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Sara Firth

Decisive victory: UK navy WWII vets finally receive Russian bravery medals
Twenty-eight UK veterans of Arctic convoys supplying the Eastern Front during WWII have finally been awarded Russian Ushakov medals for their courage. It took a while before their act of heroism could be officially marked with ‘foreign’ awards.

15.07.2014 16:57

What a waste! London suburb residents fume in face of 40ft rubbish mountain
A 40 foot high rubbish tip in a South East London residential area will remain in place after a High Court ruling earlier this week, which dismissed a demand by the UK’s Environment Agency to clear the site.

05.07.2014 17:47

Russell Brand 'Con-Dems' MSM blackout of 50,000-strong anti-austerity march
When an anti-austerity march starting from the steps of the BBC fails to make the news, something is rotten in the UK. Speaking with RT, Russell Brand believes that’s to be expected, as people would surely rise up if they saw just how exploited they are.

23.06.2014 11:07

'No more austerity:' Thousands rally in London demanding alternative from govt
Thousands of protesters hit streets in London in a “no more austerity” march, which demanded an alternative to the “greed and selfishness” of the Con-Dem coalition.

21.06.2014 12:49

London Mayor Johnson calls for 'ugly, stupid anti-homeless' spikes to be removed
London Mayor Boris Johnson distanced himself on Monday from the installation of metal spikes designed to prevent homeless from sleeping at a luxury building in central London. The “anti-homeless spikes” have prompted wide condemnation on social media.

10.06.2014 00:46

From ‘blind eye’ to crackdown: UK confused over Brits fighting in Syria?
Britain is about to unleash plans for a tougher crackdown on Britons allegedly fighting in Syria. Human rights activists believe the UK could have inspired some of its citizens to join extremists by its own support for the anti-Assad rebels.

02.06.2014 06:24

Tear gas, over 100 arrested as protesters mark 1 year after Gezi Park (PHOTOS)
Turkish police have shot tear gas at protesters, along with an RT journalist covering the event. More than 100 have been detained on the anniversary of the 2013 Gezi Park demonstrations and 25,000 officers have been dispatched to quash the protest.

31.05.2014 14:11

Kingdom divided: Scottish independence campaign kicks off
The 16-week campaign ahead of the September referendum on Scotland’s independence has started. A pro-unity mood so far prevails, but the vote may swing with roughly a third of voters still undecided.

30.05.2014 10:38

‘Zombie parliament:’ British MPs set for 223 days off work in 2014
The British House of Commons will sit for just 142 days this year, that’s 223 days off. During their time away from the parliament MPs claim they are working hard in their constituencies but this is not always the case.

20.05.2014 18:29

​UK teacher at ‘Muslim-controlled’ school breaks into student’s cellphone - newspaper
A teacher at a UK school, believed to be controlled by Muslim radicals, has broken into a student’s phone to prove she was having a “forbidden” relationship with a boy. The school reportedly segregates boys and girls and encourages fasting before exams.

19.05.2014 04:50

Shh, it got serious! RT accused of anti-Semitism for satire Rap News episode
Media views that deviate from the mainstream are more often than not condemned and it seems RT has not been able to escape this trend. A Jewish rights group has branded RT “anti-Semite” over a satirical sketch lampooning Israel’s policy on Palestine.

17.05.2014 05:10

Not lovin’ it: Fast food workers bite back with worldwide May 15 strike
May 15th has been declared a global day of solidarity for fast food workers in 150 US cities and 33 countries who held rallies in an effort to boost the minimum wage to $15 per hour and other demands.

15.05.2014 06:03