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1st vs 2nd Amendment: Anti-gun activist outs concealed-carry license owner with lawn sign
​A difference of opinions between a lawful gun owner and a concerned neighbor has caused a commotion in Rochester, Minnesota over the rights protected by the First and Second Amendments to the United States Constitution.

21.10.2014 14:21

Third-grader's anti-violence speech interrupted by deadly gunfire
Third-grader Nyeeam Hudson was offering a passionate anti-violence poem at a community center in Newark, New Jersey on Saturday when gunfire rang out at a nearby housing complex, resulting in the shooting death of a young man.

16.10.2014 17:24

Black teen shot by St. Louis cop had gunpowder residue on hands – crime report
A black teenager killed by a police officer in St. Louis, coming just two months after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, had gunpowder residue on his hands, jeans and T-shirt, according to crime lab results.

15.10.2014 06:42

Youths storm St. Louis City Hall amid nationwide rallies against police brutality
In a fresh action for accountability from the police force, about 100 youths stormed the St. Louis City Hall with banners demanding a civilian review board for all “police shootings” and to stop supplying the force with heavy military equipment.

14.10.2014 10:46

Shells, blasts, rubble: Inside Donetsk airport battle zone (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)
Evidence of regular shelling, battle and bloodshed is what RT witnessed at Donetsk airport. Hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of infrastructure was reduced to rubble as Kiev's troops and local militias contested it.

13.10.2014 16:43

'Terror on American soil': #FergusonOctober stages 4-day rally as shooting anger rages
Protests in the suburbs of St. Louis kicked off a weekend-long series of rallies against racial law enforcement profiling that has left two black teenagers dead. Activists confronted police decked out in paramilitary gear, but the night ended peacefully.

11.10.2014 07:50

Reuters investigation exposes ‘serious flaws’ in Maidan massacre probe
A Reuters examination of Ukraine's probes into February’s Maidan shootings, which left over 100 dead and nearly a thousand injured, uncovered 'serious flaws' in the case against Berkut officers, arrested by the country's officials.

10.10.2014 17:40

No faith in American justice: Aafia Siddiqui withdraws her appeal of 86-year prison term
Pakistani neuroscientist Aafia Siddiqui has withdrawn what is likely the final appeal of her conviction for attempted murder of American agents in Afghanistan. Islamist militants have attempted to free Siddiqui in prisoner swaps with the United States.

10.10.2014 14:06

DC police shouldn’t have guns, says Council Member
Amid the ongoing militarization of police departments across the US with the Pentagon’s decommissioned inventory, a “controversial” idea was floated at a police oversight hearing in Washington, DC – to disarm local police officers altogether.

09.10.2014 22:30

St.Louis protest: ‘Armed’ black teen shot by cop 17 times
An off-duty police officer in St. Louis, Missouri, shot and killed a man after chasing him through a local neighborhood. Citizens are marching near the site close to the Missouri Botanical Garden, chanting slogans as more officers stand by.

09.10.2014 03:24

SWAT kills Georgia man using info from drug addict who stole his car
A Georgia SWAT team, acting on a tip from a drug addict, killed a 59-year-old grandfather and businessman in his home while executing a warrant. The informant had stolen a car from the property a few days before.

08.10.2014 20:01

'We never sleep': RT stays overnight with Kurdish fighters on front line in Iraq
Kurdish forces, known as the Peshmerga fighters, are struggling to repel Islamic State militants from Syrian borders. Spending the night behind the sandbags, RT's Paula Slier witnessed gunfire and jihadists' vehicles moving less than 2 miles away.

08.10.2014 13:13

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