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South America

Greenpeace director appears in Peru court after ill-conceived Nazca Lines stunt
Greenpeace’s executive director was met with protests calling for “Justice for Nazca” outside a Peruvian court following a reckless stunt during which activists trampled Peru’s world-renowned Nazca Lines in an attempt to promote renewable energy.

20.12.2014 13:39

The US is behind the current drop in oil prices – Bolivia’s president
The US is behind the current drop in oil prices as it is aiming to undermine the economies of large petroleum producers Russia and Venezuela, Bolivian President Evo Morales told RT.

19.12.2014 15:54

Six released Guantanamo detainees ‘happy to be’ in Uruguay
Six former US detainees, who have never been charged, are beginning their new life as refugees in Uruguay. They arrived on Sunday and have given their first comments to the press to say they are happy to be there.

12.12.2014 19:52

‘Stranded assets’: Disclose growing fossil fuel investment risks, UK minister demands
UK Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey says firms should be forced to publically disclose their investments in the fossil fuel sector, highlighting the relationship between climate risk and a predicted decline in the value of such holdings.

11.12.2014 13:40

Greenpeace activists 'damage' ancient Nazca lines, Peru to seek criminal charges
Peru is to press charges against Greenpeace activists after damage caused to a UN World Heritage site – the Nazca lines – during mass action to raise the profile of the group.

10.12.2014 11:33

#AlmostEatenAlive: US naturalist offers himself to 6-meter anaconda, sparks debate (VIDEO)
After working a decade to save the Amazon rainforests, Paul Rosalie decided that he could attract attention to the issue by filming a stunt – to be eaten alive by a 6 meter anaconda. While not actually being eaten,he certainly got the media hype.

08.12.2014 20:17

​US sends 6 Guantanamo Bay detainees to Uruguay as 'refugees'
The US has taken up Uruguay’s offer of resettling six detainees from Guantanamo Bay detention center, which has stained the reputation of Barack Obama after he promised to close the facility in 2008.

07.12.2014 11:11

Chile police seize 6-foot-tall pot ‘Christmas tree’ in drug raid
Police in Chile have arrested a 50 year-old woman on drug trafficking charges after a raid on her residence produced a tall marihuana tree that was decorated in the best Christmas spirit complete with presents at its base.

06.12.2014 21:05

Uruguay's Mujica repeats offer to take in ‘kidnapped’ Gitmo prisoners
The Uruguayan president has restated his offer to assume responsibility for six detainees at Guantanamo Bay detention center, while urging the White House to end the decades-long embargo on Cuba.

06.12.2014 14:01

Brazil, Uruguay move away from US dollar in trade
Brazil and Uruguay have switched to settling bilateral trade with local currency to stimulate turnover, bypassing the US dollar.

03.12.2014 12:21

Mexicans march against president as fresh graves discovered (PHOTO, VIDEO)
Thousands have again rallied in Mexico over a string of shocking gang-related crimes, culminating in demands for the president’s resignation. Enrique Pena Nieto’s promises of anti-corruption reform failed to stop his ratings from plummeting.

02.12.2014 08:50

Brent crude drops below $70 for first time in 4 yrs, ruble in new historic plunge
Brent crude oil slumped to below $70 on Friday, its lowest level since 2010, after OPEC decided not to cut oil production. Venezuela's Foreign Minister said the group had worse cases to handle, adding that the current slump has partly political grounds.

28.11.2014 20:20