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1.8mn accounts closed in China’s massive porn shutdown op
​China has closed 1.8 million pornography and prostitution accounts on social and messaging networks since April in its bid to completely erase adult entertainment from its internet, media said.

20.09.2014 09:23

Biden caps off gaffe-filled week with homage to alleged sex-offender senator at women's conference (VIDEO)
​After inserting his foot in his mouth several times this week, US Vice President Joe Biden praised at a women’s conference former US senator Bob Packwood for his bipartisanship. Yet Packwood resigned in 1995 after several allegations of sexual offenses.

19.09.2014 17:53

Liberal Democrat MP resigns over sexual harassment claims
Liberal Democrat MP Mike Hancock has resigned from the party, ahead of an internal disciplinary hearing. The disgraced MP had already been suspended for making improper sexual advances towards a vulnerable constituent.

19.09.2014 12:29

Missouri lawmakers override veto, approve 72-hour wait for abortions
Missouri’s Republican-dominated Legislature voted late Wednesday to override Gov. Jay Nixon’s earlier veto of a bill that institutes a 72-hour waiting period before a woman can have an abortion. Missouri now has the second-strictest waiting law in the US.

11.09.2014 16:48

Reddit profited off hacked celeb nudes, while charities won’t accept related money
Reddit made enough money off subscriptions to run its servers for a month in the six days the popular web forum linked to the leaked pictures of nude celebrities. But several charities are refusing money Redditors raised “in honor of” the exposed stars.

11.09.2014 01:16

Finally: Reddit bans page with hacked nude celebrity photos
Administrators for the popular web forums on have removed the message board where for a week users shared leaked images of naked celebrities.

08.09.2014 17:10

Two girls hung from tree on same rope after suspected rape in India
Two schoolgirls were killed and hung from the ends of the same rope on a tree in India's northeastern Assam state. Locals suspect the girls were first raped, reminding of the outrageous gang-rape and murder of a student in Uttar Pradesh.

06.09.2014 17:45

Porn not loading for hours? Blame ‘Internet Slowdown’ protest
Pornography tends towards the ‘harder, faster’ side of things. But porn-watchers could be in for slower, buffered videos next Friday as some of the world’s top adult film sites participate in a protest against the proposed loss of net neutrality.

06.09.2014 02:18

US child homicide rate leads West - UNICEF
The US leads Western nations in child homicide rates, while millions of children around the world are threatened with physical, sexual and emotional abuse, including murder, rape and bullying, a new UNICEF report revealed.

05.09.2014 06:16

Arizona forces statuary rape victim to pay child support
A 24-year-old Arizona man is being asked to pay more than $15,000 in child support for a daughter he fathered at the age of 14 — and didn’t know existed until two years ago.

03.09.2014 20:46

Celebrity nude photos hack turns into child porn case
Investigations into the hacking of celebrities’ iPhone accounts, which resulted in the leak of nude or semi-nude photos of various female personalities, have turned into a child abuse case, as one alleged victim was under 18 when some photos were taken.

03.09.2014 16:14

FBI takes over investigation of nude celebrity photos leak
The FBI said it was “addressing” a massive data breach of various celebrities that resulted in the posting of their nude images online. The suspected leak organizer told supporters he was on the move, alluding to the possibility of more images.

02.09.2014 15:04

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