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Iran nuclear deal: 'Stakes are too high for US'
The US has put the highest priority on a possible Iran nuclear deal as it might restrict its nuclear breakout capability to a minimum of one year and, help develop trust between Iran and the West, says Paul Heroux, Middle East expert.

27.03.2015 08:46

Sanctions against Russia are ‘economic weapon’ that targets French business
French and Russian business leaders say the economy and policy must be separated, as Western sanctions against Russia are causing French companies to suffer by losing market share.

26.03.2015 14:17

To change the situation for the better we must make Russia stronger – Putin to FSB
President Putin has told senior officers of Russia’s domestic security service that despite the constantly increasing foreign pressure, the situation in the country will improve – once it stops giving in to its foes and starts becoming more powerful.

26.03.2015 12:00

Police the geese: National Park Service wants dogs to tackle DC's goose poop issue
The National Park Service may soon begin using border collies to chase away Canada geese from DC's public spaces, including the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, JFK Hockey Field and the Washington Monument grounds.

26.03.2015 03:11

Maduro slams ‘psychological war’ against Venezuela
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has claimed there is a new international “psychological war campaign” waged against his country by forces in Colombia, the US and Spain.

25.03.2015 14:21

Dead Cubans, sunken ships purged from US sanctions list
After 55 years, the US Treasury is purging “out-of-date” names from its Cuban embargo list, resulting in the removal of dead people, sunken ships and bankrupt companies.

25.03.2015 01:14

​Russia may ban food imports from Serbia if re-export confirmed
Imports of apples from Serbia to Russia may be banned, as a sudden increase in supplies raises fears in Moscow the fruit could have been re-exported from Poland, who is under a food embargo, Russia’s agricultural watchdog warns.

23.03.2015 13:48

Anti-Russian propaganda is ‘unconvincing’, because Western narrative is false
You really couldn’t make it up. Almost 24 million people in the EU are unemployed. The Greek debt crisis has yet to be resolved. An Islamic State terrorist attack in Tunis, just over 100 miles from Italy. The ever-worsening problem of climate change.

23.03.2015 12:51

‘Ruble unstable for artificial reasons’
The US has created a belief that money would leave Russia, but money doesn’t flow out of countries that have extremely low debt and strong export earnings, Paul Craig Roberts, former US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, told RT.

23.03.2015 11:01

Nuke talks: ‘US unrealistic expecting Iran to give up’
Tehran won’t make any concessions to the US in nuclear talks until the Americans agree to Iranian terms, particularly regarding the multilateral sanctions, not only oil and banking, says Gareth Porter, journalist and American foreign policy expert.

23.03.2015 08:58

Russian economy revives despite sanctions - media
The Russian economy has seen a notable rebound with businesses recovering despite a year of contraction caused by Western sanctions. Fluctuations in the domestic currency have narrowed, which brought investors back into the market.

23.03.2015 07:31

'Violence extremely high': EU report slams Israel for settlement building in Jerusalem
An EU report suggests Jerusalem has reached a dangerous boiling point of ‘polarization and violence.’ The account, published by the Guardian, says the EU may take a tougher line against Israel as it continues to build illegal settlements in the city.

21.03.2015 10:29