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South America

500 dead sea lions found on Peru beach
About 500 decomposing remains of sea lions have been found off a beach in Peru. The cause of the mass deaths is not yet clear, however, the local governor blames marine farmers and fishermen in poisoning the animals.

24.11.2014 05:56

Hacked from ‘US servers’: Ecuador leader claims attacks on his private computer
Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa has accused the US of “systematic, high-tech” cyber-attacks on his private internet accounts and computers, the last of which was traced back to American servers last Thursday.

23.11.2014 09:25

Youngest drug mule? 11yo Colombian captured with over 100 capsules in stomach
An 11-year old girl thought to be the youngest drug mule ever caught in Colombia has been found with more than 100 capsules in her stomach. Her father, who is thought to be behind it, had to rush her to hospital shortly before a trip to Europe.

19.11.2014 14:42

Argentine student invents 'smart shoe' to replace cane for the blind
An Argentine student has invented shoes with ultrasound sensors which allow people with visual impairments to walk without a cane. The shoes vibrate when the wearer approaches an object.

16.11.2014 16:23

Blood-sucking ‘kissing bug’ sees 300k Americans infected with deadly disease
The United States is being infected by Chagas, a deadly disease spread by the feces of a parasite nicknamed the 'kissing bug'. It bites sleeping victims, ingests the blood and defecates on them; patients then unknowingly rub the feces into open membranes.

10.11.2014 20:29

Russia and Peru agree to boost food imports, may share GLONASS
Russia is interested in increasing imports of Peruvian fish, marine products and fruit in the face of the ongoing sanctions war with the West, Vladimir Putin said after talks with Peru’s president, Ollanta Humala.

07.11.2014 19:47

'Revolutionary' planet formation around star captured by astronomers (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
To the Greeks, planets were wandering stars rightly named after the pantheon of gods. Now, scientists have captured amazingly clear images showing the birth of these amazing heavenly bodies around a star some 450 light years away.

07.11.2014 14:22

'World's poorest president' gets $1mn offer for old VW Beetle
An Arab sheikh seems to think the 'world’s poorest president,' Uruguay’s Jose Mujica, is in dire need of cash. He’s offered $1 million for Mujica’s iconic 1987 VW Beetle – but the pot-smoking leader says he will donate the money to the homeless instead.

07.11.2014 08:32

Paraguay woman shot with arrows, burned alive for ‘witchcraft’
A Paraguayan woman was shot with arrows and burned alive by a group of her tribesmen for the alleged offense of 'witchcraft.' Nine men have been charged by prosecutors with first-degree murder in the shocking case.

06.11.2014 12:30

​Aggravated contraband? Argentina accuses P&G of tax fraud, suspends operations
Procter & Gamble has been accused of tax abuse and funneling currency abroad by the Argentinian tax bureau AFIP. The household giant is working on “immediate solutions” to the suspension of all its operations and activities pending investigation.

04.11.2014 00:26

Why the Day of the Dead is not Halloween (PHOTOS)
Skulls set on shrines, candles flickering in the dark while skeletons converge on the streets...Halloween? No. The biggest fright night of the year gives way to the Mexican tradition of celebrating the dead.

01.11.2014 08:50

Fans forever: Brazilian FC Corinthians builds cemetery for its supporters
Fans of Brazilian football club Corinthians will soon have an opportunity to remain close to their favorite club literally forever and always. Corinthians is building an entire cemetery with 70,000 burial places for its supporters.

31.10.2014 14:29