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Black Utah ‘samurai’ dressed as anime hero shot 6 times, killed by police – autopsy
A young black man in Utah was shot six times and killed by police responding to a 911 call. The man was wearing a Japanese anime costume and carried a gift-shop samurai sword.

31.10.2014 04:08

Manhunt over: Suspected Pennsylvania cop killer captured
Pennsylvania State Police have captured suspected cop killer Eric Matthew Frein following a manhunt that lasted almost seven weeks, the department announced Thursday.

30.10.2014 22:54

Manhunt for alleged cop-killer cancels Halloween in northeastern Pennsylvania
Halloween festivities have been canceled in a northeastern Pennsylvania community as authorities continue their search for accused cop killer Eric Frein.

30.10.2014 19:05

8 white cops, 1 black homeless man, 46 bullets
A video has surfaced showing a homeless man being shot dead by eight police officers as he held a small penknife. 46 bullets were fired.

30.10.2014 12:30

‘US allies against ISIS are actually ISIS’ main allies’
The way the US is carrying the anti-ISIS war is a total failure because the countries that initially supported, financed and armed ISIS are within the US coalition right now, Talal Atrache, an expert on Jihadist and Islamist mentality, told RT.

28.10.2014 07:41

Ottawa gunman pre-attack video: 'Ideological, political motives exposed'
Before launching his attack on Canada’s National War Memorial and the Parliament, the Ottawa gunman had recorded a video which police says proves that he was driven by ideological and political motives.

27.10.2014 02:57

Armed crowd marches through downtown St. Louis (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Dozens of armed demonstrators have marched through the downtown St. Louis to confirm their right to carry firearms openly in public. Only some 10 policemen watched the march without much interest, even after the group met counter protesters.

26.10.2014 00:17

3 deputies, 1 civilian shot in California
Authorities in California say they have arrested a suspect in a shooting spree that killed two police officers and injured a third, as well as one bystander.

24.10.2014 21:03

Washington school shooter fired at family, killed classmate
The shooter responsible for killing one classmate and injuring four others at Marysville-Pilchuck High School in Washington state has been identified as Jaylen Ray Fryberg. Two of the injured appear to be his cousins.

24.10.2014 20:33

2 killed, 4 wounded in Washington State school shooting
Two students at a Washington state high school, including the shooter, have been killed and four injured after one of them opened fire early Friday.

24.10.2014 18:03

St. Louis teen shot 6 times from behind – independent autopsy
A black teenager, killed by an off-duty police officer in St. Louis, was shot eight times, six of the bullets striking him from behind, an independent autopsy by a famed forensic expert revealed.

24.10.2014 10:34

​CCTV video captures Ottawa gunman’s parliament rampage
With Canada’s capital was left shaken by a double shooting, surveillance footage has appeared detailing the gunman’s movements as he took down Army Reservist Corporal Nathan Cirillo and prepared to storm the parliament building.

24.10.2014 11:54

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