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​Britons earning less than in 2001, young take biggest hit – study
British people are earning less in real terms than they were in 2001, according to new analysis from the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS), with young Brits bearing the brunt of the fall in wages.

30.01.2015 11:35

​‘Fundamentally corrupt’: UK banks slammed for selling pointless card insurance
Two million customers will be eligible for compensation from some of Britain’s biggest banks after being deliberately sold useless credit card insurance policies.

28.01.2015 12:17

Office worker tackles machete-wielding jewelry thief
A video of an office worker attempting to take down a machete-wielding man following a suspected robbery in London has gone viral.

26.01.2015 15:42

17,600 Canadian employees ready to eat former Target exec alive over severance pay
Social media users have come down heavily on the former CEO of Target after it turned out he reportedly received a walk-away package worth about the same as what was offered to all 17,600 employees of the chain, which is closing its stores in Canada.

23.01.2015 05:41

German retailer withdraws soap with mosque on label after Muslim complaint, provokes backlash
German supermarket chain Aldi Sud has prompted a national debate by taking a brand of liquid soap off the shelves after a Muslim shopper complained he was offended by its label. The decision has sparked a wave of outrage from other customers.

19.01.2015 14:40

McDonald’s ad references nat’l tragedies, inspires ‘snarky disbelief’, parodies
Not everyone is loving McDonald’s newest ad. While some people were moved by the montage of signs outside its restaurants, others thought the notes referencing national tragedies like 9/11 or the Boston bombing were in poorer taste than the ribless McRib.

13.01.2015 20:12

​‘Disgusting’: David Haines beheading picture used in Kalashnikov ad
A firearms shop has provoked outrage by using a picture of British aid worker David Haines moments before he was executed by Islamic State killer “Jihadi John” in an advert for Kalashnikovs.

13.01.2015 10:15

Ohio bridal shop visited by Amber Vinson closing, blames Ebola patient’s notoriety
The Ohio bridal shop that a nurse visited mere days before she was diagnosed with Ebola is closing down. Now the owner blames her notorious customer for scaring away brides and other potential clients.

09.01.2015 20:12

Nearly half of Brits on prescription drugs – report
Nearly half of all Britons are taking prescription medication on a regular basis according to new figures produced by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC)

30.12.2014 17:04

Deadly fake vodka hits shelves ahead of New Year's Eve
New Year's partygoers are being warned to take caution, as thousands of fake vodka bottles have hit liquor store shelves just days ahead of the celebrations.

29.12.2014 14:59

​US stock market hits milestone following surge in economic growth
The US stock market hit a historic milestone on Tuesday, following an announcement that the country’s economy grew five percent between the months of July and October ‒ its fastest pace in over a decade.

23.12.2014 20:33

Premier League football clubs charge children up to £600 to be mascots
Several Premier League clubs charge children up to £600 to be a mascot at a football match and thereby exclude families from poorer backgrounds, The Guardian has revealed.

18.12.2014 15:27