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Jihadi groups unite: Boko Haram changes name to Islamic State’s West African Province
Boko Haram’s commitment to the jihadi group the Islamic State, has just become even more pronounced, after the Nigerian terrorist organization changed its name to ISWAP or Islamic State’s West Africa Province.

27.04.2015 17:58

'Nationalist drinkers & gamblers': Aussie sports reporter fired for tweet tirade on war deeds
Australia’s SBS channel sacked one of its top football commentators, Scott McIntyre, for a series of tweets on Anzac Day doubting the wisdom of glorifying Aussie troops in any theater of war.

27.04.2015 10:14

‘Source of evil’: Saudi religious police launch Twitter account despite moral doubts
Saudi Arabia’s religious police have joined Twitter, in what is seen as a public relations drive, and have already amassed 66,000 followers. Two years the same police warned against using the microblogging service.

27.04.2015 12:55

ISIS claims issue of first ‘official’ birth certificate
A picture of a ‘babe in arms’ has been published on Twitter, depicting an infant with a gun, grenade and… allegedly the very first Islamic State birth certificate. The authenticity of the photo has not been confirmed by independent sources.

27.04.2015 05:15

There's something in the water: Another ‘Russian submarine’ excites Western media
Once again Western media has rushed to judgment over a "Russian submarine", this time in an incident off the coast of Ireland. But maybe they should have done their homework on this one. Britain and the US have worse track records in the Irish Sea.

24.04.2015 09:16

‘Bonjour, M. Aznavour’: Russian babushka meets French idol after viral FB campaign
A Russian babushka has finally met her idol Charles Aznavour at the concert in Moscow. She became known after a viral Facebook campaign calling on the public to secure her a ticket. But the singer himself, moved by her story, wanted to meet his fan.

23.04.2015 09:42

​Too Right or best Left alone? Mainstream media spin shaping general election
As election campaigns continue apace in the run-up to May 7, British newspapers and programmers clamor to support their favored candidate and smear the chances of their opposition. But how much impact is the media war really having?

21.04.2015 09:30

Extremely rare quadruple rainbow appears in New York (PHOTOS)
A New York woman sent the internet into frenzy on Wednesday – and brought the skeptics out in force – after she posted a photograph capturing an extremely rare quadruple rainbow with her smartphone.

23.04.2015 00:11

Twitter gets tough in tackling internet trolls
Twitter has announced it is initiating new measures to stop users from receiving violent threats and abuse. These will include a new message filter and blocking the accounts of abusive users.

21.04.2015 20:48

Bikini-clad crowds brave Siberian cold to set world skiing record (VIDEO)
Hundreds of skiers and snowboarders, dressed in nothing but scant swimwear, have slid down a 500-meter slope at Siberia's Sheregesh resort, in a bid to grab the Guinness world record for the greatest number of participants in a nigh-naked downhill.

20.04.2015 12:52

​Brazil to sue Facebook for blocking photo of indigenous woman from 1909
The Brazilian Ministry of Culture has announced plans to file a lawsuit against Facebook for blocking a photograph made back in 1909 showing an Indian with her breasts exposed.

19.04.2015 01:03

Facebook strips 200,000 pages of fake ‘likes’ in latest authenticity drive
Facebook says its “new recognition technologies” allowed it to triple the number of detected and blocked fake ‘likes’ over the last six months, and drive many ‘bad actors’ selling ‘likes’ out of business.

18.04.2015 11:48