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Bill Cosby admits giving women sedatives for ‘sex’ – court documents
Comedian Bill Cosby said in a court testimony he obtained sedatives with the intent of giving them to women he wanted to have sex with. He admitted giving the drug to at least one woman.

07.07.2015 03:11

'​48 hours of hell’: UK’s biggest sex festival scandalizes sleepy village
Residents of a sleepy village in Gloucestershire were left scandalized over the weekend when the UK’s largest sex festival set up camp, bringing with it ‘intolerable’ levels of noise.

06.07.2015 11:35

​Montana polygamist applies for marriage license, cites same-sex ruling
Citing the historic Supreme Court ruling recently legalizing same-sex marriage, a Montana man has applied for a second marriage license that, if granted, would sanction the relationship he has with two wives.

02.07.2015 22:05

Child sex abuse investigations ‘inadequate’ – police watchdog
Police investigations into allegations of historical child sex abuse have been branded “inadequate” in a new report, which claims more than one-third of such inquiries are substandard.

02.07.2015 13:40

​Aliens existence ‘inevitable,’ they should be like humans & have orgasms – Cambridge scientist
Not only should aliens exist on planets with similar conditions to Earth, but they should look similar to human beings and even experience orgasms, according to a Cambridge evolutionary biologist.

02.07.2015 10:22

​Sex, drugs & gambling: Students resort to taboo trades to meet living costs
Students are being forced to gamble, undergo medical trials and engage in adult work in order to top up their maintenance loans, a survey has found.

29.06.2015 14:43

Moscow lawmaker seeks rainbow flag ban after Facebook fanfare of US gay marriage verdict
A Moscow city MP has promised to press for the ban on the most known symbol of the LGBT community after the campaign of support of the US move to legalize same-sex marriage has hit Russian social networks, drawing ire from conservatives.

29.06.2015 11:36

Lord Janner faces prosecution over alleged child sex abuse
Lord Janner will stand trial over alleged historical child sex abuses, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has announced.

29.06.2015 09:10

Addicted to porn? That's unlikely, according to researchers
Although we've been told that pornography is an addiction, it turns out that isn't the case at all. A new study says the brain activity of “porn addicts” actually decreases when viewing X-rated images.

27.06.2015 20:01

‘With Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling... the America I knew is gone’
​The nine members the US Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is now a legal right across the entire country, a decision that Pastor Scott Lively says will bring disaster to American society.

27.06.2015 12:18

Tweeting Rainbow: Social media explodes in gay pride after SCOTUS ruling
Social media erupted into a storm of rainbows following a landmark ruling by the US Supreme Court making same-sex marriage a legal right in all 50 states.

26.06.2015 19:04

‘Arrest us’ for using illegal abortion pills, pro-choice campaigners dare N. Irish govt
More than 200 women in Northern Ireland have said they hope they will be arrested after signing a letter addressed to the government, in which they admit to having used illegal abortion pills.

26.06.2015 13:51