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‘Plight for whistleblowers in US a lot worse now’ – Snowden’s lawyer
Despite public perception of whistleblowers changing for the better, the plight of those who choose to expose wrongdoings “has gotten a lot worse” in the US, former ethics adviser to Justice Department and Edward Snowden’s lawyer, Josselyn Radak, told RT.

23.01.2015 02:16

‘Snowden broke the mold and freed up whistleblowers like Binney’
The example of Edward Snowden showed that the US is not always successful in apprehending and jailing whistleblowers, who can comment freely on the secret agencies abuses, Ray McGovern, former CIA officer, told RT.

22.01.2015 12:39

‘Social media encourages people to live lives online and accept Big Brother’s all seeing-eye’
Today we live our lives through the internet but we have to take a responsibility to protect our privacy as our governments can’t guarantee that intelligence agencies don’t spy on us, former MI5 agent Annie Machon told RT.

22.01.2015 08:31

Al-Qaeda creates video guide for jihadists using Snowden leaks – report
Confirming the fears of Western intelligence agencies, Al-Qaeda has released a new video guide on how to avoid being detected. They based their tutorial on Edward Snowden’s leaks concerning Western spying methods, a British media reported.

20.01.2015 18:54

Snowden shuns iPhones for security reasons – lawyer
Whistleblower Edward Snowden uses a “simple phone” and avoids Apple devices, which can be used to snoop on an individual remotely and secretly, according to the former NSA contractor’s lawyer Anatoly Kucherena.

20.01.2015 04:21

White House to explain changes to NSA surveillance
​“Significant progress” has been made with regards to reforming the National Security Agency’s intelligence gathering practices, a White House official said, adding that changes to the NSA will be described further in a forthcoming report.

16.01.2015 15:06

Snowden documentary 'Citizenfour' nominated for Oscar
​'Citizenfour,' the Laura Poitras-directed documentary about former United States government contractor Edward Snowden, is officially in the running for an Oscar.

15.01.2015 18:45

New NSA leak reveals scope of agency's war against crypto
​The National Security Agency boasts the ability to compromise computer protocols meant to encrypt private internet data, leaked documents have revealed. But the NSA has fallen short of totally winning its war against crypto.

29.12.2014 21:02

Snowden to spend cozy Christmas with friends – lawyer
​Edward Snowden’s lawyer has said the famous whistleblower plans to celebrate Christmas with friends in the Russian capital.

22.12.2014 20:45

Snowden and Poitras sued for making 'Citizenfour' doc on NSA leaks
​A recently released documentary about former government contractor Edward Snowden is being considered a potential candidate for the Academy Awards next year, but all isn’t well for the team behind the flick “Citizenfour.”

22.12.2014 16:01

‘GCHQ's Cryptoy app designed to bribe hearts & minds of young people’
GCHQ’s new Cryptoy app was developed to win the hearts and minds of Britain's youth; the agency likely hopes to use it for conducting warrantless surveillance through users' laptops and phones, British journalist Tony Gosling told RT.

15.12.2014 15:26

Snowden, nein! High court foils opposition attempt to bring whistleblower to Berlin
A German court has rejected a bid by opposition parties to bring ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden to Berlin to testify about the US agency’s intelligence activities in Germany before a parliamentary committee.

12.12.2014 16:17