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Ukrainian pilot Savchenko to break 80-day hunger strike in Russia, detention in force
Nadezhda Savchenko, a Ukrainian pilot detained in Moscow over the deaths of Russian reporters, is quitting her hunger strike after 83 days. She has been demanding release from detention and Ukrainian President Poroshenko has sent a request to the Kremlin.

06.03.2015 15:30

​Edward Snowden ‘would love to return’ to Geneva, makes public appeal
US whistleblower Edward Snowden has publically pleaded with Switzerland to grant him asylum. Calling it a “great political option,” he said that he dreamed of going to Geneva, where he used to work undercover for the CIA.

06.03.2015 17:42

Moscow, Paris, Berlin want more OSCE observers in E.Ukraine - Russia's rep
A follow-up meeting on the Minsk accords has urged to boost the number of OSCE observers in eastern Ukraine and prolong their mission, said Grigory Karasin, Russia’s deputy foreign minister. Kiev's idea of sending peacekeepers did not gain much support.

06.03.2015 16:18

‘Budget optimization will not affect Russian defense order’ - Putin
Russian authorities have managed to preserve the important parts of the state’s defenses despite a current effort to cut all government expenses, President Vladimir Putin has said.

06.03.2015 14:10

IRA or NATO? Somerset teenagers go magnet fishing and open a can of worms
When teenage boys went magnet fishing at Greylake nature reserve in the flood plains of the Somerset levels two weeks ago little did they know the dark secrets they would be dragging from a drainage ditch.

06.03.2015 11:31

West’s ‘propaganda war for public opinion’
The West, particularly NATO states, have launched an aggressive and sophisticated propaganda war accusing Russia for the Ukraine crisis in order to get public support, Patrick Heningson of 21 Century, told RT’s In the Now.

06.03.2015 11:16

NATO seeks regime change in Russia - envoy
The latest statements by the deputy head of NATO testify to the fact that the leaders of the bloc want to intervene in Russia’s internal politics, and are “dreaming of Russian Maidan.” This is the view of Russia’s permanent envoy to NATO.

06.03.2015 08:57

2,000 troops: S. Russia braces for large-scale military drills
The Russian Defense Ministry has launched massive military exercises, involving over 2,000 troops and some 500 items of weaponry in southern Russia, including in the Caucasus.

05.03.2015 20:09

‘War lobby uses MH17 tragedy to demonize Russia’
The war lobby in the West isn’t interested in the truth behind the MH17 plane tragedy for political reasons. The purpose is to impose more sanctions on Russia, journalist and broadcaster Neil Clark says, adding that the blame gain will only continue.

05.03.2015 15:04

Arms supplies to Ukraine in Europe’s interests – Polish security official
Weapon supplies to Ukraine will serve the best interests of Poland and the whole of Europe, said Stanislaw Koziej, head of Poland's National Security Council.

05.03.2015 14:06

Russia ranks highest for female top managers
Russia is leading the way when it comes to women’s career development, with 40 percent of top managers women.

05.03.2015 11:15

'US Anti-Russian rhetoric – preparation to deliver lethal arms to Ukraine'
The US perceives the Ukrainian crisis as an opportunity to damage Russia and bring Ukraine into NATO, says Srdja Trifkovic Foreign Affairs Editor of Chronicles Magazine. He says a decision to ship lethal weapons to the Kiev regime has already been made.

05.03.2015 13:27