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Robert Bridge

Glenn Greenwald rattles New Zealand with ‘spying’ claims
US journalist Glenn Greenwald, who broke the story on NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, said New Zealand officials are spying on their citizens, a charge that has provoked a harsh response from NZ Prime Minister John Key.

13.09.2014 10:20

NSA denies whistleblower Snowden ‘raised concerns’ in emails
In response to a Freedom of Information request, the NSA denies that its former NSA contractor-turned whistleblower Edward Snowden ever raised concerns in emails to colleagues to his colleagues over the agency’s surveillance work.

13.09.2014 05:38

Senator Ted Cruz booed off stage by Christian group for supporting Israel
Texas Senator Ted Cruz was apparently caught unawares by the intense political leanings of an audience he addressed in Washington, D.C., when he spoke out in defense of Israel.

12.09.2014 10:36

New anti-obesity pill to help curb appetite of 78mn Americans
US regulators have approved a weight-loss drug called Contrave, the third type of such prescription medication introduced in over 10 years, despite carrying some possible heavy side-effects of its own.

12.09.2014 08:22

Prison break-in: Norway to rent Dutch cells for inmates as ‘demand’ exceeds capacity
Norway’s prison system plans to rent Dutch prison cells amid a shortage of available space, the Norwegian government said.

11.09.2014 18:57

US fear-mongering over ISIS ignores America’s border problem
On the 13th anniversary of 9/11, a survey showed that 47 percent of Americans – about 150 million citizens - feel less safe today than they did before the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon (NBC/Wall Street Journal survey).

11.09.2014 11:42

Ferguson public meeting erupts in anger and accusations
The Missouri town’s first public meeting since the shooting death of black teenager Michael Brown, 18, killed by a white police officer on August 9, turned chaotic with audience members shouting down Ferguson’s council members.

10.09.2014 13:07

Ebola threatens Liberia's existence - minister
The Ebola epidemic, which has killed at least 1,200 people in the war-torn African state of Liberia, is “spreading like wildfire and devouring everything in its path,” the country’s defense minister told the UN Security Council.

10.09.2014 08:57

​McDonald’s suffers worst monthly decline in more than a decade
The American fast-food giant witnessed a sharp decline in global profits in August, hit by the closure of its restaurants across Russia and a “rotten meat” scandal in China.

10.09.2014 08:44

NRA goes head-to-head against billionaire Bloomberg’s anti-gun campaign
The National Rifle Association and its 5 million members are attempting to win over US public opinion in the debate over guns against the efforts of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg as midterm elections approach.

05.09.2014 12:50

UK says new Russian sanctions could be lifted if ceasefire holds
UK PM David Cameron said new sanctions against Russia could be lifted if the warring sides in Ukraine’s conflict agree to honor a ceasefire, the details of which have now been finalized. Germany and France echoed the sentiment.

05.09.2014 11:44

US child homicide rate leads West - UNICEF
The US leads Western nations in child homicide rates, while millions of children around the world are threatened with physical, sexual and emotional abuse, including murder, rape and bullying, a new UNICEF report revealed.

05.09.2014 06:16

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