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​Obama announces hacker sanctions amid cyber-security ‘national emergency’
An executive order signed by President Barack Obama gives the United States government the go-ahead to sanction suspected cyber-criminals with financial and travel restrictions amid a wave of high-profile hacks.

01.04.2015 13:45

‘No deal on Iran would be egg on US, Europe faces’
The West needs a nuclear deal with Iran more than the Iranians do since they’ve already survived the economic sanctions and made some concessions, said Sreeram Chaulia, international affairs expert. The ball is now in the West’s court, he added.

01.04.2015 04:44

‘Iran could constrain reckless impulses of US Mideast allies’
A deal with Iran over its nuclear program would benefit the US as it needs to change its policy in the Middle East, and even build a constructive relationship with critical regional powers, said Hillary Mann Leverett, a former US negotiator with Iran.

01.04.2015 10:53

‘Good jokes are appropriate, but so is honoring contracts’ – Kremlin comments on Mistral prank
Vladimir Putin’s press secretary has dismissed the news report that Mistral amphibious ships, destined for Russia, will be sold to the EU as an April Fool’s joke, but added that Moscow expected Paris to fulfill its obligations.

01.04.2015 11:07

​Iran: Sanctions must be dropped for nuclear deal
The extended talks on the Iranian nuclear issue may wrap up on Wednesday, Iran’s negotiators said. But Tehran insists the lifting of international sanctions was the first step in the deal currently being bargained in Switzerland.

01.04.2015 10:30

Legislators call for US Treasury sanctions against dealers of looted Syrian antiquities
In an effort to curb a source of income for the jihadist Islamic State group, top US lawmakers have urged the US Treasury Department to craft sanctions against any illegal importation of cultural and historical artifacts stolen from Syria.

31.03.2015 15:54

‘Nuclear deal would open new opportunities for Iran-US relations ’
If P5+1 talks with Iran succeed, a new page in Iran-US relations can be opened and increase positive diplomatic opportunities between the two countries and other states in the region, Jamal Abdi of the National Iranian-American Council told RT.

31.03.2015 09:55

​5mn Venezuelans sign petition against US aggression & interference
Rejecting what they see as interference in Venezuela’s internal affairs, over five million people across the country have signed a petition demanding that the US president repeals his executive order that declared Caracas an extraordinary security threat.

30.03.2015 22:57

RT and Venezuela TeleSUR journalists unite to provide fresh perspective on news
RT's Spanish channel and pan-Latin American network TeleSUR in Venezuela launched a new joint project on Monday, aimed at providing a different perspective to Western mainstream media.

30.03.2015 19:17

Iran nuclear deal: 'Stakes are too high for US'
The US has put the highest priority on a possible Iran nuclear deal as it might restrict its nuclear breakout capability to a minimum of one year and, help develop trust between Iran and the West, says Paul Heroux, Middle East expert.

27.03.2015 08:46

Sanctions against Russia are ‘economic weapon’ that targets French business
French and Russian business leaders say the economy and policy must be separated, as Western sanctions against Russia are causing French companies to suffer by losing market share.

26.03.2015 14:17

To change the situation for the better we must make Russia stronger – Putin to FSB
President Putin has told senior officers of Russia’s domestic security service that despite the constantly increasing foreign pressure, the situation in the country will improve – once it stops giving in to its foes and starts becoming more powerful.

26.03.2015 12:00