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$75k income not enough to keep a third of US households from living paycheck-to-paycheck
A third of higher income Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck, even when they earn $75,000 a year because they would rather spend money on eating out and experiences than save money for retirement, according to a new survey.

17.04.2015 16:19

Rand awareness: Sen. Paul sells presidential campaign merchandise featuring anti-NSA items
From koozies to cornhole sets, Beats headphone skins to beer steins, NSA-blocking devices to anti-drone shirts, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) is hoping donors to his presidential campaign will buy doodads that will bring his brand to backyard barbecues.

07.04.2015 19:15

Details of 65mn RadioShack customers up for auction
On-the-ropes electronic retailer RadioShack may have found a successful buyer in its bid to liquidate its assets, but the chain’s 'going bankrupt' sale is causing concerns over its offering of one item in particular: a huge chunk of customer data.

24.03.2015 18:30

Major Tom to Ground Control: Oregon brewery launches space-age beer
An Oregon craft brewery has announced it will sell a limited run of “space” beer next month. The very special batch of imperial stout was made using brewer’s yeast that successfully returned from space last fall, the company said.

20.03.2015 20:15

1.2 million liters of beer ‘underreported’ in Oktoberfest
Beer consumption at the famous Oktoberfest festival in Germany was underreported by 1.2 million liters last year, a recent report reveals. Wrong figures appear to have been provided for years.

17.03.2015 13:43

​Cookbook or Israeli propaganda? Waitrose slammed for ‘Taste of Israel’ pamphlet
A British supermarket chain has come under fire on social media for including a government sponsored ‘Taste of Israel’ pamphlet in their monthly magazine.

17.03.2015 10:22

Adidas to close 200 stores in Russia in 2015 because of weaker ruble
The world’s second largest sports retailer Adidas is to shut 200 shops in Russia in 2015, as the company is severely impacted by significant devaluation of the rouble and other emerging market currencies.

05.03.2015 12:49

Palestinians boycott Israeli goods over unpaid taxes
Palestinians in the West Bank have begun boycotting Israeli goods. They recently dumped a truckload of milk and yogurt in Ramallah’s main square. They are shunning the products after Israel stopped giving the Palestinian government vital tax revenues.

03.03.2015 13:27

US citizens warned not to shop in Jordan after ‘credible’ terror threats
The US embassy in Jordan’s capital, Amman, has warned American citizens against visiting the country’s posh shopping malls after receiving “credible information” that they may be targeted by terrorists.

26.02.2015 14:04

Mom's job: Clothing label stirs sexism accusations in Italy
An Italian politician has blasted clothing brand Shoeshine’s washing instructions as being offensive.

19.02.2015 13:37

‘What part of no don’t you understand?’ TTIP critics target EU trade commissioner
EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom’s visit to London to promote the EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) has been met with protest, as MPs say more transparency is needed to address public concern.

16.02.2015 15:37

Chinese shoppers to outspend US by 2018
China is poised to outstrip the US as the world’s largest retail market by 2018, with online purchases quickly replacing conventional shopping, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

13.02.2015 08:06