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South Korea

​US deploys extra 400-strong artillery unit to South Korea
The US military sending an further battalion of 400 soldiers with multiple-launch rocket systems to South Korea. The Pentagon is claiming the reinforcement is unrelated to tensions on the Peninsula but rather a part of army reorganization.

20.03.2015 20:52

‘US needs to end the Korean War’
Instead of sanctioning North Korea and exercising dominance over South Korea’s political establishment by stationing troops in the country, the US should turn a page and end the Korean War once and for all, Brian Becker from Answer Coalition told RT.

05.03.2015 10:53

North Korea threatens ‘pre-emptive nuclear strike’ over US-South Korea drills
North Korea’s Foreign Minister said at a United Nations conference that his county would use a pre-emptive strike if necessary to stop “an ever-increasing nuclear threat” from the United States.

05.03.2015 02:19

Sexual revolution: S. Korean court abolishes punishment for extramarital affairs
It’s time to engage in extra-marital sex without fear of prosecution, South Korea’s constitutional court has ruled, effectively ending a 62-year ban. Condom stocks soared immediately after the ruling.

26.02.2015 09:03

North Korea holds missile and artillery live firing drill
The North Korean leader attended battlefield gunnery training near the South Korean border on Friday. The drills took place ahead of the announced US-South Korea joint war games set for March close to North Korea’s border.

21.02.2015 05:45

Robots rising: Automated workforce rapidly gaining on humans, will push labor costs down – report
Robots will become cheaper and more efficient in the coming years, replacing human workers at a faster clip than expected while driving labor costs down by 16 percent, according to a new report.

10.02.2015 17:02

South Korea allays Chinese fears, says no plans to install US missile shield
South Korea reiterated it hasn’t consulted with the US over plans to build a missile defense system. China voiced its displeasure at such a possibility, but Seoul says they are looking to build their own system, independent of Washington.

05.02.2015 10:45

US and N. Korea in ‘secret efforts’ to return to talks – reports
Washington and Pyongyang have been trying to restart negotiations over Korea’s nuclear weapons program – with both of them still leading a tough official line while getting engaged into “talks about talks,” US media has revealed.

02.02.2015 19:36

​US refuses N. Korea’s proposal to suspend nuclear tests, calls it ‘implicit threat’
The White House has criticized North Korea’s proposal to temporarily halt nuclear tests if Washington cancels military drills with South Korea. Jen Psaki called the offer, reported in the media, “an implicit threat."

11.01.2015 08:02

S. Korea claims Pyongyang has nuclear missiles that could reach US
South Korea says its northern neighbor has developed compact nuclear warheads that could reach mainland America. Seoul also alleges Pyongyang shows no signs of stopping its nuclear program and has gained access to tons of weapons-grade plutonium.

06.01.2015 12:42

2 reactors closed after deadly gas leak at hacked S. Korean nuclear plant
The South Korean labor ministry has ordered the closure of two nuclear reactors under construction, after a toxic gas leak killed three workers. The incident comes in the wake of cyberattacks and threats against the reactor’s operator.

27.12.2014 07:50

US, Japan and S.Korea to share intel on N. Korea
Officials from Washington, Tokyo and Seoul will sign a trilateral intelligence-sharing pact in an effort to strengthen their surveillance network on the nuclear-armed pariah state of North Korea, Seoul officials said.

26.12.2014 06:27