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Russian economy

‘Sanctions politically useless both for Russia and Europe’
The history of sanctions shows that they are useless and harm the economy, so there is no reason to put them on Russia and the other way around, Marcus Pretzell, a German MEP from the Alternative for Germany party, told RT.

17.11.2014 16:02

Russians spending spree on real estate, cars as ruble plunges
The weak ruble is transforming the way Russian save and spend their money, with many turning to property, cars, and jewelry instead of seeing their money depreciate in the bank.

17.11.2014 10:34

Asian vector of Russian policy
The Asia-Pacific region is one of the strategic priorities in Russian foreign policy. As President Vladimir Putin stated at the APEC summit in Beijing, Russia is planning to expand its cooperation with Asian countries in many spheres.

11.11.2014 13:19

Ready to intervene ‘at any moment’ to save ailing ruble - Russian Central Bank
The Bank of Russia has issued a statement in response to the ruble’s rapid descent against foreign currencies, a move that implies it is ready to intervene and prop up the ruble.

07.11.2014 15:53

Russian ruble plunges as Central Bank announces limit to intervention
The ruble hit historic lows against the dollar and euro after the Russian Central Bank announced it will essentially cap the amount it spends to defend the currency.

05.11.2014 12:29

UK gas prices plunge to record low after Russia-Ukraine deal, 2mn Brits remain in fuel poverty
UK gas prices plunged to a record low on Friday following a newly signed deal between Russia, Ukraine and the European Commission. However, fuel poverty remains rife in Britain, with 2 million households unable to afford adequate heating.

31.10.2014 09:16

Gazprom Neft to challenge EU sanctions in court
Gazprom Neft, the oil subsidiary of Russian state gas company Gazprom, has filed a claim with the EU Court of Justice, the EU's highest court, to review the economic sanctions against it introduced in September.

29.10.2014 12:37

Moscow: an innovators paradise
As never before, Russia embodies opportunity, driven by an empowered, upbeat, workforce. Warning: this may run entirely contrary to reports seen elsewhere...

20.10.2014 11:24

Russia’s blacklisted Rosneft, billionaire Rotenberg take EU to court over sanctions
State-owned oil company Rosneft and billionaire Arkady Rotenberg have filed a case in the European Court of Justice against the European Council challenging its decision over sanctions, according to papers filed with the court.

17.10.2014 10:34

Dirty money: 19 UK firms alleged ‘complicit’ in $20bn laundering scam
Some 19 British firms are at the center of an investigation into in a mammoth global money-laundering operation. The scheme was allegedly contrived to make $20bn (£12.5bn) worth of ill-gotten gains appear legitimate.

16.10.2014 09:53

UK blocks multibillion-dollar Russian oil deal
The UK has blocked a $6.4 billion deal by Russian billionaire Mikhail Fridman to attain North Sea gas fields, as part of its ongoing sanctions package against Russian businessmen and investors believed to have close ties with President Vladimir Putin.

16.10.2014 08:17

US, EU businesses oppose Russia sanctions but can't say it- Medvedev
European and US businesses are “categorically” against Russian sanctions because they act against their commercial interests, but can’t say so freely, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has said.

15.10.2014 13:40