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Language arts teacher banned from school for writing fictional books
An eighth-grade language arts teacher from Maryland has been placed on administrative leave after school officials learned he allegedly authored two books containing questionable content under a pseudonym.

26.08.2014 17:59

Coroner says man fatally shot himself in the chest while handcuffed behind his back
​The release of an autopsy report in Louisiana is raising new questions about the unusual shooting death of a 22-year-old black male who died earlier this year in a police car while his hands were cuffed behind his back.

26.08.2014 15:38

​‘It was a matter of time before something happened to set off the Ferguson riots’
We are talking about a predominantly black community that has been harassed and abused by a predominately white police forced for many, many years, Ted Rall, American political cartoonist, columnist and author, told RT.

26.08.2014 13:25

Alleged Russian soldiers captured in Ukraine say they 'were lost' in Kiev-released video
Kiev's army has released videos showing alleged Russian paratroopers captured after an incursion into the country, ahead of Russian-Ukrainian talks in Minsk expected to have a large focus on the military and humanitarian crisis in eastern Ukraine.

26.08.2014 08:57

Michael Brown funeral draws thousands along with celebrities, civil rights leaders
Thousands of people attended a Baptist church in Missouri on Monday in order to mourn and celebrate the life of Michael Brown, a young, unarmed black man who died after being shot by local police.

25.08.2014 22:56

Sergeant shoots self at VA Fort Lee Army base
An active on-site shooter was reported at Fort Lee Army base in Virgina, forcing it into lockdown and leading the base to enact active shooter protocols. An ‘all clear’ was later issued by the base and the shooter hospitalized.

25.08.2014 13:40

Crowdfunding campaign for officer who shot Michael Brown spurs controversy
A crowdfunding campaign in support of the officer who shot unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown is under fire as it has raised more money to date than all of the campaigns for the victim of the shooting combined.

23.08.2014 01:10

Iraq’s Sunnis halt govt talks after 68 killed in gunmen attack on mosque
Gunmen opened fire inside a Sunni mosque in Iraq’s eastern Diyala Province, killing at least 68 people, Reuters said citing medical officials. As Shia militia were blamed for the incident, Sunni politicians withdrew from talks on forming a new government.

22.08.2014 13:31

'My mission is vengeance': Man says he killed four in response to US foreign policy
A Seattle man has told investigators he killed four people in Washington state and New Jersey this year in a mission to avenge the “millions” of lives “taken every single day” by the United States government, according to court documents.

21.08.2014 15:33

Cop suspended for threatening to kill Ferguson protesters, journalists (VIDEO)
A suburban St. Louis police officer has been suspended indefinitely for threatening to kill protesters and journalists in Ferguson, Missouri while he pointed a rifle in the crowd's direction during a demonstration this week.

21.08.2014 14:07

Video of deadly St Louis police shooting raises questions (GRAPHIC)
The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has released mobile phone footage that seems to be at odds with parts of its story surrounding the officer-involved shooting of Kajieme Powell in the weeks after Michael Brown’s death.

21.08.2014 03:40

School police cleared to carry AR-15s in Compton, California
Citing the national school shooting epidemic and potential acts of terrorism, the Compton, California school board has approved a policy allowing select campus police officers to carry semi-automatic AR-15 rifles in their patrol cars while on duty.

20.08.2014 17:50

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