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Russian twerking redux: Women jailed for ‘inappropriate’ dancing next to WWII memorial (VIDEO)
Three young women in southern Russia will serve up to 15 days in prison, on charges of hooliganism, after posting a video of themselves performing the hip-hop dance on YouTube, with a war memorial looming in the background.

25.04.2015 16:45

‘Shoot to kill’: Chechen leader’s row with Interior Ministry heats up
Tensions continue to rise between the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov and the Russian Interior Ministry. It follows the killing of a Chechen native by police from another Russian region during arrest. Grozny has accused the ministry of distorting facts.

24.04.2015 20:37

Millions worldwide mark 100th anniversary of Armenian genocide (PHOTO, VIDEO)
Armenians from around the world have been taking part in public memorial services, to commemorate the 1915 massacre of up to 1.5 million of their ancestors at the hands of the Ottoman Turks.

24.04.2015 20:51

New round of Iran nuclear program talks: Russia's view
The next round of P5+1 talks with Iran on its nuclear program may be held next week. The details are being discussed at the meeting of political directors on April 24 in Vienna.

24.04.2015 16:41

Washington started all modern military conflicts - Russia’s General Staff
The US is the sole initiator of all modern military conflicts, maintains Russia’s top brass, adding that Washington and its allies have used military force against third parties over 50 times in a matter of just one decade.

24.04.2015 10:14

Russia to up foreign student quota for more ‘soft power’ leverage
Several ministries have come up with initiative to raise the quota for foreign students in Russian institutes and universities saying that this would help to promote national interests around the world.

24.04.2015 10:31

Russia and China to increase finance cooperation - minister
Russia is interested in developing Chinese investment and cooperation, according to Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. Cooperation has been recently growing, as Western markets are now closed for Russia.

24.04.2015 09:05

Obama’s absence from V-Day parade won’t bother Russian public - poll
Russians view the upcoming Victory Day as an internal national holiday and won’t be particularly bothered if it isn’t attended by Western leaders such as US President Obama, says the latest research by the VTSIOM public opinion center.

24.04.2015 08:16

There's something in the water: Another ‘Russian submarine’ excites Western media
Once again Western media has rushed to judgment over a "Russian submarine", this time in an incident off the coast of Ireland. But maybe they should have done their homework on this one. Britain and the US have worse track records in the Irish Sea.

24.04.2015 09:16

Armenia, Turkey still at odds a century after 1915 massacre
As Armenians mark 100 years since over a million of their countrymen and women were slaughtered by the Ottoman Turks, Yerevan and Ankara are still unable to find common ground on the sensitive issue and begin diplomatic relations.

23.04.2015 20:14

Armenia marks 100 years since genocide by Ottoman Turks
Armenians worldwide are marking an anniversary of an Ottoman genocide of up to 1.5 million of their people a century ago. Commemoration services are expected to draw millions in Armenia’s capital, Yerevan, and abroad.

24.04.2015 03:40

Argentinian President to RT: ‘It is absurd to really think that Russia is a threat’
There are no reasons why Russia and Argentina should’t have bilateral ties, Argentinian President Cristina Kirchner said, stressing that it is “absurd” to deem Russia a threat. Kirchner spoke to RT in her first interview to a foreign media in five years.

23.04.2015 20:33