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Qatar hires ‘$8 fake fans’ to fill empty stadiums
Migrant workers in Qatar get one dollar an hour for sitting in the stadiums and pretending to have fun, to applaud and to do the wave, AP reports. Sometimes they even were asked to dress like Qataris in white robes and head-scarves.

17.12.2014 19:35

‘Puerile prancing multimillionaire’: Russell Brand slated by irate RBS bank employee
Radical left-wing campaigner and comedian Russell Brand has been labeled a “puerile, self-aggrandizing, prancing multimillionaire” by a disgruntled Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) worker.

17.12.2014 16:18

Reddit bans Sony leak file-sharing subforum
Sony Pictures Entertainment has compelled social-media site Reddit to thwart file-sharing of stolen data - including unreleased films, executives’ private emails, and insider financial information - gleaned via a major hack of the studio in November.

17.12.2014 15:11

Project fear: Queen’s ‘foreboding’ Scottish independence plea strategically crafted by Whitehall
Downing Street and senior civil servants were so fearful that Scotland’s independence referendum could have sparked the breakup of the UK that they requested the Queen to publicly intervene in the closing days of the campaign, a Whitehall source says.

17.12.2014 15:34

Pentagon confirms military buildup along Russian borders for ‘peace and stability’
The Pentagon has confirmed the military buildup along Russia’s borders to ensure long-term “peace and stability” in the region. Earlier Moscow accused NATO of a sharp increase in air activity and intelligence flights in the border zone.

17.12.2014 01:34

Threatened New York Times journalist ordered to appear in court - report
A federal judge has ordered New York Times reporter James Risen to appear in court to answer questions about his book on CIA efforts to subvert Iran’s nuclear program. Risen has long resisted government threats over his refusal to reveal a book source.

16.12.2014 17:54

Hot Shots? RAF’s £150 mn fighter jet could ‘shut down’ in midair due to overheating fault
The Royal Air Force’s next generation F-35 fighter jet could “shut down” in mid-flight if its fuel overheats, US test pilots have discovered. The fault is the latest in a string of embarrassments for military chiefs and manufacturer Lockheed Martin.

16.12.2014 16:04

NASA built $349 mn facility for already closed space program
In what some see as symbolic of an often-aimless space program, NASA was allowed to complete construction of a $343-million rocket-testing tower in Mississippi even after the structure’s mission was cancelled in 2010.

16.12.2014 16:37

Hundreds of UK children sleep on streets and in drug dens – local govt slammed
Glaring failures by local authorities to protect vulnerable children and teenagers have reduced them to sleeping rough on British streets, night buses, in police stations, and in drug dens. Many are thought to be at high risk of abuse.

16.12.2014 12:52

​£84,000 govt probe reveals feared ‘Beast of Bodmin Moor’ is just a cat
Recently published government files show UK authorities squandered thousands on an investigation in 1995 inquiring into the nature of a monstrous Cornish “beast.” The six-month probe discovered the offending creature was a common domestic cat.

15.12.2014 17:16

Jail employers who exploit migrants, profit from slave labor – Miliband
UK employers responsible for flagrant exploitation of migrant workers by violating their rights, paying them paltry wages and offering them poor working conditions, could face jail sentences under a Labour government, Ed Miliband warned on Monday.

15.12.2014 13:23

CIA torture: Shock, but not awe
The world has been shocked by the US Senate report on the use of torture by the CIA in its “war on terror.”

15.12.2014 13:12