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Cyprus warns economic sanctions against Russia will destroy its economy
Cyprus Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides told a German newspaper Wednesday that economic sanctions against Russia by Europe would destroy the Cypriot economy, adding that every EU state should decide separately whether they want to cut ties with Moscow.

16.04.2014 16:12

Ukraine backlash could result in 0% Russia GDP
Escalating violence in Eastern Ukraine could be a blow to Russia’s economy, with 0 percent growth a possibility according to the Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.

16.04.2014 08:12

Ukrainian banks quit Crimea
Banks are packing up and leaving Crimea as Kiev prepares sanctions against Ukrainian companies operating on the Black Sea peninsula.

15.04.2014 07:01

West increases tensions over Crimea for political gain
The PACE decision to suspend Russia’s voting rights and exclude it from all leadership positions in 2014 is yet another, mostly symbolic, retaliatory measure by the West in response to Crimea’s vote to reintegrate with Russia.

13.04.2014 22:00

White House 'sheepishly followed right wing politicians to ban Iran's envoy'
By rejecting visa to Iran's new UN envoy, Washington is jeopardizing the nuclear talks, Kaveh Afrasiabi, political analyst on Iran told RT. The move by the State Department also shows the power of right wing politicians in US decision making process.

12.04.2014 03:27

Russia sets 4 conditions in return for aid to Ukraine
Ukraine should recognize Crimea’s independence, reform the country’s constitution, regulate the crisis in its eastern regions and guarantee the rights of Russian speakers if it wants to get financial help from Moscow, Russia’s finance minister has said.

12.04.2014 05:13

Israel slaps Palestine with economic sanctions amid collapsing peace talks
​Israel has imposed additional economic sanctions against Palestine in response to its unilateral decision to join 15 international conventions last week which Tel Aviv claims to be in breach of conditions of the ongoing peace talks.

11.04.2014 02:23

'No reciprocal sanctions planned against West' - Russian deputy PM
The Deputy Russian PM in charge of the economy and investment has promised that there would be no reciprocal sanctions aimed at various Western nations as this would harm all sides, but said that Russia would continue to act in its own interests.

10.04.2014 13:28

NATO uses crisis in Ukraine to justify its existence – Russian Foreign Ministry
Moscow has slammed NATO’s Secretary General for using the political crisis in Ukraine to mobilize the alliance’s member states against an imaginary Russian threat and justify the very existence of the bloc in the 21st century.

10.04.2014 09:26

Politics aside, western financiers still want to do business with Russia
Western banks in the US and EU still want to do business with Russia’s second biggest bank, VTB, but tension over Ukraine is stonewalling those eager to work with the bank, according its head, Andrey Kostin.

10.04.2014 07:44

Israeli govt curbs contacts with Palestinian Authority
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered ministers to cease cooperation with the Palestinian Authority. Following Palestine’s request to join UN international conventions, Israel has announced it will push ahead with sanctions.

09.04.2014 11:06

Japan should recognize Crimea accession to continue talks over Kurils - Duma member
A leftist Russian MP has proposed the Foreign Ministry freeze all territorial talks with Japan until it recognizes the results of Crimea’s referendum on joining Russia.

09.04.2014 12:39

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