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South Korea

​Over 50 missing, 1 killed as Korean ship sinks off Russia’s Chukotka
Rescuers are searching for 54 people who were on board a South Korean vessel that sank near the Chukotka Peninsula in Russia’s Far East.

01.12.2014 09:58

‘Active shooter’ at US air base in S. Korea sparks lockdown
The US Air Force's Osan Air Base, located south of Seoul, was forced to lock down Monday due to reports of an active high school shooter. Security forces were dispatched to sweep the base, only to find it was a false alarm.

01.12.2014 03:24

​$27k fine or 3 years behind bars for 'selfie-stick'?
South Korea could fine its tech-savvy citizens $27,000 or put them in prison for three years for using an unregistered version of a ‘selfie-stick’.

27.11.2014 13:15

US bans S. Korea from sending jet to Chinese airshow, sends its own plane instead
​The Pentagon’s decision to send a Boeing-made cargo plane to a Chinese airshow is raising questions amidst tensions between not just the United States and China, but now perhaps America and South Korea.

12.11.2014 15:17

​‘Comfort women’: a historical hook that continues to bully Japanese-S. Korean relations
Two of Asia’s strongest nations – Japan and South Korea – continue to be victims of history. There is no reconciliation over the issue of comfort women - Korean women working as sex slaves for the Japanese Army during World War II.

05.11.2014 13:13

20m fall: At least 16 dead at S. Korea concert as grate caves in (PHOTOS)
At least 16 people have been killed at a K-pop concert south of Seoul after falling 20 meters through a concrete shaft into an underground parking area when a ventilation grate collapsed.

17.10.2014 12:44

Panetta reveals US nuke strike plans on N. Korea, spurs controversy
US war plans against North Korea recently included the option of a nuclear strike, former CIA Director and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta revealed in his memoirs, triggering major controversy.

16.10.2014 03:32

Surprise talks: North Korea officials arrive to South for highest-level visit in years
North Korean delegates have met with the South’s top officials in an unusual and rare visit, as both countries agreed to resume high-level talks which have been strained by military tensions on the peninsula.

04.10.2014 19:55

Humanoid pilot: PIBOT, a toy-sized robot, learns how to fly a real plane (VIDEO)
It might be not long from now that robots will be flying planes. A tiny humanoid robot proved that when he successfully completed a take-off, a short flight and a landing in a flight simulator.

23.09.2014 19:40

Swim to Kim? American attempts river crossing to N. Korea, arrested by South
South Korean Marines have arrested an American citizen who was attempting to enter North Korea by swimming across a river – allegedly, all in an effort to meet the country’s ruler, Kim Jong-un.

17.09.2014 03:04

​Ebola scare: S. Korea cancels Nigerian students’ visit
A university in South Korea has “politely withdrawn” invitations for three Nigerian students to attend a conference. Also canceled were trips by medical volunteers to West Africa, stricken by the Ebola virus, which has claimed over 700 lives since March.

04.08.2014 04:44

​US, Russia bicker over US antimissile plans for South Korea
Washington has brushed aside Moscow’s concerns that US plans to deploy a missile defense battery in South Korea would have an impact on regional stability, saying the system is not aimed against Russia.

25.07.2014 07:32