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Eyes in the skies: Mysterious bright spots on Ceres dwarf planet look like glowing eyes
Astronomers are puzzled by the latest images captured by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft. They show that there are two spots on Ceres that are much brighter than the rest of the dwarf planet’s rocky and pockmarked terrain.

26.02.2015 22:34

12bn suns, 13bn light years away: Ancient black hole blows scientists’ minds
A gigantic black hole has been discovered with an astonishing mass 12 billion times bigger than the sun’s. Its age – it was formed 900 million years after the Big Bang – undermines modern scientific theories.

26.02.2015 17:39

Rovers will race to Moon in first ever lunar ‘Formula 1 kind of contest'
A “full-on Formula 1 kind of race” on the surface of the Moon is to be held as soon as next year. Private rovers will fight to grab the Google Lunar XPRIZE of $30 million.

25.02.2015 17:48

Russia plans to create own space station by 2024
Russia has been looking at the possibility of creating its own space station by 2024. The country’s space agency, Roscosmos, says it is committed to the International Space Station until then, but then will unlock the modules to create its own base.

25.02.2015 06:02

Epic Mars selfie looks back on NASA Curiosity rover's last 5 months
NASA’s Curiosity rover has taken the selfie-to-end-all-selfies – the photograph is actually a collected view of two-and-a-half years of adventures on Mars. The vehicle is currently at the base of the 3-mile-high Mount Sharp.

25.02.2015 06:37

Solar flyby: Daredevil comet circles sun, surprising astronomers
NASA has captured the unexpected trajectory of a comet in a 15-second space video as it whizzed around the sun within 2.2 million miles (3.54 million km) of its blazing hot surface.

25.02.2015 04:05

​Space: The final selfie frontier
When NASA astronaut Terry Virts took his first spacewalk this weekend, he did what comes naturally these days and immortalized the event with a selfie.

23.02.2015 20:15

Chelyabinsk mystery zone: Blue snow, three Suns, meteorite explosion (VIDEOS)
From a giant meteorite unexpectedly falling from the sky to a three Suns optical illusion - the Russian city of Chelyabinsk has become the world’s premier place for truly out of the blue OMG! moments. RT gives some insight into the recent madness.

22.02.2015 20:10

Space cable guys: NASA completes 1st stage of re-wiring ISS for commercial flights
NASA astronauts have completed the first stage of preparations outside the ISS to install new docking ports for future US-made crew capsules. During the first of three scheduled spacewalks, Barry Wilmore and Terry Virts routed over 100 meters of cables.

21.02.2015 21:47

‘Give birth on Mars? That’d be amazing!’ Mars One shortlist candidates talk to RT
100 volunteers to venture to Mars as part of the manned mission to the Red Planet have been shortlisted this week. While the first mission is planned to include four people, one of the pioneers hopes to expand the colony by giving birth on the planet.

21.02.2015 15:56

Most Americans say space trip a no-go, but many eye Mars - poll
Most Americans are skeptical of personally venturing out into space, according to a recent poll, but that didn’t stop hundreds of them from vying for a berth on a one-way expedition to Mars.

21.02.2015 01:26

‘Colonize planets to save the human race’ – Professor Stephen Hawking
World famous physicist Stephen Hawking says humankind should colonize other planets to ensure the future of the species. He claimed armed aggression could end civilization and that space travel would provide somewhere to go.

20.02.2015 14:27