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Tailored censorship? Iran unveils ‘smart’ web filters
Iran is rolling out new “individual filters” that will let citizens receive access to different parts of the internet, depending on government clearance, and will allow censors to weed out specific website pages – not entire domains, as they currently do.

27.12.2014 03:23

US, Japan and S.Korea to share intel on N. Korea
Officials from Washington, Tokyo and Seoul will sign a trilateral intelligence-sharing pact in an effort to strengthen their surveillance network on the nuclear-armed pariah state of North Korea, Seoul officials said.

26.12.2014 06:27

​Block first, warrant later: Turkey drafts bill on website shutdowns without court order
In its latest attempt to control the internet, the Turkish government announced it’s looking into a bill that would grant powers to block any site that is considered as threatening “national security and public order” without an immediate court order.

26.12.2014 04:58

Anti-homeless cages installed around benches in French city on Christmas Eve
The right-wing city council of Angouleme in southwest France has come under fire for banishing homeless people from its city center, after it installed cages that completely cover benches used by local hobos.

25.12.2014 15:41

Opportunity for Russia? India cancels $1bn minesweeper deal with S. Korea
An opportunity has arisen for Russian shipyards to tap the Indian market, with New Delhi canceling a billion dollar deal with South Korea for the supply of eight Mine Countermeasure Vessels (MCMV) to the Indian Navy over suspected irregularities.

25.12.2014 07:25

Security firm says Sony hack might have been an inside job
Despite claims by the FBI that North Korea was behind the massive hack against Sony, several cybersecurity experts have come forward to raise questions about the allegation, with some suggesting that insiders at the company could be to blame.

25.12.2014 01:02

‘Afghanistan remains a cockpit of Asia’
The Taliban is not a spent force yet, and Afghanistan will continue to be an extremely volatile area, says journalist Jere Van Dyk. There’s also a chance that this network as well as ISIS can spread into the Central Asian republics, he told RT.

24.12.2014 13:14

British police prepare for Christmas ‘lone wolf’ terror attacks
British police are deploying resources to stave off the threat posed by Islamist groups plotting terror attacks in crowded public spaces as shoppers scramble for last minute purchases before Christmas.

24.12.2014 11:04

Hacktivist group ‘takes down’ GCHQ website, claims N. Korean blackout
The Anonymous-allied hacktivist group Gator League claimed it took down the website of Britain's GCHQ surveillance agency on Tuesday. Earlier, the same group boasted of shutting down North Korea’s internet.

24.12.2014 00:51

S. Korean nuclear plants hacker leaks new data right after president orders security boost
South Korea has boosted cyber-security at all its key state-run facilities after a series of “grave” data hacks threatened 23 nuclear power plants. Following the order, the hacker struck again and leaked new diagrams from two nuclear reactors.

23.12.2014 13:58

‘Why are covert CIA agents operating in allied EU countries?’
After a CIA memo explaining how to get through tighter EU border security checks was leaked to WikiLeaks, the question arose why are there covert agents in the countries the US is meant to share intelligence with, former MI5 agent Annie Machon told RT.

23.12.2014 07:03

Italian neo-fascists arrested ahead of planned Christmas terror campaign
Italian police have arrested 14 neo-fascists after they uncovered a plot to assassinate politicians and attack immigrants. Members of a banned far-right splinter group also planned to attack police in a campaign of violence over the Christmas period.

22.12.2014 14:11