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‘Italy can’t afford to close doors to Russia’ – Italian Foreign Minister
Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni has said that “Italy can’t afford to close the doors to Russia” and “can’t cut ties” with Moscow. His statements come just days after Italian officials postulated that the sanctions against Russia may be lifted.

03.05.2015 20:46

Sweden accuses Russian warships of disrupting power cable laying
Swedish authorities have accused Russian naval ships of interfering with the cable-laying work between Sweden and Lithuania. It comes a few months after Sweden unsuccessfully hunted for Russian submarines in the Stockholm archipelago.

03.05.2015 14:57

E.Ukraine forces close-up: Meet Margarita Seidler, female voice for Strelkov’s cause
The question many people ask: How come hundreds of West Europeans came to fight for the self-proclaimed republics in Eastern Ukraine? In fact, the defense of Donbass became the first major volunteer war in Europe since the Spanish Civil War.

30.04.2015 15:13

Putin ratifies BRICS $100bn currency pool deal
Russian President Vladimir Putin has ratified a deal to establish a $100 billion foreign currency reserve pool for the BRICS group. The pool’s purpose is to protect national currencies from volatility in global markets.

02.05.2015 16:39

Russian police chase away anti-gay crusader from Labor Day pride march
Police in St. Petersburg wouldn't allow controversial legislator Vitaly Milonov, best known for his anti-gay stance, to interfere with a gay pride march on May Day. He tried to stop the march on the grounds of a 'gay propaganda' law he himself sponsored.

02.05.2015 12:07

West, Arab states only pay ‘lip service’ to Yemen humanitarian aid – Churkin
The UN Security Council is paying “lip service” to Yemen’s humanitarian needs – that is the accusation voiced by Russian UN envoy Vitaly Churkin following Friday’s meeting, where Russia’s proposal for a humanitarian pause in hostilities was left in limbo.

02.05.2015 08:11

West rewrites history to alienate Russia – Kremlin administration head
Attempts to diminish the role played by Russia in defeating Nazi Germany through rewriting history by some Western countries are part of the campaign to isolate and alienate Russia, Sergey Ivanov, head of the presidential administration, told RT.

01.05.2015 06:24

Rampaging raccoons beseige mobile company’s office in Moscow (VIDEO)
Three raccoons broke out of their cages and caused havoc at a mobile company’s office in Moscow. The crimes of the striped perpetrators, who overturned boxes and destroyed equipment, were caught on a CCTV cam.

01.05.2015 20:04

​Ukraine seeks $16bn from Gazprom in arbitration court
Ukraine is seeking more than $16 billion from Russia's Gazprom in an appeal to a Stockholm arbitration court, Ukrainian PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk said on Friday. Kiev is challenging the price of Russian gas and billions in debt which Moscow says it accrued.

01.05.2015 18:28

​Moscow denies agreeing deployment of peacekeepers in Ukraine
Russian President Putin did not agree to a possible deployment of peacekeepers in eastern Ukraine, his spokesman said in response to Kiev’s claims to the contrary. Moscow insists that all points of the Minsk agreement are fulfilled first.

01.05.2015 12:48

Mashing up spin: I’m accused of exploiting unrest in Baltimore
Mashable rushed to get out an article on my coverage of the Baltimore unrest; this is evident from the grammar mistakes. The headline: “Russian Media is Loving the Baltimore Riots”, claims RT exploited unrest with ‘Whataboutism.’

30.04.2015 12:56

Why NATO is terrified of Russia
The twin-pronged attack - oil price war/raid on the ruble – aimed at destroying the Russian economy and place it into a form of Western natural resource vassalage has failed.

29.04.2015 14:48