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ISIS ‘making millions’ out of stolen oil revenues in Iraq
ISIS militants are using the revenue from seized oil fields to finance their newly-formed Islamic state in northern Iraq. Sources within the regional government say the extremist militants are “making millions” in illegal trade.

23.07.2014 07:33

Future cell phones to recharge from air after rain?
MIT scientists have discovered a way to get an electric current out of water droplets. Enough power to charge mobile phones can be drawn from water condensing and jumping from a super-hydrophobic surface.

20.07.2014 08:51

​Russia surpasses US gold production for first time in 25 years
Russia has produced more gold than the United States for the first time in 25 years. It’s now the world’s third biggest producer after China and Australia, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia Sergey Donskoy said.

10.07.2014 14:03

​Germany's failed attempts to get its gold back from the US 'opens question of its sovereignty'
There is neither real criticism from German politicians, nor any visible efforts to return German gold held in the US, so it seems that US controls Germany, economic analyst Michael Mross told RT.

07.07.2014 12:49

Ukraine asks for ‘big gas reverse’ from Slovakia
Ukraine Energy Minister Yury Prodan says the EU has been asked to start pumping 30 billion cubic meters of gas using reverse flow from Slovakia. Russia has cut supplies to Ukraine until it pays its gas bill; meanwhile Kiev is seeing alternate supplies.

25.06.2014 14:15

Australia suggests ditching carbon tax
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has suggested scrapping legislation that controls one of the most pressing issues for Australia - climate change. Abbott says cutting the "carbon tax" means more money for households. Opponents say it’s bowing to big business.

23.06.2014 11:42

'Death of money': Author Rickards predicts collapse of global monetary system
The collapse of the monetary system awaits the world in the near future, says financial expert James Rickards. Russia and China's desire to rid the US dollar of its global reserve currency status is an early sign of the “increasingly inevitable” crisis.

28.05.2014 19:23

Russia, China may create common economic zone in Far East
Russia and China may set up a common economic zone in Russia’s Far East, the deputy head of China’s government, Li Yuanchao, said at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.

24.05.2014 13:03

Feds ban legal marijuana growers from using government water supply
The United States Bureau of Reclamation delivers water to around 1.2 million acres of irrigated land west of the Mississippi, but certain customers in the states Washington and Colorado are now being told to find a new source.

21.05.2014 17:48

​Key Russia-China deals
Russia has secured more than 40 business contracts with China during President Putin’s visit to Shanghai. Top is the $400 billion gas contract, there are also deals in finance, investment, aircraft, and automobiles. Here is RT’s list of key agreements.

21.05.2014 14:39

When energy starved India meets oil rich Russia
As India and Russia try to diversify their energy focus – India as importer and Russia as exporter – both nations are at an interesting confluence with India’s energy need growing exponentially.

14.05.2014 09:43

Son of US VP Joe Biden appointed to board of major Ukrainian gas company
Hunter Biden, son of US VP Joe Biden, is joining the board of directors of Burisma Holdings, Ukraine’s largest private gas producer. The group has prospects in eastern Ukraine where civil war is threatened following the coup in Kiev.

13.05.2014 12:28

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