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South America

Lifesaver drones could help rescue wayward swimmers in 30 seconds
Though drones typically conjure up thoughts of missile strikes and surveillance, a pilot project underway at beaches in Chile is considering using the unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver lifesavers to swimmers in distress – all in a rapid 30 seconds.

27.03.2015 02:43

Hookers & blow: Colombian drug cartels funded DEA sex parties with prostitutes
Drug Enforcement Agency officials caroused with prostitutes in Colombia at “sex parties” funded by drug cartels. Although the behavior resulted in “possible significant security risks,” it wasn't reported up the chain of command, a new DoJ report says.

26.03.2015 19:18

‘UK’s boosting of Falklands defense not sensible politics, terrific waste of money’
The UK government should row back its plan to spend millions of pounds to bolster defense in the Falklands as it won’t bring it additional votes in the upcoming election, or win any friends in Argentina, says Chris Nineham of the Stop the War Coalition.

25.03.2015 08:49

US troops, contractors sexually abused Colombian girls with impunity – report
Fifty-four Colombian girls were sexually abused by US troops and military contractors between 2003 and 2007, claims a new report by the country’s reconciliation commission. None of the perpetrators were ever prosecuted because US forces had immunity.

24.03.2015 23:26

Cuban tourism skyrockets in wake of US push to rekindle ties
People have long thought of Cuba as a last bastion resisting the clutches of Coca Cola, McDonald’s and rampant capitalism. But now the US is moving in, tourists are flocking to the island republic to experience it before the rot sets in.

23.03.2015 09:03

6.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Peru-Chile border
An earthquake measuring 6.0 in magnitude has struck near the Peru-Chile border, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS).

23.03.2015 05:05

'Secret Nazi hideout' discovered deep in Argentine jungle (VIDEO)
It might not be Hitler’s famous Wolfsschanze, but an Argentianian researcher has made a controversial claim that he has identified an apparent Nazi lair hidden in the Argentinian jungle.

23.03.2015 03:35

Kraft recalls 6.5 million boxes of mac ‘n’ cheese over complaints of metal pieces
It took eight customers complaining about finding mental pieces in their macaroni and cheese before Kraft recalled 6.5 million boxes that had been distributed through the United States, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and to some South American nations.

18.03.2015 02:40

54 dead as tourist bus plunges into ravine in Brazil
Up to 54 people died as a result of an accident in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, in which a bus fell into a ravine from a height of 400 meters, local police said in a dramatic increase of the initial death toll.

15.03.2015 03:32

Guantanamo prisoners now throwing feces, urine, sperm & vomit at guards
Detainees at the US Guantanamo Bay prison have resorted to assaulting guards with bodily fluids, top marine general John Kelly said at a Senate committee.

13.03.2015 10:27

‘Undemocratic, interventionist’: Bolivia lashes out at Obama for Venezuela sanctions
Bolivia’s Foreign Ministry has joined a chorus of condemnation over US sanctions on Venezuela. A statement called on the US to “abandon its interventionist practices,” shortly after the rest of Latin America bonded in defense of Caracas.

13.03.2015 06:40

Pentagon university scrutinized for hires related to human rights abuses – report
A university funded by the US Defense Department has again been accused of hiring former foreign security officials who have links to human rights offenses, according to a new report, a possible violation of a federal law that outlawed such associations.

12.03.2015 16:44