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​Depression? There’s an app for that
Teenagers and young people with mental health problems such as depression and anxiety will be encouraged to use smartphone apps to treat their conditions, a government minister has said.

25.11.2014 15:16

Libya owes UK £14mn for scrapped military training scheme
The Libyan government owes the UK £14 million for an aborted training program aimed at helping the depleted post-Gaddafi army to recover. The program was abandoned after recruits sexually attacked locals near their Cambridgeshire barracks.

24.11.2014 11:24

​Radioactive leak as fire strikes Scottish nuclear plant
A fire at a Scottish nuclear power plant has caused the release of radioactive particles “via an unauthorized route.” Site officials insist the leak poses no threat to the public.

21.11.2014 11:44

‘Global economy will benefit from oil price decline’
If OPEC fails to take a unified approach on stabilizing oil prices the global economy will be the biggest winner because oil prices will continue to fall, Fred Beach, of the University of Texas at Austin, told RT.

20.11.2014 12:16

No fracking, we’re German! Berlin reiterates moratorium on drilling
Germany says it is not going to loosen restrictions concerning its moratorium on fracking. A report in Der Spiegel had said the government was considering making it easier to extract shale gas and allow test drilling.

18.11.2014 13:20

Billions still spent on coal & oil subsidies as UK govt misses fossil fuels target – report
The UK is failing to meet its stated target to cut dependence on fossil fuels, despite mounting evidence of man-made climate change, a new report says.

11.11.2014 16:16

Russian experts say falling oil price is short-term
The oil price continued its downward trend on Wednesday, with Brent crude having lost about 25 percent of its summer high. However, Russian experts believe the fall is short-term.

05.11.2014 12:49

Digital evolution? UK govt launches Bitcoin & e-currency consultation
The British government is formally examining the benefits and feasibility of using electronic currencies (e-currencies) such as Bitcoin, as thousands are turning their backs on traditional forms of finance.

04.11.2014 15:32

'360-degree range': Israel develops maritime 'Iron Dome' missile defense system
Israel is looking to build on the success of its Iron Dome, used during the Gaza War this summer, by creating a maritime version. The developers say it boasts a 360-degree range and can fire a missile every second.

01.11.2014 10:26

‘Pandora’s box’: Cameron risks fines if Britain refuses to pay EU tax bill
A failure to comply with the European Commission’s demand on the UK to contribute an extra £1.7bn ($2.66 billion) to the European Union budget could result in fines for the British government, it emerged on Monday.

27.10.2014 15:24

Caspian Summit: Successful cooperation in 'oasis of peace'
One of the biggest achievements of the Caspian Summit was the considerable progress made in preparing the Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea.

07.10.2014 16:14

Iran 'not ready' to replace Russian gas supplies to EU – Rouhani
Iran is not ready to satisfy EU’s gas demand and replace Russia as a key supplier if sanctions against Tehran are lifted, said Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani. He added that the country lags behind in gas extraction.

04.10.2014 11:46