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Star athletes walk 800km to halt violence in Kenya
A number of famous Kenyan distance runners are to take part in a 22-day ‘walk for peace,’ across the north of the country. The 836 km event is aimed at stopping ethnic violence in the area and hopes to raise $250,000 to support peace initiatives.

30.06.2015 06:27

Model in glowing wingsuit lights up night skies over Panama City (VIDEO)
A sky diver could have been confused with an alien plunging from a UFO, but it was actually an Italian model with huge experience in sky diving. She dropped out of the sky over Panama’s capital as she was trying out a new illuminated wing suit.

26.06.2015 06:41

St. Louis Cardinals hacking away at Houston Astros? FBI investigates
Corporate espionage through cyber-hacking may have just jumped from the boardroom to the ball fields. The FBI is investigating St. Louis Cardinals baseball team for hacking into the Houston Astros’ database, Major League Baseball confirmed.

16.06.2015 20:28

Baku opens European Games with fabulous ‘$100mn’ ceremony (FULL VIDEO)
The stunning opening ceremony of the inaugural European Games took place in Azerbaijan’s capital Baku at a cost of about $100mn, according to the country’s sports minister. The two-hour show even featured Lady Gaga singing the John Lennon song “Imagine.”

13.06.2015 17:46

Russian free-rider sets world record with active Kamchatka volcano jump (VIDEO)
One of the world’s foremost free-ride skiers and Russian champion Ivan Malakhov has set the world record for the highest helicopter jump. He did this by leaping into the crater of Kamchatka’s active Mutnovsky volcano.

12.06.2015 14:20

European MPs support review of FIFA’s award of World Cups to Russia, Qatar
The European Parliament has adopted a resolution urging the dismissal of all corrupt FIFA officials and a review of all of the football governing body’s decisions in the last decade, including awarding the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar.

11.06.2015 16:00

'I have no regrets': Russian powerlifting prodigy loses US contracts for E. Ukraine charity mission
Maryana Naumova, a teenage powerlifter from the Moscow Region, says she has no regrets over the contracts she has lost with US companies after her charity and sport-promoting visits to war-torn eastern Ukraine.

05.06.2015 12:45

‘FIFA should remove ‘I’ and insert ‘A’ for American’
Trying to take control of FIFA, the US is showing it wants to run the entire world and tackle every alleged crime, said Lew Rockwell, of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. It proves there is nothing Washington will not interfere in, he added.

03.06.2015 10:11

Forget FIFA scandal, FC Barcelona steals the show
While the FIFA scandal may cast a shadow over this year’s European Champions League Final in Berlin, the history of one of the sport’s most famous teams, FC Barcelona, will forever represent all that’s beautiful about the beautiful game.

28.05.2015 14:17

'FIFA scandal will not affect 2018 World Cup'- organizing committee head
Russia intends to stage a spectacular and very hospitable World Cup in 2018 and preparation for it is already in full swing, says CEO of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Local Organizing Committee, Alexey Sorokin.

28.05.2015 11:31

FIFA head caught in ‘firing line’ of US neocons (OP-ED)
As the US levels charges against seven members of football’s world governing body, and one particularly hawkish US politician is calling for the FIFA head to be ousted, RT interviews observers for their views of the incident.

27.05.2015 14:16

​Russia's strongest man Elbrus Nigmatullin pulls 30-ton house (VIDEO)
Russia’s strongest man, Elbrus Nigmatullin, has pulled a 30-ton two-story wooden house over a distance of three meters, setting a record he says to be the hardest in his sports career.

26.05.2015 23:15