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Social networks

​Twitter should ban racist words – MP
Racist words should be banned from Twitter, says a UK Labour MP who was a victim of anti-Semitic abuse online.

19.12.2014 14:28

Muslim charities lose govt grants, accused of ‘extremist’ links
Two Muslim charities have lost their government grants following allegations of links to Islamic extremist activities.

19.12.2014 12:27

‘Cursed by God’: Far-right activist claims Liverpool FC punished for backing gay rights
A far-right English Democrats activist has claimed Premier League football team Liverpool FC had performed less well last season because they openly ‘promoted’ homosexuality.

18.12.2014 14:59

​Dementia UK’s ‘3rd biggest killer’ study suggests
Dementia is the third most common cause of death in the UK as deaths from the mental illness have risen by more than 50 percent since 1990, a new study has shown.

18.12.2014 15:11

Reddit bans Sony leak file-sharing subforum
Sony Pictures Entertainment has compelled social-media site Reddit to thwart file-sharing of stolen data - including unreleased films, executives’ private emails, and insider financial information - gleaned via a major hack of the studio in November.

17.12.2014 15:11

CNN’s #ASKACOP Twitter campaign incites online fury
Whether by folly or design, CNN’s #ASKACOP social media campaign, which sought to create a dialogue between police and the public, has elicited a brutal backlash on Twitter.

17.12.2014 08:34

Black choppers rattle Dallas skyline in urban training drills
Dallas residents have taken to social media to express alarm over a swarm of black helicopters that have descended upon their neighborhoods, part of a US Special Forces drill to prepare for future engagement in urban areas.

17.12.2014 07:36

What do football, Ebola & iPhone 6 have in common? Britain’s most-Googled 2014
The world’s most popular search engine has revealed a list of its most popular UK searches of 2014. Among the top spots for most searched stories are the World Cup in Brazil, Ebola and the iPhone 6.

16.12.2014 11:12

Google asks court to put anti-Islam film back on YouTube
Appeals court is reconsidering a decision which ordered YouTube to take down an anti-Islam film clip that sparked violence in the Middle East and led to death threats. The case sparked debates about freedom of speech and censorship.

16.12.2014 03:36

#Self-ish: Sydney siege selfies spark social media backlash
A hostage situation in the heart of Sydney hasn’t stopped some passers-by making light of the whole affair, snapping selfies and even knocking back booze while dozens of lives remain at risk. The behavior has sparked fierce criticism on social media.

15.12.2014 09:50

'Eye of Sauron' finally appears in Moscow sky – but shares spotlight with holiday goodness
The Tolkien-inspired 'Eye of Sauron' eventually lit up Moscow's sky, following public controversy and opposition from the Orthodox Church. Having taken a virtual form, the image can be seen through the lens of a smartphone or tablet.

14.12.2014 15:06

'About to land, but #selfie first': Instagram-addicted pilots defy cockpit rules
The temptation of flying high in social media inspires dozens of cockpit crewmembers to shoot and post stunning aerial views and selfies, while on duty. They do so despite it being against the rules, and even at critical moments of takeoff and landing.

13.12.2014 11:31