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Adios, Hola! Popular privacy-minded browser plug-in has backdoor for hackers - report
An online service that claims to offer 46 million users a free and secure way to browse the web anonymously is plagued with issues that allow customers to be tracked and hacked, security researchers say.

29.05.2015 15:22

​UN says encryption vital to free speech, calls on US govt to end 'backdoor' push
Data encryption is essential to free speech, as it provides the privacy and security necessary in today's digital age, a new UN report states. It calls on the US Congress to prohibit Washington from requiring companies to provide “backdoor access.”

29.05.2015 15:42

​Smoking gun: Missing Loyalist murder weapon found on loan to Imperial War Museum
An assault rifle used in seven unsolved killings during the Northern Irish Troubles has been found in a public display case in London’s Imperial War Museum.

29.05.2015 11:14

US embassy in Estonia spying on locals with consent from Tallinn – report
Personal information about Estonian citizens has been collected by a secret division of the US embassy in the capital, Tallinn, for some years now, Estonian media reports. The data has been fed to a global terror database.

29.05.2015 09:52

​Chancellor Osborne demands extra £1bn UK defense cuts
Further cuts to the UK defense budget will begin to impact on Britain’s operational capacity, critics argue, as Chancellor George Osborne presses ahead with military austerity measures worth £1 billion.

29.05.2015 08:14

6.8 earthquake strikes off Alaska’s southwest coast – USGS
The US Geological Survey says there has been a 6.8 magnitude off the southwest coast of Alaska on Friday. The epicenter is 110km south-southeast of Ugashik with the center estimated at 33km deep.

29.05.2015 07:15

Radioactive leak detected at Delhi's IGI Airport - local media
A radioactive leak has been detected at India’s capital IGI Airport, Press Trust of India reported. Radioactive material was spotted onboard a flight from Turkey.

29.05.2015 06:53

​Islamist militants capture last Syrian govt stronghold in Idlib province
Islamist militants have claimed full control over the strategic Syrian city of Ariha, with government forces admitting withdrawal from their last stronghold in Idlib province after heavy clashes with al-Qaeda affiliated groups.

29.05.2015 00:32

122mm artillery banned under Minsk peace deal fired in E.Ukraine – OSCE
The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe has confirmed that shrapnel persistent with 122mm artillery banned under the Minsk packages was used in the latest shelling of a residential area in Gorlovka, eastern Ukraine.

28.05.2015 20:43

Russia classifies military casualties in peacetime
President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree making all casualties suffered by the Russian military during special operations in peacetime a state secret.

28.05.2015 13:52

​China to issue 5yr security plan to safeguard state secrets
China’s state secrets are set to be more effectively secured with a far-reaching five-year state-run cybersecurity program, announced against the ever-growing cyber confrontation with the US, Chinese official media reports on Thursday.

28.05.2015 05:43

EU strikes against Libyan refugee smugglers will set ‘dangerous precedent’ – Assange
The military intervention against “smugglers” bringing migrants from Libya to EU shores will set a “dangerous precedent” for the EU to unilaterally engage in hostilities and endanger innocent people’s lives, believes WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

28.05.2015 02:02