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Italian neo-fascists arrested ahead of planned Christmas terror campaign
Italian police have arrested 14 neo-fascists after they uncovered a plot to assassinate politicians and attack immigrants. Members of a banned far-right splinter group also planned to attack police in a campaign of violence over the Christmas period.

22.12.2014 14:11

Senator urges Obama to host White House screening of ‘The Interview’
​American audiences likely won’t be able to see “The Interview” anytime soon after Sony’s decision to pull the film from theaters last week over concerns, but congressional lawmakers may luck out if one politician has his way.

22.12.2014 15:52

Pope blasts Vatican bureaucrats for ‘spiritual Alzheimer’s’, lists their 15 sins
Pope Francis prepared rebukes instead of greetings for this year’s Christmas meeting with the Curia. He has urged Vatican officials to stop feeling “superior to everyone,” to give up on the “terrorism of gossip” and recover from “spiritual Alzheimer’s.”

22.12.2014 13:14

‘Minister of darkness’ berated as 500,000 UK streetlamps switched off
Almost 25 percent of England’s streetlights have been dimmed or switched off since 2010 as local councils under government minister Eric Pickles, dubbed the “Minister for Darkness,” have been pressured into carrying out crippling spending cuts.

22.12.2014 12:59

French TV star fired after call for Muslims' deportation to avoid ‘chaos & civil war’
A top French TV presenter has been sacked for saying that Muslims should be deported to avoid “chaos and civil war.” His comments have sparked a heated debate, with some on the right defending him and leftists denouncing him as a racist.

22.12.2014 13:37

Police investigate 5 Westminster pedophile rings, survivors demand inquiry overhaul
Survivors of alleged Westminster child sex abuse have called on the government to replace the current inquiry with a more powerful body. Meanwhile, it has been revealed that the Home Secretary was considering disbanding the investigation entirely.

22.12.2014 09:06

‘Snaketivity Scene’: Satanists, Christians erect rival holiday displays in Michigan
As Christmas approaches, religious rivalry is revving up in Michigan, where the Satanic Temple has put up a controversial display at the Capitol. Christians have followed suit, erecting their own, competing scene.

22.12.2014 08:52

Ronaldo snubs UEFA chief at World Club Cup final presentation
Cristiano Ronaldo gave Michel Platini the cold shoulder as he snubbed the UEFA President at the World Club Cup presentation. Real Madrid had slammed the Frenchman for comments in November when he said the World Player of the Year should go to a German.

21.12.2014 12:21

Muslim sues Ohio jail after being 'forced' to attend church services
An American Muslim woman says her constitutional rights were violated after she was forced to attend Christian church services while in jail. She has filed a lawsuit and says she was threatened with solitary confinement if she did not attend.

21.12.2014 10:13

Citizen Kim: Washington suggests Pyongyang pays damages to Sony for unreleased film
A White House official has advised Pyongyang to admit it is guilty of hacking Sony Pictures’ database and pay damages to the film company. Washington dismissed North Korea’s proposal to hold a joint investigation.

21.12.2014 06:27

‘Horrific statistics’: Male rapes common in UK army, MoD data reveals
At least three rapes and 22 sexual assaults have been carried out against men in the UK military forces over the last two years, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) revealed under a Freedom of Information request.

21.12.2014 09:29

Doctors 'traumatized' by health watchdog as suicide rates in profession increase
A UK independent report has found over 20 doctors committed suicide between 2005 and 2013. All of them were under investigation for malpractice. Many of those who killed themselves were suffering from alcohol problems or depression.

20.12.2014 16:48