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South America

Colombian novelist and Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez dead at 87
Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a Nobel Prize-winning author, journalist, and screenwriter, died Thursday at age 87, according to a report citing a source close to Marquez’s family.

17.04.2014 20:09

Deadly fires in Chile kill 12, force 10,000 people to flee (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
A wildfire in Chile has destroyed over 2,000 homes in six hours and continues to sweep the area, with strong winds fanning the flames. A state of emergency has been declared by the country’s president in an effort to help the army battle the fires.

13.04.2014 03:46

6.6 magnitude earthquake rattles Nicaragua
A 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck in Nicaragua on Friday, shaking buildings in the capital of Managua. The temblors were felt as far away as San Jose in Costa Rica.

11.04.2014 20:43

Buenos Aires declares state of emergency to combat ‘mob justice’
A wave of violent crime in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, has prompted the city’s authorities to declare a state of emergency. Argentine citizens have taken justice into their own hands, with reports of suspected criminals being lynched.

09.04.2014 04:46

‘Throat of Fire’: One of Latin America's most active volcanos erupts, spews ash and molten rock
Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano erupted on Friday, spewing a huge column of molten rock and ash which surged 10 kilometers (six miles) above the volcano's crater following two strong explosions.

05.04.2014 02:51

'Ring of Fire' fears renewed following earthquakes in California, Chile and Panama
A rash of earthquakes within the last week along a section of the Earth infamous for seismic activity is causing concern that more tremors will soon occur near the ominously named “Ring of Fire.”

03.04.2014 14:13

Chile earthquakes 2014
Chile has been rocked by multiple earthquakes over the last two days. Six people died in the quake. Almost a million people have been displaced, with evacuation procedures in neighboring states as well.

03.04.2014 06:24

7.6 aftershock hits same area of northern Chile as Tuesday's 8.2 quake
A 7.6-magnitude aftershock has rocked the same area of northern Chile where a massive 8.2 earthquake struck on Tuesday. The earlier quake, which caused a tsunami, killed six people and forced almost one million others to evacuate.

03.04.2014 02:56

How much will the Chile quake cost?
Earthquake damage in Chile could cost the country billions of dollars, a high price for a slowing economy dependent on exports.

02.04.2014 08:07

900,000 evacuated as 8.2 earthquake rattles Chile
A massive 8.2 magnitude quake has struck off the coast of northern Chile, killing 6 people and sending a 2-meter tsunami wave. Over 900,000 people and 11 hospitals were evacuated along the coastline, government officials said.

01.04.2014 23:59

Ecuador does not recognize Ukraine’s ‘illegitimate’ govt - Correa
Ecuador has said it will not deal with the coup-appointed government in Kiev and has called for fair elections. President Rafael Correa declared he would only negotiate with a “legitimate government” that represents the will of the Ukrainian people.

30.03.2014 05:03

Will El Salvador become another Venezuela?
Inspired by the US-backed anti-government protests in Venezuela, El Salvador’s oligarchs are preparing to follow the same strategy.

26.03.2014 09:25

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