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Swine flu

Large space object slams Nicaragua’s capital as asteroid passes Earth
A blast that filled Nicaragua's 1.2 million capital Managua with dismay on Sunday night is most probably a meteorite that left a 12-meter crater near the city’s airport. The space rock might be a fragment of a larger space object that passed near Earth.

08.09.2014 04:32

UK doctors sound alarm over potential Ebola outbreak
Doctors in the UK are preparing for a possible outbreak of Ebola, one of the most virulent diseases known to humankind according to the World Health Organization.

29.07.2014 09:27

‘Humdinger’: Swine flu virus which killed half-million modified to 'incurable'
A controversial flu researcher has modified the flu virus responsible for the 2009 pandemic to allow it evade the human immune system. His lab’s previous works include recreating the Spanish flu and making a deadly bird flu strain highly transmittable.

02.07.2014 08:54

US production of cell-based flu vaccines approved for the first time
For the first time, Food and Drug Administration has officially authorized a facility in North Carolina to begin producing a new, antibiotic-free influenza vaccine within the United States.

17.06.2014 18:58

UK wastes $900 mln on Tamiflu, other ineffective drugs on WHO recommendations
The British government wasted $896 million dollars on buying two ant-flu drugs, despite their not being proven to prevent infections spreading or stop serious illness, according to scientists who spent four years studying and analyzing the medications.

10.04.2014 09:55

H1N1 virus reaches epidemic levels in the US
Six weeks into the flu season, the H1N1 virus is still killing young adults and middle-aged Americans at epidemic levels, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

19.02.2014 15:40

‘Shocking incompetence’: UK health officials threw away £74m of bird flu ‘wonder-drug’
UK’s Department of Health threw away £74m worth of Tamiflu, the antiviral drug, before its expiry date, due to unsafe storage procedures. In total the country has spent £600 million since 2006 on drugs to fight a flu pandemic that has not materialized.

21.05.2013 19:23

America endorses Taliban office
We live in a strange and unpredictable world - It’s been ten years since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, and it looks as if the US is ready to pass the olive branch to the Taliban. No, really.

12.09.2011 18:55

Fears of radioactive cloud that may never arrive
Events at the Fukushima power plant have left people beyond Japan's border wondering whether they are in harm's way. In Russia's Far East, just across the water from Japan, they are worried about the threat of exposure.

18.03.2011 16:10

Students’ joy, parents’ horror, officials’ headache: flu epidemic hits Russia
While happy students in Russian schools enjoy unexpected quarantine holidays, officials are urging the country’s residents to watch out for the highly contagious virus.

31.01.2011 19:07

Swine flu legacy – over-expenditure on unused drugs
Last year the British government spent almost 1.5 billion pounds to combat swine flu. But when it turned out the scale of the pandemic had been over-estimated, the country was left with a huge stockpile of unused drugs.

July 02, 2010 12:27

Swine flu “conspiracy”: I (don’t) want to believe
Last year the global media told a wonderful scare story: swine flu was a pandemic and it was threatening the world. Now the UN’s health authority is being accused of fear mongering on the behalf of drug companies.

June 11, 2010 15:39