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Zero G sex space mission: All geckos on board Russian satellite found dead… but happy?
All the geckos onboard Russia’s Foton-M4 satellite as part of an experiment on how zero gravity affects reproduction have died, the Russian Academy of Sciences reported as the spacecraft returned to Earth.

01.09.2014 14:51

Immediate and indefinite moratorium: Porn shoots on hold after performer tests positive for HIV
Pornography production in the United States has effectively been put on hold this week after one of the largest trade groups in the industry called for a voluntary moratorium on filming because an adult performer tested positive for HIV.

29.08.2014 19:18

Federal cybersecurity director convicted of child porn charges
The former acting director of cyber security for the United States Department of Health and Human Services was convicted this week on child pornography charges upon completion of a four-day federal trial in Nebraska.

29.08.2014 17:22

Growing pains: Majority of UK teens think porn makes life harder to handle
The majority of British teens believe internet porn is ‘addictive’ and has a ‘damaging effect’ on society, pressuring them to behave and acts in ways not experienced by previous generations, a new report has revealed.

20.08.2014 12:57

Sin of the flesh: Woman arrested for filming porn in Austrian church
An Austrian woman has been arrested for filming pornographic videos inside a church. She was apprehended by police after avid viewers recognized the house of worship - and also her breasts.

15.08.2014 12:00

Bioengineers develop dissolvable anti-HIV ‘tampon’
Women may have a new ‘knight in shining armor’ in the search for protection against HIV: A team of bioengineers are developing a dissolvable ‘tampon’ that delivers HIV-preventing medication minutes before having sex.

12.08.2014 21:43

​‘I Like Tits Daily’: The strange Twitter habits of David Cameron
Downing Street’s official twitter account ‘UK Prime Minister’ is following a series of Twitter accounts ranging from the strange to the downright salacious, including one called “I Like Tits Daily.”

08.08.2014 11:37

Google admits scanning Gmail for kiddie porn after turning in pedophile
A man in Texas found out the hard way that Google is required by law to scan emails for suspected child abuse after he was arrested. The company had tipped off law enforcement to the presence of child pornography in his Gmail.

05.08.2014 19:16

Texas woman files $123 million revenge porn suit against Facebook
A Texas woman wants Facebook to pay her $123 million —10 cents for each of its 1.23 billion users — because the social networking site failed to immediately delete “revenge porn” uploaded by an old friend.

30.07.2014 15:35

Topless women troll Texas open-carry advocacy event (VIDEO)
In a battle royale between the right to bear arms and the right to bare all, two topless women attended a pro-open carry rally in Austin, Texas. Now the group running the event is complaining the buxom bosoms are ruining its message

29.07.2014 16:13

Amputation instead of circumcision? Man sues hospital after surgery
​An Alabama man says doctors mistakenly removed his penis during what was supposed to be a routine circumcision procedure, and now he has filed suit against the physicians and hospitals involved.

25.07.2014 17:35

​Met police spied on UK justice campaigns- report
Undercover officers gathered and retained information on 17 justice campaigns, including a family whose son was shot dead by the Metropolitan Police, a new report has found.

24.07.2014 16:19

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