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South America

Columbian capital jarred by 2 blasts
​Two explosions have rocked Bogota, Colombia’s capital, injuring at least eight people. Both bombs reportedly targeted the Porvenir pension fund.

03.07.2015 01:27

​130 years of diplomatic ties: Russian Culture Days kick off in Argentina
The official start of the days of Russian Culture Days in Argentina was marked by a gala opera concert in Buenos Aires. The two countries have maintained diplomatic relations for over a century.

01.07.2015 15:51

Pope Francis to chew coca leaves during visit to Bolivia – minister
Pope Francis has made an unexpected request for his upcoming trip to Bolivia – he wants to chew coca leaves, the natural source of cocaine, according to a government official. Bolivia says it will “await the Holy Father” with the "sacred" leaves.

30.06.2015 11:13

Argentine court orders seizure of Falklands/Malvinas ‘illegal’ oil drillers’ assets
Argentina has ordered the seizure of assets belonging to foreign drilling companies operating in the vicinity of Falklands / Malvinas Islands, saying they have failed to obtain the necessary permissions from Buenos Aires to conduct exploration.

28.06.2015 04:40

​Panama ex-dictator Noriega begs for forgiveness over military rule
In his first interview with the media since 1996, Manuel Noriega, Panama’s imprisoned former dictator apologized to the nation for the actions of the military regime which ruled the country for several decades.

25.06.2015 22:01

Colombian generals facilitated civilian killings to fake guerrilla losses – HRW
New evidence suggests many Colombian officers were involved in hundreds or even thousands of civilian killings between 2002 and 2008, reporting them as combat fatalities to boost body counts in war with armed groups, according to Human Rights Watch.

25.06.2015 00:18

Chilean granny carried calcified foetus for 50 years
A 92-year-old Chilean granny collapsed and was taken to hospital. Much to everybody's surprise, routine testing showed she hadn't broken anything, but had been carrying a mummified fetus for as long as five decades.

24.06.2015 13:34

​Thatcher’s Falklands memoir reveals she was outraged by peace talks, attacked BBC neutrality
Margaret Thatcher was outraged by her foreign secretary’s efforts to broker an end to the Falklands War, which cost the lives of 255 British service personnel, a newly-published memoir by the late Conservative leader reveals.

19.06.2015 11:13

‘Get rid of the US political influence, IMF dictate’ - Bolivia’s leader Evo Morales to EU
European countries should free themselves from US political dominance and the dictates of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Bolivian President Evo Morales told RT.

14.06.2015 18:35

​Argentine minister challenges Cameron over Falklands/Malvinas
An Argentine minister has challenged Prime Minister David Cameron over the British claim on the Falkland Islands during a summit in Brussels.

11.06.2015 08:14

Chile police deploy tear gas, water cannons as 200,000-strong rally turns violent (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
The latest student rally that gathered some 200,000 people on the eve of the Copa America, the South American football championship, has turned violent with Santiago police shooting tear gas and water cannons against masked stone-throwing protesters.

11.06.2015 03:36

​RT Spanish expands broadcasting in Ecuador
RT Spanish is to start broadcasting 24/7 across Ecuador this year. The country has joined Argentina and Venezuela, where RT broadcasts alongside national TV channels, in a move that will promote an alternative to mainstream media news coverage.

09.06.2015 13:27