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Spectacular fireball from space explodes over Russian city (VIDEO)
A suspected meteorite explosion has been recorded by citizens of the northern Russian city of Murmansk.

19.04.2014 13:26

NASA discovers most Earth-like planet in 'Habitable Zone'
NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope has found an Earth-sized planet within the habitable zone of the star it orbits, the space agency announced Thursday.

17.04.2014 18:51

Saturn’s newborn: Scientists say planet’s ring may give birth to baby moon
Scientists believe a tiny satellite is emerging from the edge of Saturn’s ring system. A disturbance in the planet’s outer ring, called ‘Peggy,’ could grow into a separate icy moon – possibly the last one of its kind.

16.04.2014 13:05

China to boost space defense in ‘new-type combat force’
China is planning to beef up its combat capability by increasing resources in a "new-type combat force," which includes integrating air and space capability in reaction to the international development of space weapons, local media reported.

15.04.2014 21:18

NASA set to unveil latest spacesuit design - with public's help
Anticipating its astronauts will soon encounter unprecedented environs in space, NASA is set to unveil the new Z-2 spacesuit for deep-space exploration. Public voting on three Z-2 prototypes closes Tuesday evening.

15.04.2014 00:34

'Blood Moon' is here: Rare lunar eclipse to be visible from Earth
For the first time in more than two years, Americans will have a chance to see a total lunar eclipse – an event made even more exciting by the fact that a very rare “blood moon” will also be viewable in the sky.

14.04.2014 18:13

​Backup ISS computer breaks down, requiring possible spacewalk
A reserve computer mounted on the International Space Station’s hull has stopped working. As it will be needed as soon as Wednesday, when the station is to receive a cargo spacecraft, crewmembers may have to perform a spacewalk to replace it.

12.04.2014 08:47

No politics in space: ISS example of what Russia, US can achieve working together
The International Space Station is an example of what Russia and the US can accomplish by working together, US astronaut Michael Hopkins told RT, adding that the cooling relations between Moscow and Washington over Ukraine isn’t felt in space at all.

11.04.2014 19:44

Cosmic bloom? Early blossom for cherry tree after space trip
A four-year-old cherry tree grown from a pit that orbited the Earth for eight months aboard the ISS has burst into blossom in Japan far earlier than usual with very interesting flowers, a riddle that is perplexing local scientists.

11.04.2014 04:57

​Classified US satellite blasts off from Cape Canaveral
An American satellite with a mystery payload has successfully launched from the NASA spaceport in Florida, leaving amateur observers guessing about the nature of its contents.

10.04.2014 22:35

SMS to ISS: Russians to send greetings to space crew on Cosmonauts Day
Russian citizen will get the chance to send text messages to the International Space Station as part of a unique action launched by the country’s space agency to coincide with Cosmonauts Day on April 12.

10.04.2014 14:51

Israel launches cutting-edge satellite to spy on MidEast adversaries
Israel’s Defense Ministry has successfully launched Ofek 10, a next-generation satellite that will provide highly-targeted surveillance of specific locations – such as Iran’s nuclear sites.

10.04.2014 15:46

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