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Japan launches new spy satellite (VIDEO)
Japan has placed a new spy satellite into orbit, successfully conducting this year’s first launch of the H-IIA carrier rocket. The Joho Shushu Eisei (JSE) series satellite became the fifth in Tokyo’s radar and surveillance orbit group.

01.02.2015 03:24

Spanish hospital uses stem cells to fix heart attack damage
For the first time in medical history, a hospital in Madrid has successfully treated seven patients who recently suffered heart attacks by using stem cells from donors, according to the hospital’s statement.

31.01.2015 21:06

Google creates synthetic skin for cancer detecting project (VIDEO)
Google’s clandestine cutting-edge health research facility has created synthetic human skin as part of its innovative cancer detecting project that aims to prevent the disease before it develops, US media has revealed.

31.01.2015 17:30

Stunning timelapse shows Earth bathed in infrared light (VIDEO)
A mesmerizing new video showcases what the Earth looks like in infrared light – something that is invisible to the human eye but that nonetheless radiates from the planet’s surface constantly.

30.01.2015 23:37

Got genes: Obama proposes genetic biobank of 1mn Americans’ DNA to fight disease
A new $215 million US government proposal would seek more than 1 million American volunteers for analysis of their genetic information in an initiative to fight disease, while developing targeted health care based on one’s DNA.

30.01.2015 15:23

Brain evolution prompted by complex, rich environments – study
US neuroscientists have created a 60,000-generation colony of simple programmed critters keen on varieties of a basic “Tetris” computer game, effectively proving that an artificial brain evolves only when facing complicated tasks.

30.01.2015 09:14

‘Bad listener’ male politicians create polarization & conflict – study
America’s male mainstream politicians are drama queens too impatient to listen to their opponents and engage with the other side. That's according to new research from political scientists at the University of North Carolina and the University of Kansas.

30.01.2015 06:42

Just 4 purchases enough to ID you, despite anonymized credit card data
Anonymized credit card data – only locations and times of purchases made – are enough to identify a person, a new MIT study shows. Shopping habits are so unique, that knowledge of only four transactions help tell who the buyer is.

30.01.2015 05:54

US Navy wants robots to train Marines
The US Navy is extremely interested in improving training for Marines and ensuring they're prepared for missions – and it’s looking into the possibility of using robots to achieve those goals.

30.01.2015 00:38

Blast from the past: Ancient skull suggests Neanderthals and Homo sapiens interbred
A partial skull unearthed in the Manot Cave in Israel's West Galilee has given paleontologists the first key evidence that modern humans co-inhabited the area with Neanderthals with whom they possibly interbred up to 55,000 years ago.

29.01.2015 07:02

GMO potato seeks FDA approval, opponents say safety risks remain
A new genetically modified potato is closer than ever to arriving in American grocery stores, but while advocates claim it can actually reduce the risk of cancer, opponents say not nearly enough is known to ensure public safety.

29.01.2015 04:24

Former Los Alamos scientist sentenced in plot to sell nuclear secrets to Venezuela
A former Los Alamos nuclear scientist caught in a sting operation was sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty to trying to help Venezuela develop nuclear weapons in exchange for "money and power." He also advised dropping a bomb over NYC.

29.01.2015 01:55