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Russia and the global economy

‘Greece-EU clash over anti-Russia statement: others may follow Athens’ suit’
Greece’s discontent with the EU over an anti-Russian statement may give new momentum to other European countries, and make it easier for them to have courage to say “no” to Brussels dictate, foreign affairs analyst Srdja Trifkovic told RT.

28.01.2015 09:53

​Russia’s PM signs multibillion dollar anti-crisis plan
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed a one-year anti-crisis plan designed to stabilize the economy. The document includes 60 measures and will cost at least $35 billion (2.3 trillion rubles).

28.01.2015 07:20

‘Empire of Chaos’ in the House
No one in Western corporate media will tell you why US President Barack Obama is hitting Riyadh with a high-powered delegation to “pay his respects” to the new House of Saud potentate, King Salman.

27.01.2015 14:18

S&P downgrade ‘groundlessly pessimistic’ – Russian finance minister
The downgrade of Russia’s credit rating by S&P is unreasonable, as the agency didn’t consider the country’s anti-crisis plan, and the strong economy with its large reserves and extremely low public debt, said Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.

27.01.2015 07:23

Russia’s economy ‘ill’, but ‘virus’ is manageable - head of VTB
The Russian economy is suffering from certain economic problems such as low oil prices and sanctions, but they are not chronic, just more like a virus that’s quick to cure, Andrey Kostin, head of Russia’s second biggest bank VTB told RT.

24.01.2015 15:18

​Big investor interest in Russia, despite pressure - president of world’s largest aluminium producer
Western investors are eager to strengthen business ties with Russia and are seeking new opportunities despite external pressure, Russian tycoon and Rusal president, Oleg Deripaska, told RT in Davos.

24.01.2015 12:26

​'Sanctions always hurt wrong person,' open dialogue needed - Davos Forum
Sanctions are an ineffective instrument that hurt economies and ordinary people. What the West and Russia really need is to maintain cooperation and be open for a new way of dialogue, experts told RT at the forum in Davos.

24.01.2015 08:14

‘Davos geniuses ill-equipped to recognize economic structural problems, address inequality’
It’s doubtful the Davos forum will address unemployment as the participants are more concerned with what model of car they should buy than care about people who work for living, says Curtis Ellis Executive Director of the American Jobs Alliance.

22.01.2015 08:59

​No chance of state default in Russia – Deputy PM
There is no chance of a default on a state level in Russia, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich told RT at World Economic Forum in Switzerland, adding that the government will fulfill its obligations.

22.01.2015 08:00

Davos participants not interested in higher oil price – ex-Russian finance minister
The Davos forum participants are mostly oil importing countries and aren’t interested in interfering with OPEC’s policy, since they receive billions in benefits from falling oil prices, ex-Russian finance minister Aleksey Kudrin told RT.

21.01.2015 08:36

Biggest oil rig ever: 200k-ton Sakhalin giant begins production
The world’s biggest oil platform has begun commercial production at the Sakhalin-1 offshore project in Russia’s Far East. The Berkut oil rig is expected to extract 4.5 million tons of oil annually.

20.01.2015 09:24

​'Davos people – source of economic problems, not a solution'
The Davos meeting is not looking for world crisis solutions but plotting more controls, ‘banksterism’ and power elite benefits, says economic journalist Lew Rockwell. They are going to tax and rip off their own people to even greater extent, he added.

20.01.2015 11:11