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Robert Bridge

Bahrain stages controversial elections amid Shia boycott
As voters streamed to polling stations across Bahrain for parliamentary and municipal elections, the main Shia opposition is expressing its dissatisfaction with the political situation by staging a boycott.

22.11.2014 13:37

Rapper may face 25 years in prison over ‘gangsta rap’ album
Brandon Duncan has no criminal record, but could face a life sentence of 25 years in prison as prosecutors say his latest album lent artistic motivation for a recent string of gang-related shootings.

22.11.2014 07:46

Obesity price tag: $2trn annually and ‘rapidly getting worse’
Around 30 percent of the world’s population is now obese, while 50 percent is expected to fall into the category by 2030. Meanwhile, 5 percent of global deaths each year are linked to the condition, creating a drag on the global economy.

21.11.2014 10:56

Woman with 9mm handgun arrested near White House
A woman with a 9mm handgun has been detained by Secret Service agents near the White House in the latest incident involving presidential security.

21.11.2014 08:18

Blast on Gulf of Mexico platform leaves 1 dead, 3 injured
An explosion off the US coast in the Gulf of Mexico on an oil and gas platform has killed one worker and injured three others.

21.11.2014 06:03

Miley Cyrus delivers ‘The Boss’ a Wrecking Ball
Behind every political and economic struggle there is at least one great song that inspires the movement. Perhaps that explains the apathy among today’s younger generation, as the music needed to fuel a social movement has gone missing in action.

17.11.2014 13:28

Cops burst into school, weapons drawn, in surprise ‘active shooter drill’
Teachers and students at a Florida middle school got the shock of their lives as an unannounced ‘lockdown active shooter drill’ sparked panic as police burst into classrooms with weapons drawn, drawing sharp criticism from the community.

16.11.2014 08:32

Key to happiness: ‘Keeping up with Joneses’ or seizing the moment?
While it is generally recognized that wealth alone will not buy happiness, consumers still spend trillions of dollars per year in the pursuit of material happiness. New research, however, indicates they may be missing the boat.

14.11.2014 13:18

​US fast-food chains ‘disproportionately’ targeting black youth – study
Children in lower-income, black communities are more heavily targeted by fast-food advertising and gimmicks designed to appeal to them, according to a newly published academic study.

15.11.2014 12:43

Ankara and Washington agree to train 2,000 Syrian rebels in Turkey - report
The US and Turkey agreed on plans to train 2,000 members of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) on Turkish territory, but the sides failed to agree on the question of training Kurdish groups, which Ankara has labeled members of a terrorist organization.

15.11.2014 11:47

Koalas & kangaroos: G20 first ladies go wild in Aussie outback
Prime Minister Tony Abbott's wife Margie introduced a group of G20 leaders' wives to the wild side of life Down Under, which included koala cuddling at an animal sanctuary on the outskirts of Brisbane.

15.11.2014 06:20

Perfecting the mind: ‘Smart pill’ unlocks childlike state of learning in adults
Scientists from Stanford University say they have discovered a way to unlock a part of the brain that is responsible for assisting humans in learning new skills with the ease and wonderment that is identifiable in children.

14.11.2014 14:15