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What the BRICS plus Germany are really up to?
Winston Churchill once said, “I feel lonely without a war.” He also badly missed the loss of empire. Churchill’s successor – the ‘Empire of Chaos’ – now faces the same quandary. Some wars – as in Ukraine, by proxy – are not going so well.

27.02.2015 13:43

Pay to protest? Campaigners reject govt bid to ‘privatize dissent’
Furious campaign groups across the UK have rejected the government’s proposed ‘pay to protest’ measures, warning they will not hire private companies to facilitate anti-government rallies.

19.02.2015 17:13

‘Super-prison’ plans questioned by watchdog over violence risk
The chief inspector of prisons has called on MPs to review security problems at Oakwood in Staffordshire after inmates staged a riot. The facility was riddled with drug abuse soon after opening three years ago.

18.02.2015 12:09

We need off-shore drilling, says Obama; like another hurricane, add locals
​The Obama administration has released plans for expanding America’s energy independence through offshore exploration, but the proposal faces an uphill battle, including from some who say “we need offshore drilling like we need another hurricane.”

28.01.2015 17:10

Nae fracking here! SNP govt imposes shale gas moratorium in Scotland
Scotland has imposed a moratorium on shale gas planning permits while an assessment on the impact of shale drilling is completed, ministers told the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday.

28.01.2015 15:14

​Oil price drop is ‘economic warfare against US enemies’
The current oil price decline can be explained by heavy selling in US future markets which is part of an all-out economic war between the US and countries like Russia, Iran and Venezuela, says financial journalist, Willem Middelkoop.

21.01.2015 14:39

​‘US unilateral actions to protect its interests let other govts use same excuse’
US should hold itself to a higher standard and stop acting unilaterally and violating international rules whenever it feels its interests jeopardized, said Nick Sarwark of the Libertarian National Committee on President Obama’s State of the Union speech.

21.01.2015 10:10

‘OPEC split into two camps’
OPEC countries have so far failed to reach an agreement on cutting oil production and currently the group is divided into two camps: those in favor of reducing production and those who want to keep things as they are oil expert Rami Eljundi told RT.

16.01.2015 09:40

‘Global War I: Geopolitical battle where oil is key’
The oil price crash is the first battle of Global War I between the geopolitical interests of the West versus Russia and its allies, says international consultant Adrian Salbuchi. In the future we might see the same happening over water or food, he adds.

15.01.2015 04:50

More than £30bn wiped off UK markets over Greece euro exit fears
The value of UK firms plummeted more than £30 billion on Monday as world markets reacted to Greece potentially leaving the euro currency.

06.01.2015 11:11

Nearly half of Brits on prescription drugs – report
Nearly half of all Britons are taking prescription medication on a regular basis according to new figures produced by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC)

30.12.2014 17:04

Oil price fall: ‘Nobody will be a winner’
Refusing to cut production OPEC is planting the seeds of a future oil crisis where global consumption will overtake a global production, Dr. Mamdouh Salameh, consultant on oil and energy at the World Bank told RT.

22.12.2014 17:33