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Russia and the global economy

Russia and China to increase finance cooperation - minister
Russia is interested in developing Chinese investment and cooperation, according to Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. Cooperation has been recently growing, as Western markets are now closed for Russia.

24.04.2015 09:05

Heineken to brew non-alcoholic Kvass as Russian beer market fades
Dutch brewer Heineken is to start production of the traditional Russian kvass brewed beverage in four factories across Russia. The company is using spare capacity as Russia’s beer market is shrinking.

23.04.2015 16:30

​Russia and Argentina seal energy package, $3bn in deals
Russia plans to invest $2 billion in Argentinian nuclear power plants, and Russia's Gazprom has signed a deal to explore oil and gas fields in Argentina, a project worth another $1 billion.

23.04.2015 15:49

Russia and Argentina to discuss using local currencies in trade - Putin
Russia and Argentina will consult on using national currencies in mutual trade settlements, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a news conference with his Argentinian counterpart Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

23.04.2015 13:30

Global drug market approaching scale of $4trn oil & gas industry – Russian drug czar
The dark underworld of drug trafficking will soon be bigger than the world’s $3.7 trillion oil and gas market, and is already bigger than the global auto industry, the director of Russia’s drug control agency said.

22.04.2015 14:54

The EU-Gazprom war
The European Commission (EC) is slapping anti-trust charges against Russia’s Gazprom under the pretext the energy giant is blocking competition in Central and Eastern Europe.

22.04.2015 11:43

Russia and China set up $200mn hi-tech fund
Russia and China have signed a deal to set up a joint $200 million venture fund - a startup incubator for Russian businesses and a new Chinese robotics center.

22.04.2015 07:20

EU charges Gazprom with 'abusing' market position in Central & Eastern Europe
Russia’s biggest gas utility, Gazprom, was hit with an antitrust case by European Union regulators for “abusing” its dominant position and overcharging customers for gas supplies. The investigation against the Gazprom has been ongoing for 2 years.

22.04.2015 07:57

Embargo relief? Russia tests food from Greece, Hungary & India
Russia began quality control fruits and vegetables from Hungary, Greece, and India in order to begin imports, said Aleksey Alekseenko the head of Russia’s food inspector Rosselkhoznadzor. Next week products from Cyprus will undergo similar tests.

20.04.2015 11:57

​Merkel says free trade zone with Russia possible
German Chancellor Angela Merkel believes that a free trade zone with Russia is possible in the future, despite the current political tensions with the West.

18.04.2015 15:06

​World Bank admits peak of Russia economic crisis over
The World Bank has agreed with President Vladimir Putin’s comment that Russia has successfully managed to overcome the worst of its current economic difficulties due to the government’s fiscal and monetary policy.

18.04.2015 12:36

BRICS Development Bank won’t rival China-led AIIB, but complement – CBR head
The BRICS New Development Bank and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), both seen as alternatives to US – led institutions, will not compete, but rather complement each other, said the head of the Central Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina.

17.04.2015 16:04