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Missing Russian journalist Andrey Stenin confirmed dead in Ukraine
Russian journalist Andrey Stenin, missing in eastern Ukraine for a month, has been confirmed dead, RIA Novosti, the news agency where he worked, reports. He was in vehicle, traveling in a convoy containing escaping civilians when it came under heavy fire.

01.09.2014 10:53

Trolling today: Ukrainian media exec takes infamous internet tactic to TV, dodges conversation with RT
A live interview on RT’s 'In the Now' program took a turn for the unexpected on Tuesday when a senior executive from Ukraine Today used the appearance to troll the host instead of discussing the network's new media project.

02.09.2014 19:19

Russia to begin building record-setting super-heavy space rocket
Vladimir Putin has given his preliminary approval for the development of a Russian-designed rocket capable of lifting a record 150 tons of cargo into orbit, to rival similar projects from NASA and Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

02.09.2014 16:52

Remember Iraq? Former US intel officers warn Merkel against NATO images of Ukraine
With the escalating Ukrainian crisis towards the top of the agenda at this week’s NATO summit in Wales, a group of former American intelligence workers is urging the alliance to be careful before crafting a response.

02.09.2014 14:14

​EU considering banning Russian state firms borrowing - report
The EU is considering forbidding all Russian state-owned firms from borrowing or raising money on European capital markets in the possible next round of sanctions against Russia being prepared by the European Commission.

02.09.2014 14:42

Moscow ready to expose 'Kiev in two weeks' spin with Barroso call transcript
Vladimir Putin’s remark about “taking Kiev in two weeks” was taken out of context and its meaning was distorted, Moscow said, adding that it’s ready to publish the president’s conversation with the European Commission head.

02.09.2014 15:23

​EU ‘shoots itself in the foot’ by blocking South Stream – Gazprom
The attempts by the European Commission to delay the construction of the South Stream gas pipeline are motivated strictly for political reasons, Gazprom’s spokesman has said.

02.09.2014 13:23

MP seeks to broaden definition of bribery, to include sex, food, and promotions
A leftist lawmaker wants to amend the criminal code to target non-monetary bribes, saying there is a growing wiliness by corrupt officials.

02.09.2014 10:14

​Dobrolet Plus to replace Aeroflot’s sanctioned budget airline
The successor to Aeroflot’s low-cost carrier Dobrolet – grounded by EU sanctions – will be little different from its predecessor and will return to the skies this fall under the name Dobrolet Plus.

02.09.2014 07:03

Prosecutors vow to seize $800mn worth of Berezovsky’s foreign assets
Russian law enforcers will press for the seizure and sale of the late Boris Berezovsky’s property, including luxury real estate in Europe, in order to compensate his creditors, claims the spokesperson for Prosecutor General’s Office.

02.09.2014 07:52

Russia outraged after Kiev accuses Moscow of nuclear attack threats
Following comments from Ukraine’s Defense Minister Valery Geletey of Moscow threatening with a nuclear attack on its neighbor, Moscow said it was shocked by the statement. Russia warned that such rhetoric only deepens the civil stand-off in Ukraine.

01.09.2014 19:32

'My kids were in this hell': Beslan families recall 3 days of school nightmare
Witnesses of the Beslan massacre, where terrorists held over a thousand people hostage in a school building, recall the three days of horror back in 2004. A former teacher and a student told RT about what they went through 10 years ago.

01.09.2014 18:20

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