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US facing sanctions after defying WTO trade rules
The United States could soon be facing sanctions as a result of a ruling handed down by the World Trade Organization this week concerning an American meat labeling law contested by officials in Mexico and Canada.

21.10.2014 17:33

An oil maverick with a mustache: Business legacy of Christophe de Margerie in Russia
Sanctions against Russia are counterproductive and stability should be restored to provide more investment to the country, Total CEO Christophe de Margerie said during his last speech in Moscow before he died in a plane crash.

21.10.2014 08:35

US-Russian relations ‘close to bottom, to remain low a long time’ – Lavrov
Moscow does not expect its relations with Washington to get better anytime soon, but on the other hand they won’t plunge any deeper, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov believes.

20.10.2014 11:19

UK finally sanctions Qatari terror funder – 10 months after US
The UK has added a Qatari financier to its sanctions list - 10 months after he was blacklisted as a ‘global terrorist’ by the US. The British government now faces scrutiny over its sanctions regime and calls to tighten up.

19.10.2014 16:00

Lavrov: West’s ‘colonial-style’ sanctions on Russia have little to do with Ukraine
Making Russia change its stance by way of sanctions is outdated thinking in an age when diversity of opinion is supposed to be appreciated, Foreign Minister Lavrov believes. He says Russia is already “doing more than anybody else” to help Ukraine.

19.10.2014 05:25

Sanctions, anyone? Russian monks pick up Italian cheese-making trade
Monks of a northern Russian monastery have made international headlines with their plans to start a cheese factory, specializing in Italian recipes. It comes amid Moscow's counter-sanctions against the EU, which ban the import of European dairy products.

18.10.2014 01:55

Putin: If Ukraine siphons gas from pipeline, Russia will reduce Europe supplies
Moscow will reduce gas supplies if Kiev starts siphoning deliveries destined for Europe, said Russia’s President Vladimir Putin during a visit to Serbia.

16.10.2014 14:11

Ukraine, Georgia and EU candidate countries line up for anti-Russian sanctions
EU candidate countries Norway, Iceland, Montenegro, Albania and Lichtenstein, as well as Ukraine and Georgia have joined the third package of sanctions against Russia, according to the European Union.

16.10.2014 10:12

UK blocks multibillion-dollar Russian oil deal
The UK has blocked a $6.4 billion deal by Russian billionaire Mikhail Fridman to attain North Sea gas fields, as part of its ongoing sanctions package against Russian businessmen and investors believed to have close ties with President Vladimir Putin.

16.10.2014 08:17

Nationalist lawmakers ask PM to put economic pressure on Ukraine
A Liberal Democratic party lawmaker is urging Russia’s government to ban all supplies of foodstuffs, machinery and metal products from Ukraine in a bid to force Kiev into observing the Minsk ceasefire agreements.

16.10.2014 07:45

Russia, China in talks over supplies of sanctioned energy equipment – Medvedev
China was among the first partners Russia turned to for key energy equipment banned under Western sanctions, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told a CNBC interview.

16.10.2014 00:09

Putin: Russia’s isolation is ‘absurd & illusory goal’
Trying to isolate Russia with sanctions and restrictive measures is “an absurd and illusory goal,” Russia’s president has said. Moscow intends to “further deepen” cooperation with EU partners, Vladimir Putin told the Serbian newspaper, Politika.

15.10.2014 17:43

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