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​Climate chaos: Extreme weather will wreak havoc in Britain – study
Britain’s children face life-threatening heatwaves that could leave thousands dead by the close of the century, the Royal Society has warned.

27.11.2014 09:22

​Was Shakespeare gay? The debate continues
The sexuality of world-famous English playwright William Shakespeare has once again been called into question by leading academics after a book review called the content of some of his famous sonnets ‘primarily homosexual.’

27.11.2014 15:21

French black justice minister under fire after slamming Ferguson police brutality
The French justice minister has been critical of US police violence after the Ferguson decision. She tweeted Bob Marley’s lyric “Kill them before they grow” referring to teenagers shot down by law enforcers.

27.11.2014 14:44

Blood money: 7 UK firms finance globally banned cluster bombs
Since 2011, 151 financial institutions worldwide have invested £17 billion in firms that produce deadly cluster bombs, which are banned under international law. Seven of these financial institutions are British.

27.11.2014 13:40

US helping Israel boycott Geneva summit on occupied territories – diplomatic sources
Switzerland is under diplomatic pressure from Israel, the US, Canada and Australia, which are trying to prevent an international conference in Geneva from taking place in mid-December on Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories, Haaretz reports.

27.11.2014 06:21

Virginia man protests Obama’s immigration reform with Nazi flag
​An anti-Obama protest waged by an outraged resident of Norfolk, Virginia has raised eyebrows after the individual took to flying a Nazi flag outside his home to declare his disappointment with the president's policies.

25.11.2014 19:58

Fugitive terror suspect taunts ‘shoddy’ UK security services on Twitter
A fugitive terror suspect from Britain who skipped bail and fled to Syria amid a string of police blunders has ridiculed the UK's security services online, stating he was able to “breeze through Europe” to join the Islamic State while under investigation.

26.11.2014 17:06

Drunk honeymooner threatens to ‘kill everyone on board’ flight, causes emergency landing
A drunk British man caused a flight bound for Cuba to make an emergency landing in Bermuda after arguing with his new wife and threatening to kill everyone on the plane.

26.11.2014 14:03

#ThanksMichelleObama: US schoolkids take to social media sarcasm over healthy eating plan
A school healthy eating drive by First Lady Michelle Obama has spectacularly backfired. Angry kids across the US have taken to social networks with the hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama to show just how bad they believe their new school meals are.

26.11.2014 09:23

Israeli president bans singer from event over 'anti-Arab' song
Israeli singer Amir Benayoun has had his invitation to perform at a presidential event withdrawn, after his song, describing an Arab student’s plans for a terror act, sparked accusations of racism and incitement of violence.

26.11.2014 11:51

Goldman Sachs, HSBC, BASF sued in first US metals price manipulation case
Four major global firms are to appear in a New York court accused of manipulating platinum and palladium prices for eight years. The law suit is the first of its kind in US history.

26.11.2014 10:53

'Just trying to do our jobs': Ruptly journalist arrested for covering Ferguson unrest
A producer from RT’s Ruptly video agency was detained in Ferguson simply for reporting on the protests. Denise Reese, who was kept for around five hours before finally being released, said, “I was arrested without any warning.”

26.11.2014 08:36