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Collateral damage: Yemeni man loses 27 family members in 1 Saudi airstrike
A man hosting guests for his daughter’s marriage proposal lost all 27 members of his family, including 17 children, in the deadliest case of Saudi-led airstrikes killing civilians in Yemen, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW).

03.07.2015 02:47

Columbian capital jarred by 2 blasts
​Two explosions have rocked Bogota, Colombia’s capital, injuring at least eight people. Both bombs reportedly targeted the Provenir pension fund.

03.07.2015 01:27

​‘Forced measure’: Hungary to build fence along Serbia border to stop migrants
The construction of a four-meter-high, 175-km-long fence is to start along the Hungarian border with Serbia “within weeks” to limit the flow of illegal migrants into the EU, according to Hungarian Prime Minister’s chief of staff.

02.07.2015 20:31

Digital amnesia: Mobile phones deprive users of memory skills
A lot of people prefer to store information in their mobile phones instead of keeping it in their heads, a new study from Kaspersky Lab reports; thus the loss or breakdown of a mobile phone can be a disaster for modern people.

02.07.2015 15:25

Keep out: White House fence gets extra spikes
The White House is relying on quite a medieval solution to keep intruders away. Contractors have finished bolting rows of metal spikes to the fence around the presidential residency, as Washington is getting prepared for Independence Day.

02.07.2015 15:15

‘UK spied on Merkel’s Greek bailout plans and told NSA’ – WikiLeaks
British intelligence agencies spied on German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other leaders as they discussed Greek bailout plans for European banks in 2011, WikiLeaks revelations suggest.

02.07.2015 10:21

New US military strategy: ‘Russia, China - threat to unipolar domination fantasy’
The Pentagon’s new military strategy proposes that Russia is a major US adversary, that there might be a war between the two countries, and that the US is losing its military technology supremacy, says Brian Becker from the anti-war Answer Coalition.

02.07.2015 12:00

​‘Culture cleansing’ ISIS could target British Museum artifacts, says outgoing director
Ancient artefact collections at the British Museum are at risk of an Islamic State-inspired attack, according to the institution’s outgoing director. UNESCO chief Irina Bokova has warned extremists are engaging in “culture cleansing.”

02.07.2015 07:58

Bus from hell: Flaming vehicle causes panic in Ukrainian city (VIDEO)
A driverless ‘ghost’ bus enveloped in flames has been causing havoc in the city of Lvov in Western Ukraine. The vehicle, abandoned by its passengers, can be seen in a video careering downhill while other vehicles desperately try to get out of its way.

02.07.2015 05:32

Tweet of $75k stash in passenger’s bag lands TSA in hot water – again
No stranger to controversy, the Transportation Security Administration is under fire once again, this time after an employee decided to tweet a picture showcasing the unusual contents of a passenger’s luggage.

02.07.2015 02:13

NSA’s XKEYSCORE spy program is ‘as easy as typing a few words in Google’
The National Security Agency’s infamous XKEYSCORE program, revealed by leaker Edward Snowden, makes searching the world’s private communications as easy to use as Google, according to training documents published by the Intercept.

01.07.2015 21:25

France’s DGSE spy agency also ‘listens to the world’ – report
France’s DGSE spy agency has been intercepting telephone communications across the world via a network of secret cables linking Europe with the rest of the world, an investigation by French daily Le Nouvel Observateur has revealed.

01.07.2015 14:13