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White dwarf has Napoleon Complex, destroys passing planet
Perhaps the former planet dared give a white dwarf the raspberry. Perhaps the white dwarf was auditioning for the new Star Wars film by doing its best Death Star impression. Either way, the white dwarf obliterated a whole planet that ventured nearby.

17.04.2015 22:26

​‘Reading you clear, ISS’: RT to talk live with space crew, put your questions
On April 21, RT’s Peter Scott will host a live Q&A session with Mikhail Korniyenko and Scott Kelly, current crew members of the International Space Station. Submit your questions!

17.04.2015 11:30

Crash and burn: Mercury probe to end mission with planetary collision
A probe orbiting the solar system’s innermost planet is set to end its mission with a bang, leaving a mark on the surface of Mercury to be used by follow-up missions. The MESSENGER spacecraft should collide with the planet at the end of April.

16.04.2015 23:04

Earth ‘swallowed Mercury-like planet’ to form layers and magnetic field – Oxford study
Earth may have swallowed up a massive planet similar to Mercury in its early history, which formed our planet’s layers and magnetic field allowing life to flourish, researchers at Oxford University suggest.

16.04.2015 08:37

SpaceX: Dragon liftoff successful, Falcon botches landing
A SpaceX ship successfully launched from Cape Canaveral with supplies for the International Space station, but the attempt to land the rocket booster failed.

14.04.2015 19:40

​Cut-price space launches? Lockheed, Boeing unveil new ‘Vulcan’ rocket
A joint venture between Lockheed Martin and Boeing has announced plans for a new rocket system. United Launch Alliance (ULA) could slice the costs of pricey space launches in half.

14.04.2015 13:39

Thermal anomaly: 2 bright spots on ‘dwarf planet’ Ceres puzzle scientists
Ceres is puzzling astronomers with giant bright-white spots behaving very differently from each other in infrared light. As the enigma around the anomaly grows, NASA now says their origins and properties are very different.

14.04.2015 11:05

NASA’s Curiosity finds liquid water below Mars’ surface
New measurements of Martian weather and soil conditions suggest the soil is damp with liquid brine, which can remain liquid when temperatures drop below freezing. The finding contradicts theories that it’s too arid and cold for water on the Red Planet.

13.04.2015 22:53

SpaceX launch delayed: ISS crew on hold for coffeemaker delivery
Cosmonauts aboard the International Space Station will have to wait another day for their long-promised space espresso machine. Today’s launch of a Dragon resupply ship was rescheduled, after storm clouds came too close to Cape Canaveral.

13.04.2015 18:19

Russia's space defense troops spot foreign spying satellites
A group of electronic reconnaissance satellites disguised as space junk has been disclosed by Russian aerospace defense troops. The devices were put into orbit to spy specifically on facilities on Russian territory.

12.04.2015 10:48

Breathtaking: NASA astronauts take you on a spacewalk with GoPro camera (VIDEO)
NASA has released two hours of a head-spinning GoPro video featuring two spacewalking astronauts on a maintenance mission at the International Space Station, as well as some stunning views of Earth floating by.

12.04.2015 06:26

‘Go to Mars’ and drop the asteroid mission, NASA advisors say
The NASA Advisory Council is advising the space agency that its Solar Electric Propulsion project will be best demonstrated collecting geological samples from one of Mars’ moons instead of landing on an asteroid.

11.04.2015 00:20