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Judge, jury & executioner: Police carrying out ‘death by firing squad’
As incidences of police brutality continue to happen on a regular basis in communities across the United States, the perpetrators of these cold-blooded murders are escaping justice, Mandela Barnes, Wisconsin State Representative, told RT.

25.05.2015 12:05

Mexican standoff: At least 39 dead in mass shootout with drug cartel (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
A security raid in western Mexico turned into an all-out, three-hour gunbattle between police and army on one side and drug cartel thugs on the other. At least 37 armed civilians and two federal police officers have been shot dead.

23.05.2015 05:43

12yo boy killed by Cleveland cops had been charged with ‘inducing panic’ and ‘aggravated menacing’ – report
Cleveland police had charged 12-year-old African American boy Tamir Rice, who was killed by police six months ago, with “aggravated menacing” and “inducing panic,” according to a police document published by US media.

21.05.2015 19:49

Female police officer killed in shootout 1 day before her newborn daughter’s release from hospital
An officer with the Omaha Police Department is dead following a shootout with a suspect a day before her newborn daughter was scheduled to be released from a Nebraska hospital.

21.05.2015 13:45

Former congressional candidate planned to 'utterly destroy' Muslim community in gun assault
A former candidate for a Tennessee congressional seat has admitted to making threats that included burning down a mosque, school, and cafeteria in a Muslim community in New York State. Despite the threats, he was released after posting $30,000 bail.

18.05.2015 14:50

New Gaza flotilla: 'We are not scared of Israeli brutality'
A new flotilla with humanitarian aid on board is going to help people in Gaza; the mission is beyond political polarization and in full compliance with international law, Osama Qashoo, member of the first flotilla to Gaza, told RT’s In The Now.

15.05.2015 12:43

Protests as NY cop who killed Akai Gurley asks for dismissal of charges
Protesters joined the family of Akai Gurley outside the Brooklyn courthouse, where lawyers for New York police officer Peter Liang asked for charges against him to be dropped. Liang claims his fatal shooting of Gurley in November 2014 was accidental.

14.05.2015 22:01

NYC hammer attacker gunned down by cops (VIDEO)
A hammer-wielding man suspected of attacking at least four people in New York City this week has been shot by police officers in midtown Manhattan.

13.05.2015 16:36

Madison officer who fatally shot unarmed teen will not be charged – District Attorney
Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne announced that he would not pursue criminal charges against Madison PD officer Matt Kenny, in the fatal shooting of Tony Robinson, 19, on March 6, deeming the incident “lawful use of deadly police force.”

12.05.2015 18:12

Sheriff asks for more time in 5.5-month-long Tamir Rice investigation
Cuyahoga County Sheriff Clifford Pinkney said his department has not yet finished interviewing people in the November officer-involved shooting death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice in Cleveland, Ohio, and asked for more time to complete the investigation.

12.05.2015 15:14

1 killed, several shot at Mother’s Day bike fest in NJ
One teenager was killed by a gunshot wound to the head and several other people were injured in a shooting at a Mother’s Day bike blessing in Newark, New Jersey.

11.05.2015 01:45

Justice Dept opens probe into Baltimore police
The Department of Justice is investigating the Baltimore Police Department over allegations that officers routinely use excessive, sometimes deadly force, conduct unlawful arrests and engage in discriminatory policing.

08.05.2015 15:08