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​‘Mysterious’ fireball lights up Atlanta sky
A fiery object was seen streaking across the sky over sky early on June 29, leaving hundreds of witnesses to guess if it was a meteorite or a piece of space junk.

29.06.2015 14:40

​Russian cosmonaut Padalka sets world spaceflight duration record
On Monday, Russian cosmonaut Gennady Padalka broke the world record for the longest time in space. When he returns to Earth this fall, he will have spent 877 days in orbit, eclipsing the record set by his colleague Sergey Krikalev 10 years ago.

29.06.2015 12:53

Rockets in ruins: Spectacular unmanned spaceship crashes (VIDEOS)
The race to break new boundaries in space is as hot as ever. However, for every new frontier conquered, there are also crushing setbacks – the latest being a failed SpaceX mission, which landed in the Atlantic Ocean, rather than docking with the ISS.

29.06.2015 00:53

‘Spaceflight isn’t easy’: Rocket scientists despondent after latest ISS mission failure
Following two failed supply missions to the ISS in recent months, space engineers have been left searching for answers and solutions, after the generally reliable SpaceX Falcon 9 disintegrated in a fountain of fireworks just seconds after launch.

28.06.2015 21:03

SpaceX rocket to ISS disintegrates 2 minutes after launch (VIDEO)
An unmanned Falcon 9 rocket, carrying more than two tons of supplies for the International Space Station, exploded shortly after lifting off at 10.21am Eastern Time from Cape Canaveral.

28.06.2015 14:24

Russian rocket engines key to US ‘assured access to space’ - space command chief
The US can’t quit buying Russian RD-180 rocket engines for heavy lifting until it produces an engine with similar capabilities, chief of the US Space Command said. This follows frantic calls by Republican Senator John McCain to terminate the contract.

28.06.2015 07:26

NASA unveils rover prototype fit for exploring icy Europa moon (PHOTOS)
The US space agency has unveiled a prototype rover for exploring icy underwater regions. Scientists hope the rover may fly as far as Jupiter’s moon Europa, which has a vast subsurface ocean long thought to harbor life.

27.06.2015 08:26

NASA taking Microsoft’s virtual reality HoloLens into space
NASA astronauts will subject Microsoft’s HoloLens to a different kind of road-test when they take the virtual reality holographic headset on a space mission to the International Space Station.

27.06.2015 03:18

DARPA hopes to terraform Mars with human-engineered organisms
Mars may look like an inhospitable and barren landscape, but a new program underway at the Pentagon’s advanced research division is looking to create engineered organisms that can eventually transform the Red Planet into something more Earth-like.

25.06.2015 23:51

​Black hole wakes up after 26yr sleep to feast on star companion
The “extraordinary behavior” of a massive black hole in our galaxy, has got astronomers thrilled: After staying dormant for over a quarter of a century, it has suddenly awakened and began actively devouring material from its stellar companion.

25.06.2015 22:37

‘Why fund Putin’s cronies?’ McCain slams fellow Republicans for lobbying Russian space engines
Arizona Senator John McCain’s crusade to rid the US space industry of Russian rocket engines by 2019 could be scuppered by a devious provision placed in the upcoming defense spending bill.

25.06.2015 19:46

Protesters block construction of massive telescope on sacred Hawaiian mountain
Builders pulled back from Mauna Kea as hundreds of protesters set up roadblocks to oppose construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope on top of Hawaii’s sacred mountain. State and local police arrested a dozen demonstrators.

25.06.2015 13:40