.09.2014 03:42

60,000 Syrian Kurds flee to Turkey within 24 hours amid ISIS advance
Some 60,000 Syrian Kurds have crossed into Turkey in the past 24 hours, fleeing Islamic State (IS) militants who are advancing on dozens of villages close to the border.

20.09.2014 19:52

Hamas = ISIS? Anti-Islamic ad campaign to run on NYC buses
A provocative ad campaign featuring anti-Islamic messages is to run on one hundred New York City buses and two subway stations beginning next week. Costing $100,000, it equates Hamas with Islamic State militants for ‘education purposes.’

20.09.2014 03:47

German Muslims hold day of protest against ISIS jihadists
Some two thousand mosques across Germany were called upon by top Muslim clerics to use their Friday rituals to rally against the Islamic State and speak out against beheadings in Syria and Iraq.

19.09.2014 18:20

Hats off: Pope’s skull cap raises over $250k on eBay in less than 36hrs
A skull cap worn by Pope Francis which was put on eBay has already gathered more than $250,000 in less than 36 hours. An Italian TV host coaxed the Pope to put his ‘papalina’ to auction and donate the money to the kids of the DR Congo.

19.09.2014 07:48

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