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RT Exclusive

‘America needs a Perestroika’ – Gorbachev to RT
The US needs reforms similar to those during Perestroika in the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev told RT's Sophie Shevardnadze. The former Soviet leader also spoke about Washington’s policy of pressure and intervention into conflicts.

14.12.2014 20:35

‘If a kid had a toy gun at you, what would you do?’ Dennis Rodman speaks to RT about Ferguson
Former basketball star and NBA record-holder Dennis Rodman spoke to RT about the latest unrest in Ferguson, the jury’s verdict in the case, and his attitude towards Russians.

28.11.2014 21:06

US allies provide Syrian rebels with weapons 'at wink and nod' of Washington – Churkin to RT
Washington has a lot of influence on countries like Qatar, which is reportedly the main source of weapons and support for the Syrian rebels, so they are not absolved from responsibility, Russia’s ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin told RT.

10.02.2013 20:05

Falklands War 30 years on: ‘The British have learned nothing’
Thirty years after the UK and Argentina fought over the remote Falkland Islands, the war continues to resonate in both countries. Historian Hugh Bicheno says Britain has not learned from the conflict and the islands are still vulnerable to invasion.

02.05.2012 19:08

How to make Iran give up its nuclear program (PART 2)
UN sanctions, assassinations, terror attacks and military threats – none of these stopped Iran working on its nuclear program. What is the mood in Iran’s scientific community? Are ordinary people scared, or is the pressure bringing consolidation?

18.02.2012 07:58

Svyaznoy mobile banking on success
The management of Russian mobile phone retailer Svyaznoy say they intend an IPO in London within two or three years.

06.02.2012 11:08

Syria: Watch the weather forecast
Ankhar Kochneva, writer and sole foreign journalist permanently living in Syria, tells RT what is really up in the country, who funds the opposition, how international media fake images of unrest and why it is so important to watch weather forecasts.

27.01.2012 12:50

Rusnano woos investors in Davos
Russia’s hi-tech state corporation Rusnano is going to sell around 10% of its stock to private investors. “That’s a very sensitive point on our way from a State corporation into a business like one,” its head Anatoly Chubais, told RT in Davos.

26.01.2012 16:33

Half a dollar a day: The life of a Gaza tunnel-digger
Did you know Gaza Strip has a Ministry of Tunnels? It’s an important ministry too, as tunnels are a lifeline bringing food and consumer goods to Palestinians. Without them, it’s doubtful that people here would survive the Israeli blockade.

22.01.2012 07:14

Surviving in Gaza: Fishing as a feat
In Gaza people fish under the guns of Israeli naval ships and the latter open fire on boats every now and then. But people living in this bombed besieged area don’t have a choice. Fishermen keep going out to the sea each night.

15.01.2012 15:08

'MI5 shows lack of knowledge about Russia'
Poor intelligence and paranoia about Russia is what drove a case against a Russian woman accused of being a spy in the UK. Katya Zatuliveter spoke exclusively to RT after a court overruled a deportation order against her.

01.12.2011 19:33

Deaf in Gaza: Learning to make themselves heard
Even the daily routine of going to school is associated with breaking the blockade in Gaza. Education is seen as vital, and education for the deaf is no exception. Thus, the building of the Strip’s first secondary school for the deaf is a true milestone.

19.11.2011 09:21