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Things you need you know about the Super Bowl that have nothing to do with football
Tens of thousands of people are expected to descend upon Glendale, Arizona for Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday, but one of America’s most popular events has become much more than a simple sports game.

31.01.2015 04:13

NYC asks new parents if 'mother giving birth' is male or female
​A peculiar part of paperwork that’s presented to new parents in New York City is raising eyebrows around the Big Apple. The new form, according to recent reports, asks parents to specify if a newborn’s mother is male or female.

30.01.2015 20:30

​Jihadists watch porn, are ‘literally w*nkers’ – Boris Johnson
Gaffe-prone London Mayor Boris Johnson has shared a psychological profile of Islamist militants, saying that they turn to violent extremism are “literally w*nkers” who do so because they are “rejected by women.”

30.01.2015 09:15

Rape laws reviewed to expose rapists who ‘hide’ behind social media – legal conference
The number of rapists using social media to “cover their tracks” and produce false evidence trails is on the rise, according to speakers at a joint rape prevention conference of police and lawyers.

29.01.2015 11:06

​UK teens turning to porn for sex education – study
Teenagers are increasingly turning to online porn rather than their sex education teachers to learn about the birds and the bees, a new survey suggests.

29.01.2015 12:57

Hundreds of UK child sex offenders spared jail, let off with cautions
Hundreds of sex offenders are being given lenient punishments by British judges despite committing “abhorrent” crimes against children.

28.01.2015 16:47

12yo Russian girl commits suicide after argument over porn use with parents
A Russian girl of twelve has taken her own life, jumping out of the window of her flat in St. Petersburg after her parents discovered she had been watching pornography and a subsequent argument.

28.01.2015 13:07

Clashes with police as sex education protesters attacked in Germany (VIDEO)
Some 150 Hamburg residents protesting against ‘early sexualization’ in German schools were pelted with bottles, firecrackers and snowballs by counter-demonstrators who outnumbered them 4-to-1.

24.01.2015 21:28

​Freedom of expression ‘in danger’ as Talk Talk blocks online porn
Internet Service Provider (ISP) Talk Talk have followed the lead of Sky Broadband and blocked its users from viewing adult content by default.

23.01.2015 16:39

Flight logs place Bill Clinton on sex offender’s jet multiple times – report
Flight logbooks show that former President Bill Clinton took more than a dozen flights on the private jet of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, according to a new report by Gawker.

23.01.2015 01:57

Bare-chested lies! Sun brings page three back, causes Twitter storm
The decision by the UK’s top selling newspaper to stop showing topless models has been revealed to be either a clever hoax or a dastardly PR stunt, after the tabloid paper once again featured a bare-chested model on Page 3.

22.01.2015 11:51

​Abuse inquiry barrister calls for removal of panel member
The senior barrister in charge of advising an historic sex abuse inquiry has asked for one of the panel members to be removed. This follows accusations he had bullied her and attempted to influence members of the panel.

21.01.2015 13:31