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‘Tell him to catch a bus’: Angry passengers throw ex-Pakistani minister out of plane after 2-hour wait (VIDEO)
The ex-Pakistani interior minister was prevented from boarding a plane by furious passengers after a two-hour flight delay. The video, which has gone viral, shows how they accuse the politician of holding the plane up.

18.09.2014 05:30

'Facebook for the rich' begins accepting members at $9,000 apiece
Consider this hypothetical situation: You, a wealthy socialite, want to make friends over the internet, but without encountering any of the riff-raff that hangs out on traditional social networking sites. What do you do?

17.09.2014 14:06

ISIS tells Obama 'fighting has just begun,' claims recruiting boost
Islamic State responded in a video to US President Barack Obama’s vow to “ultimately destroy” it, promising to kill any American ground forces deployed. The extremist group has gained recruits since Obama’s declaration, according to observers in Syria.

17.09.2014 14:00

‘GTA gang’ kills drivers near Moscow, vigilantes on war-path after criminals
A string of killings has brought fear to highways near Moscow. Criminals are placing spikes on the roads to stop cars - and then they shoot the drivers dead, without stealing anything. A vigilante group in Moscow has vowed to hunt the killers down.

16.09.2014 11:17

‘End intimidation of journalists covering Scottish referendum’ – trade union leader
Journalists must be allowed to cover the Scottish referendum debate without fear of intimidation, a trade union leader has said. The remarks follow public outcry against the BBC’s alleged anti-independence “bias.”

16.09.2014 12:09

Smartphone separation: Chinese city creates special sidewalk lane for cell phone users
The Chinese city of Chongqing has come up with a novel way to counter problems of “sidewalk rage” – by separating mobile users from other pedestrians. They have created a special lane to let them text and browse in peace.

15.09.2014 13:04

‘National security’ follow-up: Turkey’s Erdogan signs law to have users’ browsing history stored for 2 years
The Turkish President has further tightened government control of the internet as he approved a law that lets the country’s telecoms authority block sites as it deems necessary and forces hosting providers to store users’ browsing history for two years.

12.09.2014 19:50

$250K-a-day for NSA PRISM refusal - Yahoo
The US government threatened to fine Yahoo 250k a day for not complying with NSA demands for PRISM data.

12.09.2014 01:56

Reddit profited off hacked celeb nudes, while charities won’t accept related money
Reddit made enough money off subscriptions to run its servers for a month in the six days the popular web forum linked to the leaked pictures of nude celebrities. But several charities are refusing money Redditors raised “in honor of” the exposed stars.

11.09.2014 01:16

Where the f@#* in the UK do people swear most on Twitter?
Twitter users in North Yorkshire swear the most on social media, with a notable spike in “f-word” profanities at the time people leave work on Monday evenings, according to research for BBC Radio 4.

10.09.2014 11:11

​Islamic State declares war against Twitter for hurting terror propaganda campaign
The Islamic State has threatened to assassinate Twitter employees responsible for closing down their accounts, warning that they would “bring the war” to the “real world” in response to online crackdown on the terror group’s PR initiatives.

09.09.2014 22:09

Awfully big mal-adventure: Peter Pan virus flies into inboxes across Britain
Malware dubbed the “Peter Pan” virus was sent to thousands of email accounts in the UK and beyond. The scam message, claiming to contain tickets to a Christmas show, is designed to steal passwords.

09.09.2014 11:23

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