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At least 9 dead, 32 injured in Chicago Easter weekend shootings
Nine people have been killed and a further 32 injured in weekend shootings in Chicago which started on Friday afternoon and lasted until Monday morning. Five of the injured are children.

21.04.2014 11:26

White supremacist website ‘breeding ground for deranged’ - SPLC report
Nine individuals who regularly posted comments on the white supremacist forum Stormfront were found guilty of murdering almost 100 people over the past half-decade, according to a report released today by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

18.04.2014 12:02

UN base in South Sudan attacked by ‘peaceful’ mob, dozens dead
Gunmen posing as peaceful protesters forced their way inside the base of the UN mission in Bor, where some 5,000 civilians are seeking protection in the four-month-long conflict, and opened fire, reportedly killing dozens.

18.04.2014 08:16

​Suspect arrested in Kansas City highway shooting spree
An arrest has been made in association with a series of seemingly random shootings in Kansas City, Missouri that have occurred on highways in the area.

17.04.2014 23:32

Kansas KKK shooting suspect testified against fellow white supremacists
Frazier Glenn Miller, the founder of a KKK chapter arrested over the weekend for a triple homicide targeting a Jewish center, testified against fellow white supremacists in an unrelated murder in exchange for a lesser sentence, a new report reveals.

15.04.2014 21:52

Eastern Ukraine stands defiant against Kiev
Kiev’s troops remain in eastern Ukraine as the OSCE mission starts its work on “de-escalating” the situation on the ground. Anti-government protesters are unwilling to leave the seized buildings, demanding that the troops are pulled out first.

15.04.2014 13:51

Ex-KKK leader charged with attacking Jewish centers, killing three
A shooting rampage at two Jewish facilities in Kansas took the lives of three people on Sunday, and was allegedly carried out by the former Grand Dragon of the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

14.04.2014 15:29

​Dallas police insist filming cops 'a major safety issue' for civilians
Dallas police officers, including the union that represents them, are asking citizens organized to keep watch over cops with recording devices to stop filming law enforcement because it is causing unspecified “major safety issue[s].”

11.04.2014 20:38

​LA County Sheriff’s Dept. fatally shoots aspiring TV producer helping hostages
The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has admitted its deputies fatally shot an innocent man escaping a hostage situation in West Hollywood.

11.04.2014 02:38

Use of excessive force by Albuquerque police ‘pretty disturbing,’ report finds (VIDEO)
Police in Albuquerque, New Mexico have fallen into a pattern of using force more often than necessary which, consequently, caused a number of unjustified fatal shootings by officers in recent years, according to a new federal oversight report.

10.04.2014 21:20

Kiev ignored independent assessment of snipers at Maidan - Lavrov
Authorities in Kiev have routinely ignored evidence in the case of sniper shootings on the Maidan, while suggestions of probes into the matter never came from official channels, Russian FM Lavrov said.

04.04.2014 08:47

‘Persistent and troubling weaknesses’ plagued response to Boston Marathon bombing - study
​An extensive investigation led by researchers at Harvard University has uncovered what its authors say are ‘fault lines’ in policing with regards to how law enforcement officials handled last year’s Boston Marathon bombing.

03.04.2014 15:54

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