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​BND helped NSA spy on EU politicians & companies ‘against German interests’
Germany's BND intelligence agency spied on European politicians and companies for the NSA for over a decade, Spiegel Online revealed. But an internal probe showed that at least 40,000 of those spying requests were against German and EU interests.

23.04.2015 16:55

Millennials worldwide show broad support of Edward Snowden – poll
A majority of Millennials – people between the ages of 18 and 34 – worldwide support Edward Snowden, former NSA contributor, as they believe his revelations will help to bring greater privacy protections, a new poll shows.

22.04.2015 15:15

Beijing ‘extremely concerned’ over leaked New Zealand spying reports
China’s foreign ministry has urged New Zealand and US spying agencies to stop hacking into Chinese diplomatic buildings in Auckland. This follows reports exposing the practice and citing secret NSA files, which were leaked by Edward Snowden.

20.04.2015 20:35

No Russian or Chinese intelligence involved in Snowden flight – Assange
While the 2013 operation to evacuate whistleblower Edward Snowden from Hong Kong, where he faced impending arrest, involved a degree of subterfuge, no Chinese or Russian intelligence agents were involved in it, WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange said.

14.04.2015 14:06

Too little too late? NSA starting to implement ‘Snowden-proof’ cloud storage
The NSA is implementing a huge migration to custom-designed cloud architecture it says will revolutionize internal security and protect against further leaks by data analysts with unfettered access to classified information.

14.04.2015 01:21

RT premieres ‘Terminal F’ Snowden documentary in Russia
Two award-winning journalists have shed light on the story of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s journey to Hong Kong and Moscow, when his revelations on US government surveillance shook the world, in a new documentary presented in Moscow by RT.

13.04.2015 05:42

No encryption? How very rude
In the post-Snowden era, what is the etiquette for protecting your privacy and that of others?

13.04.2015 01:34

Snowden's security tip: ‘Shift your thinking from passwords to passphrases’
It takes a computer less than a second to crack any eight-character password, according to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

09.04.2015 20:35

Statue at liberty: Martyred Snowden bust goes virtual overnight
A visual art collective protested the removal of a secretly installed statue of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden overnight by projecting a hologram of the bust atop the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene Park.

07.04.2015 15:37

NSA holds info over US citizens like loaded gun, but says ‘trust me’ – Snowden
The National Security Agency has a gun aimed at the head of each and every American, Edward Snowden says in a new interview, and they’re being asked to accept the NSA’s vast surveillance operations in the name of counterterrorism.

06.04.2015 13:57

False flags & cyber wars: New Snowden leaks reveal Canada spy agency’s ‘deception toolbox’
Top secret documents from Edward Snowden’s cache have revealed Canada’s ambition to become a big player in the world of electronic spying. The leak comes just as the country plans to vote on a law that would give its cyber agencies more powers.

23.03.2015 22:45

US spies feel 'comfortable' in Switzerland, afraid of nothing - Snowden
US spies operate in Switzerland without much fear of being unmasked, because Swiss intelligence, though knowledgeable and very professional, poses no threat to them, former NSA contributor Edward Snowden told Swiss TV.

22.03.2015 10:34