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6,000 miles of solitude: Woman to attempt solo row from Japan to California
She has already beaten back a devastating car injury and rowed across the Atlantic Ocean with others, but brave traveler Sonya Baumstein from Florida is now taking on her biggest challenge yet: rowing from Japan to California alone.

19.05.2015 03:20

Deceased extreme athlete Dean Potter’s legacy (VIDEOS)
Dean Potter – the extreme athlete renowned for performing terrifying BASE jumps and daring climbs (including parachuting with his dog) has tragically lost his life doing what he loves at Yosemite. He was one of two people killed.

18.05.2015 12:05

No disrespect to Canada in leaving ice early after hockey final – Russian officials, players
Russia’s hockey squad left the ice before listening to the anthem of World Championship final winners, Canada. But it wasn’t a walkout in protest, just an organizational blunder, Russian sports officials and players said.

18.05.2015 15:24

Russia tops US to set up world hockey final against Canada
Russia’s hockey squad will defend its World Champions title against archrivals Canada in the final on Sunday after beating Team USA 4-0 in the semis.

16.05.2015 19:13

Hard tackle: Polish rugby fans threaten to kill Ukrainian nationalists, return Lvov to Poland
Ukraine’s rugby team received a frosty welcome in neighboring Poland where local fans put up a banner, threatening to kill Ukrainian nationalists and demanding the city of Lvov to be returned to Poland.

10.05.2015 15:27

Javelin dentistry: Former Olympic champ removes daughter’s tooth with spear
Former Olympic gold medalist Bryan Clay came up with a novel way to remove his daughter’s loose tooth. He tied it with a piece of dental floss, before attaching it to his javelin. As the javelin flew away, so did the tooth…

07.05.2015 09:04

MLB first: Orioles, White Sox to play ‘closed to public’ game in Baltimore
The Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox will play an afternoon game Wednesday with no fans in attendance, the baseball team announced. It is the first time in Major League Baseball history that there will not be a crowd by design.

28.04.2015 21:32

‘Running can cause virginity loss’: Aussie Islamic school refutes allegations of odd claim
An Islamic college in Australia is denying allegations its principal forbade female students from running in a cross-country race because he was convinced they would “lose their virginity.”

23.04.2015 08:09

​F1 boss Ecclestone gives Azerbaijan European Grand Prix, despite human rights concerns
Formula 1 commercial chief Bernie Ecclestone says the Azerbaijan Grand Prix will take place next year, despite international criticism of Baku’s human rights record.

20.04.2015 12:47

Extreme biker sets death-defying downhill world record on mountain of ice (VIDEO)
The phrase “don’t try this at home” takes on a new meaning: this extreme driver/mountain biker just broke the world speed record in mountain biking with a staggering 138.75 mph (223 kmph). And he did it off an icy mountain.

07.04.2015 13:29

Freewheeling: Solitary skateboard journey across America’s wilderness (PHOTO, VIDEO)
A skateboarder’s journey from California to Mexico has taken him across 700 miles (1,127km) of serene, spiritual landscapes and breathtaking natural beauty, with a documentary on the way. RT caught up with Clay Shank to get a glimpse into the experience.

17.03.2015 07:54

Stunning drone footage of bike daredevil riding vertical cliff face in Arizona (VIDEO)
The one-minute clip that will have your heart skipping a beat: a mountain-biking pro rides the deadly White Line trail on the cliffs of Sedona, Arizona. The breathtaking footage was filmed by a small drone.

15.03.2015 12:18