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UK child abuse: It’s not the evidence, but who you are that matters
The decision by the Crown Prosecution Service not to bring charges against the wealthy peer and establishment insider Lord Greville Janner in connection with allegations of child abuse has been met with outrage among the general public and police.

17.04.2015 10:51

Dogs really do love us: Study finds first evidence of inter-species hormone exchange
Dog lovers everywhere, rejoice! They really do love us on a chemical level. Dogs were found to make use of the “lovers’ hormone,” Oxytocin, to sneak their way into our hearts. That’s the first time the mechanism was observed between species.

17.04.2015 08:02

‘Out of control’: DEA chief grilled over agents’ sex parties dating back to 2001
The Drug Enforcement Agency chief is taking fire from Congress over internal reports stating that agents have engaged in sex parties on the government’s dime since 2001. One lawmaker also called for the chief to resign.

14.04.2015 19:49

TSA agents fired over system to fondle male genitals in Denver
Two Transportation Security Administration officials at Denver International Airport (DIA) have been fired for conducting a scam on male passengers. A male and female agent collaborated so the male could fondle the genitals of men he found attractive.

14.04.2015 16:55

​Pentagon pays author of 'May I Kiss You?' talk $10k to train US airmen
The US Air Force is employing the author of the “May I Kiss You?” talk to teach service personnel about consent and sexual assault prevention. Mike Domitrz' company, the Date Safe Project, is being paid $10,000 for three training sessions.

13.04.2015 13:16

Vatican reportedly rejects gay French ambassador
The Catholic Church has been accused of blocking the appointment of a new French ambassador to the Vatican. Sources, including from inside the Holy See, say the diplomat may have been rejected because he is gay.

10.04.2015 14:15

​UKIP candidate apologizes for saying Lib Dem ‘deliberately caught HIV’
A UKIP candidate has been forced to apologize to a Liberal Democrat parliamentary hopeful for suggesting he had contracted HIV on purpose.

10.04.2015 14:22

Former Ohio state trooper gets 5 yrs in federal prison for sex acts
An Ohio state trooper was sentenced to five years in prison by a federal court for coercing four women motorists to engage in sexual acts for lenient treatment over criminal cases and traffic tickets.

10.04.2015 00:17

​Child sex abuse cases rise 60% - but arrests fall since 2011
Cases of child sex abuse reported to police have risen by more than 60 percent in the last four years, according to official figures for England and Wales.

09.04.2015 15:33

In the genes? Sex criminals’ relatives 5 times more likely to also offend – researchers
The brothers and fathers of convicted sex criminals are five times more likely to commit rape or a sexual assault than other members of society, a landmark study has revealed.

09.04.2015 13:42

Obama wants to end ‘conversion’ therapies for gay & transgender youth
President Barack Obama has condemned the psychiatric practice that religious and conservative groups use to ‘repair’ gay, lesbian and transgender youth to make them straight. His decision will support efforts at state level to ban the practice.

09.04.2015 02:23

‘I had always known I was different’ Chelsea Manning on transitioning as a woman
Private Chelsea Manning faced stern resistance when she wanted to come out as transgender, she said in an exclusive ​interview with Cosmopolitan. She also spoke about her transition to living as woman in a military prison.

09.04.2015 00:08