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‘Falling like dominoes’: 72 unarmed Sunnis allegedly executed by Shiite militias in Iraq
Shiite militias, according to witness reports, have killed at least 72 unarmed Iraqi’s. Onlookers said security forces stood by and watched as the massacre took place. The Iraqi government has launched an investigation into the claims.

29.01.2015 07:03

French police question 8yo in Nice for praising terrorists
An eight-year-old boy in the southern French city of Nice has been questioned by police following comments in which he expressed “solidarity” with the Charlie Hebdo gunmen.

29.01.2015 08:02

​PACE 'ceases to be a forum' for solving Ukraine crisis following Russia's exclusion
The Ukraine conflict can only be solved with Moscow at the table, but the West has taken away one of the few forums where the issue could be discussed, political analyst Martin McCauley told RT, speaking on PACE’s decision to strip Russia's voting rights.

29.01.2015 02:06

Canada's spy agency tracks file-sharing websites worldwide – Snowden docs
Millions of pictures, videos, and other files downloaded online globally are being watched by Canada's electronic spy agency CSE, says the latest mass surveillance report based on documents leaked by Edward Snowden.

28.01.2015 16:32

PACE strips Russia of voting rights until April over Ukraine, Russia quits for 1 yr
The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has decided not to restore Russia’s voting rights until April. Moscow was first stripped of its rights in PACE after Crimea joined Russia last year.

28.01.2015 14:48

​Spelling error costs UK govt £9mn – and causes 124yo Welsh engineering firm to collapse
A spelling blunder has cost the government almost £9 million and caused the demise of a successful 124-year-old, family-run business that took five generations to build.

28.01.2015 17:10

Blitzkrieg turned mayhem: Hacktivists claim they reveal Ukrainian troops’ annihilation
Ukraine's subversive hacker group CyberBerkut has published documents allegedly exposing dreadful situation with the Kiev's troops attacking separatist forces in the East: war crimes, tremendous loss of lives and wholesale desertion of entrapped troops.

28.01.2015 12:39

​‘Fundamentally corrupt’: UK banks slammed for selling pointless card insurance
Two million customers will be eligible for compensation from some of Britain’s biggest banks after being deliberately sold useless credit card insurance policies.

28.01.2015 12:17

European anti-terror plan wants 42 pieces of data from air travelers
Passengers flying to and from Europe will now be forced to submit a long list of personal details, which can be stored for up to five years. The counter-terrorism plan would record data such as meal preferences and how many flights someone has missed.

28.01.2015 08:36

Moscow on ‘spy scandal’: No grounds for arrest, US stoking ‘anti-Russian feelings’
Russia’s Foreign Ministry has demanded the immediate release of Evgeny Buryakov, the Russian bank employee arrested for espionage in New York on Monday, and says the accusations against him and two of his fellow countrymen are “groundless.”

27.01.2015 14:56

Damning report on banking collapse stalled until after UK election
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has come under fire for delaying the release of a report into the crisis rescue of Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) until after the general election in May.

27.01.2015 12:19

Last week RT was with terrorists, this week it’s spies?
It’s like something out of a James Bond novel. The (alleged) spies are Russian. The redacted name in FBI filings appears only as “News Organization” – albeit “state-owned.” It could be anything – TV channel, wire service, newspaper, radio...

27.01.2015 12:32