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NYC rats carry Bubonic plague-transmitting fleas - study
New York City’s notoriously massive rat population appears to present a bigger health risk than was thought before. According to a new study, the rodents’ fleas could transmit Bubonic plague.

04.03.2015 09:14

Robo-roach: Remote-controlled cockroaches at the touch of a button
Engineers at a Texas university have developed a system to remote control cockroaches via a miniature computer, which is wired to the nervous system. It’s hoped they could be used for search and rescue missions as they can move about in tiny spaces.

04.03.2015 11:16

No water needed: Methane-based life possible on Saturn’s moon Titan, study says
Researchers from the Cornell University have developed a methane-based, oxygen-free life form that theoretically may exist in the cold and harsh environment of the planet Saturn’s giant moon Titan, defying the idea that water is necessary for life.

01.03.2015 07:53

You scratch my back: Rats recognize kindness, repay favors
Humans have long used the behavior of rats to personify the worst qualities in their fellow man. When it comes to acts of kindness, however, it turns out the much maligned creature is willing to repay favors to its fellow rodents.

28.02.2015 15:30

(Un)happy brains: Research shows how opioids help to cope with romantic breakups
Apparently, moving on from a tough breakup isn’t as easy for some people as for others. According to new research, it has to do with their brains releasing less of the stress-reducing natural opioids than others.

28.02.2015 12:56

EPA sued over shrinking monarch butterfly population
A leading environmental group has filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency, accusing regulators of dismissing dangers about a certain chemical used in herbicides, including Monsanto’s widely used Roundup.

28.02.2015 03:09

Japanese volcanic island grows to 11 times its original size - and ain’t stopping
Japanese island Nishinoshima has grown to 11 times its original size due to the volcanic eruption started in 2013. A recent observation has shown that the volcano goes on erupting ever since and a new increase of the island’s area is expected.

27.02.2015 14:22

Environmental chair throws snowball on Senate floor to rail against global warming (VIDEO)
Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) does not believe that humans contribute to global warming, and on Thursday he took to the Senate floor with some hard evidence in tow: a snowball. Then he threw it.

27.02.2015 03:10

Too much screen time raises kids’ blood pressure
Lack of physical activity and getting more than two hours of “screen time” significantly increases the risk of high blood pressure in children, according to the results of a recent study.

27.02.2015 01:44

Eyes in the skies: Mysterious bright spots on Ceres dwarf planet look like glowing eyes
Astronomers are puzzled by the latest images captured by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft. They show that there are two spots on Ceres that are much brighter than the rest of the dwarf planet’s rocky and pockmarked terrain.

26.02.2015 22:34

12bn suns, 13bn light years away: Ancient black hole blows scientists’ minds
A gigantic black hole has been discovered with an astonishing mass 12 billion times bigger than the sun’s. Its age – it was formed 900 million years after the Big Bang – undermines modern scientific theories.

26.02.2015 17:39

​‘Values, not science’: British MPs attack EU anti-GM policy, demand power to regulate
British MPs want powers to regulate genetically-modified (GM) crops, deeming current EU law “not fit for purpose.”

26.02.2015 09:49