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Robert Bridge

Obama hits campaign trail, audience heckles, leaves early
President Barack Obama, whose popularity ratings have hit record lows, failed to rally a crowd for a fellow Democratic candidate, as some audience members heckled and others left the venue in the middle of his speech.

20.10.2014 10:58

Suspected Nazi war criminals collecting ‘millions’ in Social Security – investigation
US taxpayers have paid millions of dollars in Social Security benefits to dozens of suspected Nazi war criminals, even after they were forced out of the United States, an investigation by the Associated Press has found.

20.10.2014 05:00

Warmongering Washington hunting for Ebola, Russia and Islamic State
The US Secretary of Defense Secretary categorized Russia as a global threat – much like Obama in his UN address last month - in the same breath as Ebola and Islamic State.

16.10.2014 13:14

Parents may be held liable for children’s Facebook posts – court
The parents of two children who posted defamatory comments about a fellow student in a fake Facebook account are heading to court, which will determine whether parents should be liable for their children’s internet activity.

16.10.2014 07:28

Nicola Sturgeon takes the reigns of Scottish National Party
Coming after a failed referendum that could have seen Scotland achieve its independence, Deputy SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon will replace Alex Salmond next month as the head of the SNP to become Scotland’s first female first minister.

15.10.2014 12:31

Washington concealed US troops exposure to chemical weapons in Iraq – intel docs
American soldiers discovered more than 4,990 chemical munitions in Iraq, according to Iraqi and US officials and previously classified intelligence documents, which may now be in the hands of Islamic State militants.

15.10.2014 10:47

Black teen shot by St. Louis cop had gunpowder residue on hands – crime report
A black teenager killed by a police officer in St. Louis, coming just two months after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, had gunpowder residue on his hands, jeans and T-shirt, according to crime lab results.

15.10.2014 06:42

Sister of British hostage Cantlie pleads for ‘direct contact’ with ISIS
The sister of British hostage John Cantlie, a journalist who has been held by the Islamic State (IS/ISIS/ISIL) since November 2012, has made a direct appeal to the militant group to “re-open dialogue” with the family in a bid to secure his freedom.

14.10.2014 11:50

Cold Turkey: Ankara denies US bombing missions in Iraq and Syria from its territory
The Obama administration jumped the gun by announcing that Turkey had authorized it permission to fly US fighter jets out of the Incirlik Airbase against Islamic State militants, who are making dramatic gains in Iraq and Syria.

14.10.2014 10:12

Greece plans early exit from largest IMF rescue package in history
Athens has informed the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that it will end its obligations to the unpopular rescue program, which placed crippling austerity measures on the country, more than a year early.

13.10.2014 11:49

Trick or Terror: ‘Wasco clown’ sightings freak out California town
Since the beginning of October, the residents of Wasco, California have been on alert for sightings of a ghoulish clown, or clowns, in some instances brandishing a weapon, which has already landed one teen copycat in jail.

13.10.2014 10:11

Blame game begins in US after nurse infected with Ebola
A leading US health official sparked controversy after saying it is “deeply disturbing” that a Dallas nurse became infected with Ebola while caring for a patient, arguing that many US hospitals are ill-prepared to handle the virus.

13.10.2014 05:50

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