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Premier League football clubs charge children up to £600 to be mascots
Several Premier League clubs charge children up to £600 to be a mascot at a football match and thereby exclude families from poorer backgrounds, The Guardian has revealed.

18.12.2014 15:27

​Oil price drop ‘good for Britain’ – Chancellor Osborne
Chancellor George Osborne has welcomed the global fall in oil prices, calling the drop a “net positive” in providing UK consumers with cheaper sources of energy, while applying political pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

16.12.2014 15:07

US, European markets tumble following ruble, oil
US stock futures fell along with shares in European companies exposed to Russia, as the ruble and crude oil slid to new record lows on Tuesday.

16.12.2014 15:10

Amazon glitch posts 1p ‘bargains’, sellers risk bankruptcy
A computer error led to hundreds of items being sold on Amazon for just 1p, and now businesses say they risk going bankrupt if they are forced to honor the sales.

15.12.2014 13:29

$1,000 meal for hungry cat: Russian sea food store suffers feline heist (VIDEO)
During the night, a ginger cat sneaked into a sea food store at Vladivostok airport and treated itself to fish from the deli counter. The animal's feast, which included squid and flatfish, was worth 60,000 rubles - some $1,100.

11.12.2014 13:35

​‘Alcohol lobby’ is hijacking government policy – UK scientists
The ‘alcohol lobby’ is hijacking government policy and preventing both Britain and Australia from addressing the amount of unhealthy drinking, experts have warned.

10.12.2014 16:08

​Do they know it’s Christmas? Thousands of UK families face winter of poverty
Thousands of British families will be dependent on handouts and charity this Christmas as rates of poverty in the UK continue to soar.

10.12.2014 15:24

4.3mn tons of food thrown away by firms annually – amid rife hunger & poverty
Supermarket giant Morrisons binned of 10,000 Cornish pasties after their delivery driver arrived 17 minutes late for collection, according to a report on hunger in the UK. The report also found that 4.3 million tons of edible food is discarded annually.

08.12.2014 11:31

​5 key takeaways to watch for in George Osborne’s Autumn Statement
British Chancellor George Osborne is to deliver his final Autumn Statement of this parliament on Wednesday.

03.12.2014 10:12

Banned DNA test kits hit UK stores
A highly controversial DNA testing kit has gone on sale in the UK. The service, which allows users to diagnose the personal risk of developing life-threatening diseases by analyzing their DNA, was banned in the US in 2013.

02.12.2014 13:00

FBI performed three federal background checks per second on Black Friday
The FBI ran more than three background checks per second ‒ more than 175,000 total ‒ on Black Friday, thanks to the largest ever number of guns purchased on the biggest retail day in the US. It was the second most reviews ever during a single day.

01.12.2014 17:22

Always Be Chatty: Japanese robot Pepper will sell you a coffee machine… with a smile
Chatty robots in human form have started selling coffee machines to customers in Japan as of Monday, with their makers claiming that they can understand 80 percent of conversations, along with being able to play games with customers and answer questions.

01.12.2014 17:15