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US ‘cuts’ spying cooperation with Germany over data leak
The US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has ordered a review of cooperation between the National Security Agency (NSA) and the German intelligence agency BND, Bild newspaper reports.

23.05.2015 15:54

March against Monsanto: World rallies in protest
The third annual ‘March against Monsanto’ protest is taking place in cities around the world. Activists are highlighting the monopoly the GMO giant has in controlling food supply. Protesters say Monsanto controls 90 percent of the seed market in the US.

23.05.2015 09:08

Google closes N-word detour to White House
Google has announced it is working to fix algorithms employed by its Google Maps program to end instances in which offensive, racially-charged search terms involving the N-word do not direct a user to the White House.

22.05.2015 17:43

Voice of America falling behind RT on Facebook & YouTube – BBG Watch
The US taxpayer-funded Voice of America is losing out to Russian multimedia broadcaster RT in popularity on social networks and services, according to analysis by BBG Watch, an independent watchdog blog that follows American media outreach abroad.

22.05.2015 09:51

‘German intelligence dependent on NSA’ – Berlin’s spy chief
The German Intelligence Agency chief says Berlin is dependent on the NSA, not vice versa, as US presence is vital to protect the country. Gerhard Schindler even laid the blame on his own organization for allowing the NSA to spy on European companies.

22.05.2015 14:40

Rape ‘endemic’ by Rikers Island prison officers – lawsuit
​A lawsuit filed on behalf of two women who have been incarcerated on Rikers Island in New York City alleges they’ve been sexually abused routinely at the prison by upward of eight corrections officers.

22.05.2015 15:19

Love virus alert: Sexual data of 4mn adult website users reportedly exposed by hackers
​Hackers have reportedly leaked onto the web highly sensitive sexual information of nearly 4 million users registered on leading dating site Adult FriendFinder, which claims to cater for up to 63 million people worldwide.

22.05.2015 10:17

​4.3 quake hits Kent coast, tips over garden chairs & sparks Twitter satire
A tremor measuring 4.3 on the Richter scale hit the Kent coast just before 3am Friday, causing buildings to shake across an area of some 20 miles. Amid mild shock from residents, Twitter featured scattered patio chairs and “We will rebuild” jokes.

22.05.2015 11:32

Grand jury indicts all 6 officers charged in Freddie Gray case
A grand jury has indicted all six police officers implicated in the scandal with African American Freddie Gray’s death in the hospital following arrest by Baltimore police on April 12.

22.05.2015 07:16

'It’s all ours': Israeli deputy FM slams Western interference, saying Holy Land is Jewish
Israel’s new deputy foreign minister has lashed out at the international community’s attempts to create a two-state solution with Palestine. Tzipi Hotovely told Israeli diplomatic representatives aboard that the Holy Land belongs to the Jews.

22.05.2015 08:52

DoJ watchdog barks at FBI’s failure to leash in surveillance
The Federal Bureau of Investigation collects data on individuals not suspected of any crime through a controversial section of the Patriot Act, according to a watchdog report, while the debate on that ability and its supposed strengths rages on.

21.05.2015 20:23

12yo boy killed by Cleveland cops had been charged with ‘inducing panic’ and ‘aggravated menacing’ – report
Cleveland police had charged 12-year-old African American boy Tamir Rice, who was killed by police six months ago, with “aggravated menacing” and “inducing panic,” according to a police document published by US media.

21.05.2015 19:49