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GCHQ backlash? Anonymous website hacked following privacy rights protest
Anonymous UK’s website was recently targeted and taken down in the midst of a four-day privacy rights protest organized by the collective. The demonstration was held outside Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).

02.09.2014 18:31

FBI takes over investigation of nude celebrity photos leak
The FBI said it was “addressing” a massive data breach of various celebrities that resulted in the posting of their nude images online. The suspected leak organizer told supporters he was on the move, alluding to the possibility of more images.

02.09.2014 15:04

Texas governor’s verified Twitter sends offensive messages to his political opponents
A tweet from Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s verified account on Sunday featured an image mocking the Democratic district attorney central to an indictment against Perry charging abuse of power. Perry deleted the tweet, saying he did “not condone” the message.

02.09.2014 14:04

Hoax terror attack warning for London Tube spreads on social media
Warnings of an imminent terrorist attack on London’s Tube network were a ‘hoax’, say police. This follows the raising of the UK’s terror threat level from ‘substantial’ to ‘severe’ on Friday in response to the domestic threat posed by ISIS.

01.09.2014 08:41

Massive privacy breach? Dozens of celebrities’ nude pics leaked online (NO PHOTOS)
​Dozens of celebrities could be affected by what appears to be the largest privacy breach in history in which the anonymous perpetrator released a handful of stars’ nude photos and shared a list of the alleged victims of the hack.

01.09.2014 01:46

From 'Obama'... to Irish farmers! RT's crazy Ice Bucket Challenge Top 10
It’s raised tens of millions of dollars around the world for the ALS cause while taking social media by storm over the last month. Millions have tried it with varying degrees of success and madness. RT brings you 10 videos from around the globe that rock.

31.08.2014 12:04

UFOs above Houston puzzle Texans (VIDEOS)
Sky gazers in the Lone Star State are still scratching their heads as they look for an explanation behind mysterious sets of lights photographed earlier this month over the city of Houston.

29.08.2014 15:06

‘Golden era of jihad’: British student’s video urges UK Muslims to join ISIS
A British student has thrown in his lot with hundreds of UK citizens fighting with the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), bragging of joining the “golden era of jihad” in a new online video.

29.08.2014 08:29

NRA’s reaction to 9-year-old girl’s fatal Uzi shooting: Kids should ‘have fun at shooting range’
Powerful US gun lobby, National Rifle Association, took the opportunity to present on social media ways children can “have fun at the shooting range” following the horrific accidental killing of a shooting instructor by a 9-year-old girl in Arizona.

28.08.2014 16:40

#IceBucketChallenge leaves Scottish island without water, highlighting worldwide scarcity problem
With the Ice Bucket Challenge going viral worldwide, water scarcity has also come under the spotlight even in water abundant places such as Scotland, where a whole island was cut off from the water supply over the hashtag activism craze.

27.08.2014 23:17

US intelligence: 300 Americans fighting alongside Islamic State
The United States government is tracking as many as 300 Americans supposedly fighting with Islamic State, the jihadist group with a heavy presence in parts of Syria and Iraq, according to senior US officials.

27.08.2014 15:09

Social self-censorship: Twitter, Facebook users don’t share opinions on political issues
Research on how Edward Snowden's explosive leaks were shared on social media has found using Twitter and Facebook may actually encourage self-censorship.

27.08.2014 05:50

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