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Robert Bridge

‘Emergency alert’ sparks panic among TV viewers nationwide
The residents of about a dozen US states received a scare when an ominous message rolled across their TV screens announcing an ‘emergency alert’ with the names of their states – without any explanation or further information.

31.03.2015 07:29

Okinawa overrule: Japanese minister vetoes local governor on new US military base
Efforts on the part of residents of a rural town in Okinawa to block construction of a new US military base faced a major setback when the Japanese fisheries minister intervened on behalf of the new development.

30.03.2015 13:20

​Canadian cop smashes car window, drags out driver (VIDEO)
A Vancouver police sergeant smashed a motorist's window before physically removing the driver from his car, a freshly shared video shows, prompting legal experts to question the limits of police behavior in such situations.

29.03.2015 11:21

​Beijing calling: Australia & Denmark defy US by applying to join China-led bank
Australia and Denmark, despite previous American objections to the move, say they will join a new Beijing-backed investment bank that some in Washington say could supplant the US-dominated International Monetary Fund.

29.03.2015 12:45

March to martial law? Undercover Special Forces to sweep US Southwest
As elite branches of the US military prepare to hold military training in seven southwest states, with some troops operating incognito among civilians, some Americans fear the training is actually preparation for imposing martial law.

29.03.2015 06:38

€25 million: Greek Jews seek reparations from Germany over Nazi deportations
Jewish leaders from Greece are seeking over €25 million (US$27 million) in reparations from Germany some seven decades after Hitler forced Jews to pay the transport costs for their passage to concentration camps.

24.03.2015 08:29

​BuzzFeed investigates penis size, internet cries WTF
In yet another sign that certain parts of mainstream media are becoming obsessed with animalistic urges and impulses, BuzzFeed slapped a ruler against its manhood to see where they stand in the global pecking order.

22.03.2015 14:48

​Ukraine oligarch ‘top cash contributor’ to Clinton Foundation prior to Kiev crisis
From 2009 up to 2013, the year the Ukrainian crisis erupted, the Clinton Foundation received at least $8.6 million from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, which is headquartered in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, a new report claims.

22.03.2015 13:01

Pedophilia in Britain ‘woven into the fabric of society’ – Theresa May
As the UK has launched a new-judge led inquiry panel to investigate a pedophile ring operated in 1980s, the Home Secretary warns the allegations are just a “tip of an iceberg” and the problem is “woven, covertly, into the fabric of our society.”

14.03.2015 14:21

Shut up! Fox News ‘scream machine’ wins America’s trust among domestic media
Fox News, the American news channel that has a curious way of treating dissenting guests like detainees in the war on terror, has been ranked the most trusted network in the US, according to a new poll by Quinnipiac University.

10.03.2015 15:22

Activists rally in Chicago to close ‘black site,’ end ‘disappearing’ of civilians
Protesters in Chicago have held a rally to demand the police shut down a formerly abandoned warehouse that is reportedly being used to interrogate suspected criminals without recourse to legal representation.

08.03.2015 09:58

33% of Americans out of workforce, highest rate since 1978
The number of Americans aged 16 and older not participating in the labor force hit 92,898,000 in February, tying December’s record, according to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

07.03.2015 14:23