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Scientists discover how to make ethanol using just water and CO2
Scientists at Stanford University in the state of California say they’ve developed a procedure for making potent liquid ethanol that doesn’t rely on corn or any other crops traditionally involved in the process.

10.04.2014 18:43

Solar energy now same price as conventional power in Germany, Italy, Spain - report
Solar energy now costs the same as conventionally generated electricity in Germany, Italy and Spain, a report has revealed. The research has warned, however, that high installation costs are impeding other countries from achieving grid parity.

25.03.2014 06:42

Anti-fracking activist asks court to lift ban keeping her from local hospital, grocery store
Attorneys for a 62-year-old anti-fracking activist from Pennsylvania are in court on Monday attempting to overturn a ruling that keeps their client from stepping foot in nearly half of the county she lives in.

24.03.2014 14:18

‘Not easy to impose sanctions on Russia due to the interdependency of economies’
​Sanctions against Russia won’t have a great impact, as the countries can’t implement sanctions against each other without costs for themselves, Alexander Shokhin, President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, told RT.

18.03.2014 12:33

‘US wants to catch up with Russia in the Arctic’
The US wants to play a leading role in exploring the Arctic but doesn’t have enough facilities or resources, and basically lags behind Russia, Edward Struzik, leading researcher of the Arctic region, told RT.

11.03.2014 11:32

‘Ukraine will only get a pittance from the US and the EU’
The US government is saying it will help Ukraine’s new government with money, but the US Treasury is not in any political shape to give billions of dollars to the Ukrainian economy which requires $35 billion, geopolitical analyst William Engdahl told RT.

27.02.2014 12:25

Google investing more than $1 billion in alternative energy
​Around one-third of Google’s operations are made possible by renewable power, but the Silicon Valley giant is gunning to become completely reliant on resources like wind and the sun.

17.02.2014 20:24

‘Scotland has everything to become one of the world’s richest countries’
Scotland has oil, it’s small and can adopt the same regulatory measures as Singapore or Switzerland. That’s everything it needs to eventually join the list of the richest nations of the world, Dominic Frisby, author of ‘Life After the State’, told RT.

11.02.2014 13:13

Texans angrily protest fracking after 30 earthquakes hit town
Dozens of residents from a rural Texas community traveled to the state capital on Tuesday to demand that regulators act immediately to ban hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, amidst allegations that it is to blame for a spate of recent earthquakes.

21.01.2014 16:48

Company responsible for W. Virginia chemical spill files for bankruptcy
Freedom Industries, the company responsible for the methanol leak that contaminated the water supply in a West Virginia town, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, according to a new report.

17.01.2014 20:48

​Single cinder block was used to contain toxic chemical prior to mass W. Virginia spill
State inspectors found that the company involved in a major chemical spill in West Virginia had set up a simple cinder block and one 50-pound bag of a safety absorbent powder, according to the Charleston Gazette.

14.01.2014 23:32

W. Virginia begins to lift water ban, but questions about spill remain unanswered
Residents of West Virginia are slowly being told to turn back on their faucets after a chemical spill near the state capital last week contaminated the water supply used by around 300,000 people.

13.01.2014 18:37

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