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‘Robohand’: 7yo girl gets 3D-printed prosthesis
A young girl has acquired a fresh perspective about wearing a prosthetic limb since she was able to help design the device through 3D technology - and for just $50 dollars.

01.04.2015 08:34

DARPA to test 'submarine' drone that takes off from the ocean
This year, the Pentagon’s advanced research projects department will start testing their new “submarine” drone, which can lie in wait on the ocean floor for years before ever being launched into the skies.

01.04.2015 03:04

‘Flying gas stations’ could enable super long-haul flights of the future, say scientists
Flying gas stations could enable long haul flights to cover much greater distances and improve energy efficiency, a European research project has suggested.

31.03.2015 15:09

Pesticides on fruits and vegetables could account for 49 percent loss in sperm
A major study of men’s sperm found that those who ate regular quantities of fruit and vegetables that had pesticide residue on them had half the sperm count of men who ate less, a new study showed.

31.03.2015 03:48

Insects, lizard tongue inspire robots of the future
Seeking inspiration in nature and using 3D printing, one automation company has created ants, flying butterflies and a lizard-inspired gripper arm that may be the future of robotics.

30.03.2015 20:52

Smoked dry: Massive marijuana cultivation has ‘lethal’ impact on California water supply – study
California's current drought has been caused by the demand for water needed to cultivate cannabis, which, under state law, is illegal for recreational use. Streams are running dry, fish are dying, and it’s just the beginning, US scientists warn.

28.03.2015 20:48

Europe’s first ‘dead' heart transplanted in UK
The first ‘dead' heart transplant in Europe has been carried out in the UK. The procedure involves taking a heart that had not been beating for some time, and making it work inside the body of a living recipient.

29.03.2015 07:20

Pandas get lonely? Cuddly creatures enjoy social interaction, GPS research finds
A team of Michigan State University scientists has discovered that pandas are more sociable than previously thought, and like to spend time together for weeks at a time. The study involved GPS collars tracking the furry friends.

28.03.2015 15:53

In the shadow of the moon: Spectacular plane’s view of the solar eclipse (VIDEO)
The most surreal view of the solar eclipse was shared in a recently posted timelapse video showing a plane flying into the moon’s shadow on March 20.

28.03.2015 01:24

Russia & US agree to build new space station after ISS, work on joint Mars project
In a landmark decision, Russian space agency Roscosmos and its US counterpart NASA have agreed to build a new space station after the current International Space Station (ISS) expires. The operation of the ISS was prolonged until 2024.

28.03.2015 02:51

All about that bass: Sound-based fire extinguisher puts out flames (VIDEO)
Two engineering students from George Mason University are using the unique power of sound to put out flames – and they’re hoping the technology will become powerful enough to help extinguish forest fires.

28.03.2015 01:32

NASA aims to pluck boulder off asteroid & bring it to moon (VIDEOS)
In order to test Earth defense techniques and abilities needed for a future trip to Mars, NASA has detailed a plan to rip off a chunk of an asteroid, deliver it into a stable orbit around the moon, and send astronauts to study it and collect samples.

27.03.2015 21:07