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Anti-govt protesters declare Odessa 'People's Republic' in southern Ukraine


‘Never on Sunday’: Greece riots over shop openings end with tear gas, clashes (PHOTOS)
Two people have been injured as Greeks rioted over the opening of shops on Sunday. Hundreds of protesters gathered in Athens’ main shopping district, resulting in clashes with riot police who tried to disperse the protesters with tear gas.

13.04.2014 11:47

Not ‘lovin' it’ in Crimea: McDonald’s suspends operations for ‘manufacturing reasons’
​Ukrainian McDonald’s Ltd, a subsidary of the world’s largest fast food chain, has temporarily closed its doors in Crimea because of “manufacturing reasons.”

04.04.2014 11:11

Native Americans fight to ban marijuana in a quarter of Washington state
The Yakama Nation tribe of Native Americans is ramping up its efforts to ensure a new law legalizing recreational marijuana in Washington state won’t apply on ancestral land.

25.03.2014 16:37

Safety first: Toyota to pay record $1.2bn fine
The US Justice Department has imposed a $1.2 billion fine on Toyota for misinforming customers about safety issues. The deal put an end to a four-year criminal investigation, which is the largest to date against the auto maker.

20.03.2014 13:28

Plastic chemical found in nearly 500 foods sold in US
Nearly 500 food items commonly sold in the United States contain a chemical compound also used in synthetic leathers and yoga mats, but a health research and advocacy organization is aiming to change that.

28.02.2014 19:21

Russian retailer Lenta shares dip on London IPO debut
Shares in Russian hypermarket chain Lenta have dipped on the first day of trading on the London Exchange. The company only managed to raise $952 million in its IPO, short of the estimated $1 billion.

28.02.2014 10:21

​Tesco clothing line F&F to kick off in Russia in 2014
The world’s third largest retailer, Britain's Tesco, is planning to expand into the Russian market, opening branches of its F&F clothing line in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

14.02.2014 07:13

​ World Bank invests €35mn in Russian and Latin American online fashion
The private-sector investment arm of the World Bank will pour up to $34.18 million (€25mn) into two fashion e- commerce start-ups, Lamoda in Russia and Dafiti in Latin America, in an effort to support the online retail sector in developing economies.

28.01.2014 12:57

Apple accused of selling customers’ personal information
Apple has been hit with a hefty class action lawsuit, courtesy of three men from Massachusetts who say the computer company illegally collected and sold its customers’ personal information.

21.01.2014 20:26

Hitler's ‘Mein Kampf’ becomes e-book blockbuster
​Adolf Hitler’s magnum opus Mein Kampf is experiencing a surge in sales, and some say that the Nazi leader’s manifesto is becoming popular nearly a century after being published thanks to the anonymous readers who purchase e-book editions.

10.01.2014 18:46

Fed up with euro, France flirts with coupon money
Whether buying bread, filling a pharmacy prescription, getting a haircut or going to the doctor, some residents of Montreuil, France, are rejecting the euro in favor of ‘La Peche’, a local community currency.

10.01.2014 11:18

Luxury carmakers Rolls-Royce and Bentley hit new records in 2013
Sales of Bentley cars went up 19 percent in 2013, with Rolls-Royce sales increasing 1.5 percent year on year surpassing the record growth of 2007.

09.01.2014 02:14

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