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Spyware phone app CEO indicted for conspiracy
The head of a company that sells a spyware application for smartphones has been indicted and arrested for conspiracy and other charges related to surreptitious interception. It is the first time the US Department of Justice has targeted spyware apps.

30.09.2014 03:24

Little Spy Corvette: GM’s new high-tech recorder illegal in many states
General Motors is scrambling to prevent owners of the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette from breaking the law with the car’s high-tech recording device. Apparently, the company never got the memo that secret recordings are illegal in many states.

30.09.2014 00:24

Children-paralyzing virus spreads across 40 states
Several hundred US kids are being treated for Enterovirus 68 – a respiratory illness that can cause children to become paralyzed. Outbreaks of the virus have been detected in most of the fifty states.

29.09.2014 22:06

#SpaceBuddies: India’s chatty Mars orbiter spurs flurry of Red Planet tweets
India’s Mars Orbiter entered the planet’s orbit exactly a week ago, joining the Mars Curiosity Rover and others in their studies of the red planet. It has since been honing its photography skills and making friends with the other Mars spacecraft.

29.09.2014 12:05

Wrist-mounted camera drone set to take off… for selfies (VIDEO)
Love taking selfies but hate your arms getting in the way? Have no fear! A new bracelet camera drone called Nixie will allow you to capture every moment of your life without having to stop to record the action.

29.09.2014 11:55

Web Magna Carta: WWW inventor calls for ‘online bill of rights’
Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web has spoken out against world governments and corporations, which he says are seeking to control the web for their own gain.

29.09.2014 12:24

Washington think tank hires ‘Call of Duty’ creator to advise Pentagon on future threats to US
You would think war-themed video games copy real life, and not the other way around. Not this time. A Washington think tank has hired the maker of the acclaimed “Call of Duty” game to envision the kind of future wars the US could be fighting.

28.09.2014 10:44

Like Harry Potter’s? 3D 'invisibility cloak' unveiled by NY scientists (VIDEO)
A news ‘invisibility’ cloaking device has been unveiled by US scientists – which they say can be constructed at home, causes no distortion of objects in the background, and can conceal objects in 3D from different angles.

27.09.2014 12:34

Unique organic molecule discovered in deep space
​A new kind of organic molecule has been discovered in a giant gas cloud in interstellar space, indicating that more complex molecules – the very core building blocks of life – can potentially form outside of the Earth and even be widespread in space.

26.09.2014 15:43

​Magnetic fire: Wireless charger powers up devices at distance
The wireless charging technology race is in full swing – a new device developed by MIT is said to charge phones distantly, while you’re sitting at your desk with the phone in your pocket. And no, there are no pads.

25.09.2014 18:30

Drones, Camera, Action! FAA approves unmanned aircraft usage in movie and TV production
Six movie making and television companies have finally been given a go-ahead to use drones for filming after the FAA endorsed their requests for exemptions from a ban on commercial drone operations in the US, paving way for further easing.

25.09.2014 22:33

Soyuz brings new crew to ISS
A Soyuz spacecraft has successfully docked at the ISS just 6 hours after the lift-off, bringing up a new Space Station crew, including the first female Russian cosmonaut after a nearly two-decade break.

25.09.2014 20:12

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