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Cloud castles: NASA wants to deploy manned solar-powered airships to Venus
Despite its hellish surface, Venus turns out to be quite an attractive planet for exploration. NASA scientists are developing a project of conquering its upper atmosphere – a fleet of solar-powered aircraft may build up a whole cloud city in the future.

20.12.2014 11:25

Vertigo-inducing NASA video shows Orion hurtling through Earth’s atmosphere
A new NASA video gives a glance of what an astronaut could see from a spacecraft while rushing down through our planet’s atmosphere. The recording presents the last 10 minutes of the Orion’s test flight – before the final splash into the Pacific Ocean.

20.12.2014 07:59

NASA’s Kepler Space Observatory discovers its first exoplanet
NASA’s Kepler Space Observatory has discovered its first planet since it was repurposed for a new mission, this one two times the diameter of Earth.

20.12.2014 03:47

Hardware design emailed to ISS and 3D printed in space
A 3D printer has crafted a part aboard the International Space Station (ISS), for the first time ever using a blueprint sent from Earth via an e-mail instead of an earlier uploaded design.

19.12.2014 19:04

MOST illuminating: Canadian ‘pay-per-view’ microsatellite verifies existence of exoplanet
A briefcase-sized Canadian microsatellite has made a major contribution to mapping a promising waterworld. First spotted by NASA’s Kepler, the decade-old MOST telescope abandoned by Canada’s space agency has verified the discovery of another super-Earth.

19.12.2014 07:43

‘No borders in space’: Russian cosmonaut, US astronaut get ready for longest ISS flight
While tensions between the US and Russia are high, an astronaut and a cosmonaut are “great friends, colleagues and professionals,” the pair said ahead of their joint year-long ISS flight in preparation for a manned Mars mission.

19.12.2014 09:28

Galaxies spiral into each other, create spectacular light show (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Two colliding galaxies in the Canis Major constellation put on an impressive light display that was captured in a composite image using data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory.

18.12.2014 21:08

India on path to delivering humans to space, tests heaviest launch vehicle
India is celebrating the successful the atmospheric re-entry of its most powerful satellite launch vehicle, which could see it sending humans to space soon. With this “destiny-changing” launch, it hopes to secure a bigger share of the global space market.

18.12.2014 07:13

Battleground ISS - kids compete to operate satellites in orbit
Researchers on the International Space Station has performed tests with SPHERES experimental satellites in conditions of zero gravity, the cosmonauts’ blog at Roscosmos webpage says.

17.12.2014 13:05

Antares rocket will get new Russian RD-181 engines in $1bn deal
Russia’s Energomash has reportedly signed a contract with Orbital Sciences Corp. to supply 60 new built RD-181 engines for the Antares rocket instead of the modified Soviet units the company used until an ISS-bound rocket exploded on takeoff in October.

17.12.2014 04:17

​Life on Mars more likely? Curiosity discovers methane, other organic chemicals
The Curiosity rover has found traces of methane and other chemicals on Mars marking the first “definitive detection” of organic matter on the Red Planet. Researchers however say it doesn’t immediately prove living organisms exist on Mars.

16.12.2014 23:50

Rosetta’s comet 67P now in color… kind of (PHOTO)
The European Space Agency has released the first color photo of the Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet, where the Rosetta’s Philae module landed last month. And the surface, as predicted, proved to be various shades of gray.

16.12.2014 17:40