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‘Halal sex shop’ owner denies opening store in Mecca
The owner of an online sex-shop in Amsterdam selling “sharia compliant” items has refuted reports that he plans to open a store in Mecca. He did, however, stress there wouldn’t be anything wrong about setting-up such a shop in the Saudi Arabian city.

25.04.2015 02:59

​N. Ireland officially recognizes pagan religion, Order of the Golden River
Northern Ireland has for the first time recognized a pagan priest and his church by granting full religious status to the Order of the Golden River.

24.04.2015 09:44

​Having nun of it: Growing numbers of British women take up habit
The number of women becoming nuns has trebled in the last five years as more and more opt for a religious lifestyle.

23.04.2015 14:11

Sole survivor: IRA informant claims British police abandoned him to death squads
Only one Irish Republican Army (IRA) informant has ever survived being targeted by the terrorist group’s death squads. Marty McGartland claims he was left to fend for himself despite risking his life to assist police.

23.04.2015 08:38

‘Running can cause virginity loss’: Aussie Islamic school refutes allegations of odd claim
An Islamic college in Australia is denying allegations its principal forbade female students from running in a cross-country race because he was convinced they would “lose their virginity.”

23.04.2015 08:09

NYC judge lets through anti-Palestinian ‘killing Jews’ ad as ‘freedom of speech’
Dozens of buses and trains emblazoned with anti-Hamas slogans will travel through New York City, after a judge overturned a ban from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).

22.04.2015 20:46

Small businesses impacted by religious freedom bills, marijuana legalization
Competition from big corporations isn’t the only thing entrepreneurs worry about. Small business owners have split and shifting views about hot-button issues like religious freedom bills, pot legalization and the 2016 presidential race, a new poll found.

22.04.2015 18:40

​‘Halal’ sex shop for Muslims to open doors in Mecca
A sex shop will soon reportedly see the light of day in Mecca – the last place anyone would have thought possible, for an establishment of this sort.

22.04.2015 16:21

​Amnesty International rejects campaign to tackle UK anti-Semitism
Amnesty International voted down a motion at its annual general meeting which urged the human rights group to tackle the rise of anti-Semitism in the UK.

21.04.2015 14:01

Jihadi John wanted to join Al-Shabaab in Somalia to wage holy war – reports
Mohammed Emwazi, the British ISIS executioner known as Jihadi John, initially wanted to join Al-Shabaab in Somalia years before becoming a member of the Islamic State but abandoned the plan after the East African militants killed his friends.

21.04.2015 10:31

Enough with WWII apologies: Japan PM sees no need to reinforce remorse
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has implied Tokyo is not going to reiterate an apology for WWII aggression and war crimes in a special statement marking the 70th anniversary of the end of the war in the Pacific to be issued later this year.

21.04.2015 05:59

​‘Europe must rise up, do what’s right’ for Mediterranean migrants – Britain’s top clergyman
Britain’s Archbishop of Canterbury has urged European countries to provide a home for people who risk their lives crossing the Mediterranean Sea, after a fishing vessel loaded with migrants capsized over the weekend.

20.04.2015 14:29