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Robot wars: Japan agrees to fight America in giant ‘Battlebots’ duel
​After a pair of American robot makers challenged their rivals in Japan to a mega duel involving their mechanical creations, the corresponding team in Japan has responded without hesitation: ‘Bring it on’.

07.07.2015 02:42

Medical breakthrough: Scientists hope to block ‘old-age protein’, reverse memory loss
Scientists are aiming to develop antibodies which could reverse the effects of an ‘aging’ protein which builds up in the blood and body. The findings could lead to medical breakthroughs in reducing memory loss and brain degeneration.

06.07.2015 23:01

Ghost rider in the sky: Scientists use lasers to project movie onto clouds (VIDEO)
A green ghost rider appeared in the sky over the British city of Nottingham when scientists started testing a newly developed projecting device which allows the beaming of moving images directly onto clouds for the first time ever.

06.07.2015 21:01

Depression makes your brain smaller – study
Persistent depression shrinks the human brain’s center responsible for emotions and memory that might lead to changes in a person’s behavior and even losing their identity, a global interdisciplinary study has revealed.

06.07.2015 16:07

Switzerland to send 'Pac-Man' into orbit to clear space junk
The Swiss "Clean Space One" project has come up with a cleanup satellite to capture space debris. In a so-called "Pac-Man" solution, it will capture an old satellite before destroying it in the Earth’s atmosphere.

06.07.2015 13:28

​New acoustic detection system to make Russian Navy’s 4th-gen stealth subs even quieter
By the end of 2015 Russia's Northern Fleet is to deploy a novel acoustic detection system, which would verify that its newest stealth subs are as quiet as they should be to avoid being spotted during combat missions.

06.07.2015 09:46

5 'monster' black holes discovered, millions more may be hidden
British astronomers discovered five “supermassive” massive black holes, which have previously been hidden under layers of dust and gas. Scientists aren’t ruling out the existence of millions of giant black holes in the universe still hidden from view.

06.07.2015 04:53

Home to extraterrestrials? Philae probe could be sitting on comet filled with alien life
Comet lander Philae may be sitting on top of alien microbial life and is incapable of doing anything about it, according to leading astronomers. The comet’s characteristics such as a black crust and icy lakes suggest life could lie beneath the surface.

06.07.2015 02:59

Russian scientists find new way to repair DNA that may cure Alzheimer’s
A group of Russian scientists have discovered a new method of DNA repair which may be able to prevent and cure neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s and even stop the process of cell death.

05.07.2015 10:02

GoPro turtle inspires people to save Great Barrier Reef in mesmerizing footage (VIDEO)
Our planet’s beauty and fragility can never be understated. So, scientists with a GoPro teamed up with some turtles to take the viewer on a tour of the Great Barrier Reef – the endangered paradise, as seen from the point of view of its inhabitants.

05.07.2015 11:01

Forensic investigations may be possible 10 days after death with new method – study
Forensic experts will soon be able to determine an exact time of death for victims even after a span of 10 days thanks to a new method developed by Austrian researchers.

03.07.2015 17:57

‘Parkinson’s-fighting drugs can make you more selfish’ – study
Drugs used to treat Parkinson’s disease and depression have been found to affect users’ morality, new research suggests.

03.07.2015 12:01